Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1833

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Chapter 1833

Ye Mo saw this and got up saying “go in the tower from the front to the back . ”

The immortal king nearest the tower got up and saluted with his fists to Ye Mo before going in . with this, the immortal kings behind followed in . Ye Mo and Lu Feng were in the middle so they went in half way .

As for not being able to find a room when he went in later, Ye Mo didn’t worry at all . He believed with his immortal essence and spirit sense, he would be able to find a good room easily . Only a small part of immortal kings knew that there was no use going in early . The tower would wait for everyone to arrive before opening the stairs to the second level . no one wanted to go into the rooms of the first level .

When Ye Mo and Lu Feng went in, they immediately felt a little dizzy . This seemed to be a teleportation formation door but not really so . When they woke up, they found they were in a huge hall .

The hall had no roof nor walls but there were nine open doors, no one could see what was inside .

There were at least a thousand people in the room, only then did Ye Mo realise why Lu Feng said the competition inside the tower was intense .

Ye Mo rejoiced as he saw a few familiar people . One was Hong Ling, one was Ren Fu . He didn’t see Ji Shu and Chu Chi probably because they haven’t reached immortal king .

Ye Mo didn’t want to use this identity to greet them . He just told Lu Feng that those two were martial brother’s friends . If these two went to Mo Yue Immortal sect and he wasn’t there, Lu Feng could let them choose a side peak each .

Ye Mo saw a few people but they all had conflict with Ye Mo . Little immortal king Lu Mang, Miao Chen heaven number one master Di Wencheng, East Abyss Emperor sect Xiang Changyong .

Ye Mo scanned but he didn’t see Yan Jiutian . There was no way Yan Jiutian hasn’t reached immortal king but he probably didn’t need to come again . Ye Mo was a little annoyed that he didn’t see Lu Zhengqun .

Outside the king naming immortal city, a grey dashing light quickly landed . A middle aged man appeared, it was Lu Zhengqun who just came from Yuan Le heaven .

Lu Zhengqun found out that the person who wiped out his estate was called Luo and this guy built a new sect, Mo Yue Immortal sect .

Luo took Luo Yue continent cultivators very seriously . How could he not know that this immortal king Luo was the person he was looking for .

If his guess was right, a cultivator who just ascended for a few decades was already immortal king power . If he kept growing just how powerful would he be . When Lu Zhengqun heard that Ye Mo headed towards Immortal king tablet for king naming, he went over immediately .

When Lu Zhengqun got to the tablet square, he saw the last few immortal kings going in . Without hesitation, he charged in the tower .

There were already 1200 immortal kings gathered here . At this time, pretty much all the immortal kings had come . Everyone was just in the first floor hall waiting for the second level to open .

When Chan Yi and them came in, they immediately saw many people they knew from the grand heaven domain and began chatting . Soon, a few immortal kings from the grand heaven domain looked at Ye Mo . Clearly they knew what happened but Ye Mo wasn’t scared at all .

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The other low heaven domain immortal kings saw many nefarious glances looking at Ye Mo and subconsciously kept distance with Ye Mo .

Although people can’t kill here, there were worse things . If someone didn’t like you and used a chance to teach you a lesson and force you into a room, then you can’t leave until the tower opens again .

Ye Mo saw two people about towards him but was stopped Chan Yi .

Chan Yi knew that in an one on one fight, no one could beat Ye Mo . However, those two had contemptuous glances clearly thinking Chan Yi and them were too weak .

Ye Mo didn’t care about this at all, if these two dared to come he would send them to the level one rooms without hesitation . Although there were more immortal kings than rooms, no one wanted to go into the first level rooms .

It was a matter of pride .

Ye Mo felt strange that Di Wencheng and Chan Yi both came from Miao Cheng heaven but Di Wenchang wasn’t amongst the two looking for trouble .

The last figure to come into level one caught everyone’s attention . Everyone thought there wouldn’t be anymore people coming in but someone came .

It was Lu Zhengqun, he immediately saw Ye Mo, looking exactly like the image he got from Yue Heng heaven . He stared coldly at Ye Mo but dind’t go up to talk .

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Lu Zhengqun had Ye Mo’s image but so did Ye Mo . He was just wondering where this guy was and he came .

“Lu Zhengqun . ” Ye Mo sneered . He had decided to keep Lu Zhengqun in the first floor . Lu Zhengqun didn’t want others to know his conflict with Ye Mo but Ye Mo didn’t care .

Lu Zhengqun frowned, when he saw Ye Mo, he already considered Ye Mo dead . He was ready to force Ye Mo into a room .

However, Ye Mo just walked up over . Was he not scared of others knowing about the chaos tree?

“There’s no chaos tree chi on him . ”

Lu Zhengqun felt the essence spirit sound transmission to him and then he heard Ye Mo say “Lu Zhengqun you’re a heaven lord but you attack immortal ascension cultivators . Since you dare to attack Luo Yue continent cultivators, then don’t blame me . I already wiped out your heaven lord estate, I wanted to kill you but you ran away . Now that you see me again, it’s your bad luck . ”

With this, everyone looked over at Ye Mo .

Hearing this, Lu Zhengqun realised that Ye Mo was finding an excuse to kill him . This was good, he wanted an excuse to kill Ye Mo too . Even though he can’t kill him here, he could do it outside .

Those two immortal kings who wanted to look for trouble with Ye Mo stopped . They all looked at Ye Mo in shock .

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Ye Mo was a mere immortal king primary stage but he was this arrogant . He just casually wiped out a heaven lord estate, could one do that so easily? Was he not afraid of the heaven lord alliance turning him into dust? What they didn’t understand was that this guy annihilated a heaven lord estate and could still stand here alive . Even the low heaven domain heaven lord alliance had more than one immortal monarch .

Li He took in a cold breath, he finally understood just how crazy Ye Mo was . He dared to even destroy a heaven lord estate, how could he be scared of him? If he didn’t give out the Shu Wen blue flame, he would probably be dead .

“Luo, I wasn’t even at Feng Gang immortal city, capturing Luo Yue immortal ascension cultivators had nothing to do with me . But you broke the foundation of Heng Yue heaven, you annihilated my heaven lord estate . You’re so arrogant, if I , Lu Zhengqun, don’t kill you, I don’t deserve to be king . ” Lu Zhengqun said .

Although Lu Zhengqun said furiously, he was calmer than anyone . He didn’t feel chaos tree chi from Ye Mo and neither did Kai Mi’s essence spirit . There was only two possibilities, one was that Ye Mo spirit controlled the chaos tree and it was fused into his essence spirit . The second was that Ye Mo had chaos world and hid it there .

Of course, there was another possibility that Ye Mo wasn’t the person he was looking for but Lu Zhengqun believed that was impossible .

“Kai Mi qian bei, would this person have chaos world?” Lu Zhengqun asked .

“Very difficult, how could something like a chaos world be easily owned . But if he has time formation disk and knows the laws of chaos tree, he might be able to use time formation disk to spirit control the chaos tree early . ” The essence spirit said heavily .