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Published at 25th of August 2019 06:50:07 PM

Chapter 33

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It has been about 6 years now since the last battle rei have fought in where he had used his tier 10 heavenly tribulation, his parents and some of the clan elders have questioned him about that last move he made but seeing that he didn't seem to give them any sort of explanations they couldn't do anything about it and let it slid by .

From that battle on rei didn't participate a lot of battles only when the situations we're really dire would he, his father or mother intervene .

But when he fought he always made sure his enemies remember him one way or another, they even gave him the nickname "Ashura" .

Earlier 5 year's ago his mother gave birth to a baby boy they named him Yagami, Of course, rei had something to do with it .

Instantly rei enhanced his bloodline as much as he could plus putting a few spells and fuinjutsu seals on him that would activate in case of emergency, even though rei was a little cruel but helping his baby brother didn't cost him anything so why would he not, even the nine tails wouldn't make it in one peace if they tried and harm him that's how strong the seals that he put on him .

He also enhanced his parents bloodline and got it all the way to pseudo origin bloodline he did the same for his parents too, he could have given them the origin bloodline easily but he wasn't that stupid, only he and he alone have the right to possess that bloodline not his brother, mother, father or even his kids, some may say that it is heartless but that is the reality of the situation, you never know when someone may turn against you, so it is better to be safe than sorry .

Also, the shioya clan of today is incomparable with the one 6 years ago, they have now taken over an extremely huge amount of territory and expanded at a monstrous rate .

And a lot of monstrous talents started appearing in the young generation of the clan although most of them where rei shadow puppets .

Due to all of that along with their constant victories in battles the shioya clan have risen to become one of the most powerful clans of the shinobi world .

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Right now they stood on even grounds with the Senju and Uchiha clans some people even suspected them to have surpassed them because everyone knows of the crazy powers of the clan heads .

Due to all of that the shioya clan is currently experiencing a short period of peace and prosperity never seen before, although everyone knows that it won't last as currently all of the major clans are feeling threatened by them and their rapid growth .

Though on the surface everything appears to be fine a lot of clans are scheming against them and forming alliances to wipe them out once and for all, and it is only a matter of time before they make their move .


Although rei didn't participate in a lot of battles recently that didn't mean he has bean ideal, he hasn't skipped a day and have been practising during the day and meditating during the night and after 6 years of constant training, this is what his states look like .

[name: Rei shioya .
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Age: 566Y .

Race: origin race .

Bloodline: origin bloodline 0 . 2% .

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soul grade: E .

Mana: 3949/3950 .

Chakra: 100000/100000 {high jounin} .

Chakra control: 83% .

Ninjitsu: high jounin

Taijutsu: low kage .

Genjutsu: mid jounin .

Kenjutsu: high kage .

Fuinjutsu: mid jounin .

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Dojutsu: origin eye(purple colour)(if you have better ideas hit me am listening) .

Power level: high kage .

System points: 562 million . ]

During the last years, rei has focused mostly on kenjutsu and his efforts didn't go to waste as he already attained a high level in it, he also obtained the origin eye which is a dojutso that possess all other abilities of dojutsus although right now it only has the power of Sharingan .

Rei also amassed a decent amount of system points through quests the system gave, going out on secret missions to assassinate clan enemies that he knows about using his shadow puppets, or simply converting his chakra into system points .

But what bothered him the most is that his soul grade is still "E grade" no matter how much time and effort he put into it it didn't seem like there would be an improvement, it's not like he is in a hurry any way he literally has all the time in the multiverse but it would be nice to see an improvement .

When he asked the system it told him that the soul grade is the hardest thing to improve and especially for him since all of his power comes from his soul, he didn't bother about it after that and just continued to train .


Right now rei was walking around in his house which was more of a Manson, it was built in a Japanese style kind of way and had a huge garden and everything that comes to mind, he just gets out of a long meditation session and decided to take walk to rest for a bit .

As he was walking in the garden all of the servents and passersby that saw him bowed to him to show their respect, rei was the undisputed next clan head and he also have "awakened" his bloodline 2 years ago during a battle when he was "surrounded", so they have to be very careful in treating him .

Of course, rei just used that excuse to "awaken" his bloodline intentionally so I didn't raise a lot of questions .

His bloodline awakenings had a drastic change on his appearance, right now rei had a snow-white hair with red eyes same as his parents with a well-developed body and a handsome face, and although he was only about 10 years old due to his lifestyle he appeared to be 12 to 13 year's old .

(A/N: don't take the handsome face and well-developed body as a foreshadowing for romance or anything, that will only happen over my dead body) .

Rei suddenly noticed 5 years old boy walking towards him, that was rei little brother Yagami he looked almost identical to rei when he was his age so people could already tell what he will look like in the future .

Rei waved at him and said, "what's up Yagami, how have you been" .

"I am alright big brother, but the last battle was a tough one almost every one of the enemy side was aiming for me, I guess you left a really big scare on their memory, big bro," said Yagami the last part jokingly .

Yagami have joined the army 1 year ago and although he wasn't as strong as his big brother at his age he was still a force to be reckoned with for the young genins, that's why most of the enemies at the battlefield try and take him out as soon as they see him, that and the fact that they didn't want another monster raising up they are barely able to deal with three, but no matter what they did there seemed to be always someone to save him if he falls in grave danger .

of course, those were rei shadow puppets he had given them the task to look after his little brother at all costs, even though there are pretty much thousands of seals for every situation that would activate when his life is in danger he couldn't risk exposing that trump card for the enemy .

"hahaha, i guess I did didn't i, they probably just scared of your potential, which should motivate you to train and work harder to be able to protect yourself in the future" said rei as he rubbed his brothers hair, he really has rubbed of on him these last few years, even though rei is detached he wouldn't hesitate to help his brother if there is no loss in it for him .

" Alright it's already lunchtime come on mom and dad must be waiting for us," said Rei as he walked to the dining hall with his brother .

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