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Published at 20th of December 2019 05:15:12 PM

Chapter 217

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“If I were you, I’ll have my subordinate stay where they are and not move . ”

Lin Mengya was the only one who had maintained her calm and cool .

The men in the peripheral had fallen onto the ground and were rolling all over in agony . The sound of their crying filled the entire woods and this added to the bizarre atmosphere .

“What is it? What exactly did you do?”

Even a very powerful man would be gripped with fear when faced with an unknown enemy .

“I didn’t do anything . You’re the one who provoked me . All of this is retribution . ”

A mocking expression appeared in Lin Mengya’s eyes .

Once again, the corner of her mouth turned up into a silent, bizarre smile . At this wee hour in the morning, a sorry-looking Lin Mengya seemed to have turned into a mysterious, unfathomable female ghost .

“So it was indeed your doing!”

Obviously the leader of the men in black had never been in this kind of awkward situation where he was clueless about his enemy’s strategy .

“Slap!” and a red handprint instantly appeared on Lin Mengya’s cheek .

As she turned her face around, there was some blood on her lips . Nevertheless, she cast a look of disdain at the man in black .

“Do you even hit a woman, scum?!”

There was a silvery flash and the man’s sword which was stained with blood was on Lin Mengya’s snow-white neck .

The cries of agony were getting louder and proved to be too tormenting for the leader .

“I would advise you to be good and obedient, otherwise I would have to resort to meaner measures!” he threatened coldly .

The stench of blood from the sword was overpowering and nauseating .

However, Lin Mengya looked at the man in black with such calm that she did not look at all like a hunter’s captured prey .

“Kill me if you can . You, all of you will die right here with me and be my funerary objects!”

To the man’s surprise, the situation had turned around . Now Lin Mengya had become the predator and the men in black, the preys .

No one would have expected Lin Mengya to be so confident . The leader of the men in black thought they should be the ones to make that statement instead .

“Do you think you’ll be able to escape from here? Regardless, I will not suffer a loss if I kill all your friends!”

In fact, before they set out for the ambush, his master had already cautioned him not to be too complacent about Lin Mengya .

Little did he expect that eventually, he had indeed been outdone by her wit .

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Lin Mengya, on the other hand, had her considerations .

As expected, Lin Mengya was no longer looking as fearless in her eyes as a moment ago .

“Alright . If you stop here, I will let all of you live . ”

The two parties had reached a stalemate . After pondering carefully, the leader of the men in black put his sword back into its scabbard .

“If you follow me back, I will let the rest of your company go . ”

Shameless! Lin Mengya was not the kind to be taken advantage of . She spat the man, rolled her eyes at him and said, “Fat hope!”

She continued, “Do you think you are able to kill them? Are you starting to itch all over now?”

Finally, Lin Mengya revealed her true colors . She was not going to agree to any transaction that would disadvantage her . No way was she going to let any of the men in black escape!

She had tried to buy some time by distracting the man until the effect of the poison finally kicked in .

Eventually, the two men in black by her sides were beginning to feel some subtle effects .

If she did not mention it, the leader of the men in black might still be unconscious of the subtle changes in his body .

An itch which felt as if it was penetrating into his heart, started to spread throughout his body from his limbs .

It was even difficult for him to keep his balance while standing up .

He had attempted to get rid of the itch by his inner strength, however, he suddenly realized that he was unable to neutralize the itch by using his inner strength .

“Forget about using your strength . I have done much research to come out with this poison just so that I can deal with gangsters like you . This poison was targetted at your body, which is to say that you can’t do much to combat it using your inner strength or other martial methods . ”

Lin Mengya broke free from the two men by her side with ease .

She bit on the rope that was wound around her body and broke it .

These poisons of medicines were still in the experimental stage, which was why she did not dare to use it casually .

Never would she expect that they were extremely useful .

“Princess, Princess, are you alright?”

An anxious Lin Kui ran into the woods calling out to her only to find all the men in black lying on the ground, crying in agony .

Those at the peripheral, who were also the ones who collapsed first, had stopped breathing by now .

If one were to observe carefully, he would realize that there were innumerous pinholes covering their bodies .

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Their internal organs had been completely eaten up by the poisonous bugs .

Within six hours, a living man would turn into a dead man .

“Don’t come near!”

Lin Mengya stopped Lin Kui from coming closer as she knew that these bugs could not tell the enemies from friends .

Lin Mengya was carrying a pill which her teacher gave to ward of these bugs, therefore she need not be afraid of them .

She went around all the men in black to get to Lin Kui .

As she glanced at one body which was totally consumed by the poisonous bug, fear and shock ran through her body .

She could see that her teacher was indeed ruthless and vicious . It was no wonder he kept reiterating to her that she should be carrying the pill which could ward off the bugs when she wanted to use this poison .

“Princess, this is…”

Having been living in the prince’s mansion for many years, Lin Kui had seen too many instances of murder and fire being set . However, this was the first time he was looking at such a bizarre sight .

His heart started pumping faster from the terrifying sight as he stole a glance at the princess standing by his side .

It was no wonder the people in the prince’s mansion said they would rather offend Bodhisattva than offend the princess .

“Nothing, I just made use of a poison my teacher gave me . Oh yes, how are things where you were?”

Lin Kui furrowed his brows .

“We have dealt with all the assassins outside the woods . Let me call the prince over, please hold on a minute, Princess Yu . ” .

For some unknown reason, Lin Mengya felt that Lin Kui, who had always been amiable towards her, felt a little distant at this moment .

Perhaps it was because that they had just been through a fierce battle .

After some contemplation, Lin Mengya chose to let the leader of the men in black live so he could be interrogated .

However, he had been poisoned by a strong dose of Xiaoyao Powder and was itching badly, Lin Mengya had to make him take a strong does of the another poison, the Menghan Powder, as well as the one which made those men feel as if they were bitten by millions of bugs, to combat the itching poison . Eventually, his life was preserved .

“Elder Sister!”


The first to arrive by Lin Mengya’s side were the two sweetest men, Lin Zhongyu and Qinghu .

Although both of them sustained some injuries, they were obviously still rather energetic as seen from the way they dashed up to Lin Mengya immediately .

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They looked at her carefully from top to bottom as if they were worried that she had lost even a strand of hair .

“Sh*it! Who is that asshole who dared attack my little lass? I’m going to kill him!”

Qinghu blurted out vulgarities when he saw the cut on Lin Mengya’s face .

As the saying went that one should not hurt another’s face in an attack . This should all the more apply Lin Mengya, who was beautiful, lovely and intelligent .

Whoever dared to do this to her must be sick of living!

“Alright, rest assured that I’ve taught him a lesson . I bet he would not dare to do it again . ”

This man, being the only one whose life Lin Mengya spared, she believed that he would not ever get another chance to harm her .

Outside the woords, Long Tianhao had beem told everything by Lin Kui .

He would never have imagined Lin Mengya to be carrying those of poisonous powders with her .

“What a ruthless move! According to what you described, Miss Lin must be carrying the powder which attracts many bugs developed by Baili Rui, the Saint of Poison . Third Elder Brother, I’ve once heard our master say that this powder was what made Baili Rui famous back in those days . He did not allow anybody to use it, not even his nephew Baili Wuchen could get hold of it . Your wife is so lucky . With this poisonous powder, there is no need for us to fight tough battles . ”

However, Long Qinghan was not happy with Lin Mengya at this instant .

She ought to possess the antidote if she had access to the poisonous powder .

If she had used the powder earlier, they did not have to sacrifice so many of their brothers .

“She would naturally know how to use it since it’s in her possession . Let’s not judge her . ”

Long Tianhao knew what was on Long Qinghan’s mind . As for Lin Mengya, Long Tianhao believed that she had her reasons .

“Third Elder Brother, since she is your wife, it is only right that you two share everything she has!”

The things that Lin Mengya possessed were unimaginable to all the people .

Even if the people were to disregard her identity as the daughter of Marquis Zhennan, her relationship with the Saint of Poison would make her the most formidable person around .

Long Qinghan could not understand why his Third Elder Brother did not try to take advantage of her .

It was such a waste to them!

“I’ve told you, do not even think about taking advantage of her,” warned Long Tianhao .

Long Tianhao gave Long Qinghan a stern look as he cautioned him .

“If a chess piece is unable to carry out its function, it would be a useless chess piece . You’ve spoilt her, Third Elder Brother . Don’t tell me you’ve really…”

Since young, Long Qinghan had not seen his Third Elder Brother pampering someone as much as he pampered Lin Mengya and gave in to her excessively .

Even towards Concubine De, he was mostly just respectful .

At first, he thought that his Third Elder Brother had esteemed Lin Mengya highly because she was a critical secret chess piece .

However, Long Qinghan was still unable to see Lin Mengya’s function .

Nevertheless, his Third Elder Brother had time and again endangered himself to protect her .

To him, the members of the royal should not develop any genuine relationships with each other . He would get rid of Lin Mengya, a wavering factor, before his Third Elder Brother stumbled because of his foolishness .

“Don’t you make wild guesses on my personal affairs . Moreover, if you dare to lay a finger on her, it would be as good as betraying me . ”

Long Tianhao turned to leave abruptly . However, the cold tone in his voice stupified Long Qinghan .

Dazed, Long Qinghan watched Long Tianhao as he walked away, and tightened his grip on the sword in his hand .

Was this man really the Third Elder Brother he used to know?

There was no longer any sound of fighting in the woods .

Lin Mengya was surrounded by Lin Zhongyu and Qinghu, who were protectively asking her all kinds of questions out of concern . At this instant, she spotted Long Tianhao from the corner of her eye .

She immediately dashed towards him and pointed towards the direction where the men in black were .

“These people had been poisoned by me and won’t be living for long, but I’ve spared one of them so you may bring him back for interrogation,” said Lin Mengya to Long Tianhao .

She thought she was going to earn some praises from Long Tianhao .

Little did she expect that her report was met with Long Tianhao’s impassive look at her eyes as he nodded at her .

“Lin Kui, go and have a look and put the man in the holding cell . ”

He walked passed Lin Mengya to get to the men in black at the peripheral .

Although not much time had passed, most of the men in black had breathed their last .

The living ones were rolling around in agony on the ground .

Countless poisonous bugs in the air landed on those men and fed on them so much so that their lives were slipping out of them .

“Wait, you have to ingest this antidote to prevent the bugs from attacking you . ”

The bodies of those men in black were still covered with the poisonous powder .

If one were to come into contact with their bodies, he would be poisoned as well .

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