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Published at 13th of August 2019 04:50:07 AM

Chapter 94

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After sending a messenger to Long Tianhao to give him a reply, Lin Mengya went out of Prince Yu's Mansion, bringing with her four maidservants .

They were riding on a carriage which bore the sign of the Prince Yu's Mansion, accompanied a dozen guards along its sides in an orderly manner . This attracted much attention from the people around .

"Miss, why did we bring so many people with you today?"

Baizhi asked in puzzlement, as she lifted the curtain of the horse carriage and look at the group of guards escorting them .

"Isn't it simple? Our mistress is visiting her future sister-in-law . We can't look too pathetic, otherwise, we would be looked down upon . "

Baishao, who was always quick with her mouth, happened to speak Lin Mengya's mind .

Big Sister Yueting had also given her a hint earlier on .

Today, Lin Mengya had to use her status as a princess to add to their gravity . Perhaps the Yues might even refuse their visit and not open their doors to welcome them .

"Miss Yue is a beautiful and gentle lady . She had always treated our Princess with kindness . "

Baizhi sounded excited when she mentioned matters concerning Big Sister Yueting .

As Lin Mengya listened attentively to parts of the conversation, all the more she thought that her future sister-in-law was a gem hard to come by because she was so virtuous .

Indeed her brother was blessed in this way .

"Unfortunately, while Miss Yue is such a pleasant person, her mother is not an easy person to deal with . Please be reminded not to lose your cool if she says something that offends you . "

The moment they mentioned the Mrs . Yue,Baizhi turned to look at Lin Mengya with concern .

Although she was glad her Miss was an intelligent woman, her temperament was hard to predict sometimes .

"I get it . "

She lowered her head and blow on the hot tea placed in front of her .

She was all ready to defend and protect her brother and sister-in-law . She was determined to settle the matter with her future in-laws .

Soon, the horse carriage arrived at the Yue's Mansion . The Yues were a scholarly family and apparently, they were different from any other regular families .

Although the mansion had been housing a few generations of people and had been renovated over the years, it appeared plain and simple and there was nothing lavish about it .

What a noble family! Lin Mengya sent men to bring the invitation and knock on the door .

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After about seven minutes, a kindly looking middle-aged man, together with some servants and his wife came out to meet Lin Mengya .

"We are honored to have Princess Yu visit us, please forgive me for not being aware of your coming . "

Lin Mengya alighted from the horse carriage with the help of Baisu in a graceful manner, befitting a princess .

"You don't have to stand on ceremony, my respected in-law . I should have paid a visit earlier on but was overburdened with various matters . Finally, I am able to find time today to pay you a visit . I should be the one apologizing for the delay .

Yue Shilin smiled gently . He thought it amazing for such a young princess to carry herself with such grace befitting of her status and cast her an approving look .

"Please don't mention it . The honor is ours that you have come to visit our humble abode . Please come in . "

At the arrival of the princess, everyone at the mansion welcomed her with the utmost respect as she was escorted into the house . Lin Mengya was quietly scanning the surrounding and was puzzled that she did not see Mrs . Yue and Yueting .

Suddenly a familiar figure appeared in her line of vision . It was Yueqi . She was following behind the crowd, trying to signal to Lin Mengya about something .

Her face was filled with anxiety . Lin Mengya's heart skipped a beat as the thought flash across her mind . Could something bad have happened to Big Sister Yueting?

As the entire group of people arrived at the great hall in the mansion, Yue Shilin finally sat down at the honorable seat after Lin Mengya insisted .

The servants in the house had already prepared the best tea and as Lin Mengya took a sip, it was indeed an exceptionally fragrant and high-quality tea .

"Your Highness, the princess, how have you been in the prince's mansion? Brother Muzhi, who was guarding the nation at the borders had been anxious to know about your situation . "

Yue Shilin and Lin Muzhi had been friends since they were young . One of them was into literary while the other, into military affairs . They complemented each other and got along really well .

For this reason, Yue Shilin treated Lin Mengya with affection such as towards his own children .

Moreover, Lin Mengya was well-educated with good manner . She was very similar to Lin Muzhi in this way, and for this reason, he was fond of her .

"I'm doing very well . Thank you, Uncle Yue, for being concerned about me . I missed my father and brother a great deal too since I haven't heard from them for a long time . "

In fact, her father had been writing letters home every month .

However, the letter had always been kept by Shangguan Qing .

The little toys sent by her brother through the messengers had always been taken by Lin Mengwu .

Those playthings which did not interest Lin Mengwu would be casually thrown away by her .

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Therefore, Lin Mengya was actually very concerned about her father and brother . It was just too bad that the communication between them had been obstructed by those two repulsive women at home .

"Brother Muzhi is doing well . I've just received a letter from him recently . Although it was harsh at the borders, the soldiers were fighting fiercely to defend the nation . Your father was a valiant commander and the enemies did not dare to attack the army, which is why we've been enjoying peace for the time being . "

All of a sudden, she felt a sense of pride welling up in her . In her memory, her father was a gallant man but had always been very gentle and tender with her .

He definitely did not vent his pain of losing his only true love onto Lin Mengya .

Lin Mengya believed she was the most blessed person in the world for having her father's love .

"In that case, my heart is put at ease . Mengya had come for a special request from you, Uncle Yue . "

"Please tell me about your request . "

Lin Mengya smile as a pleading look appeared in her eyes .

"These are some clothes I prepared for my father and brother . I've heard that the weather is harsh at the borders . I heard that my father had sacrificed his own coat for the soldiers and been through winter with little warm clothing . As his daughter, I could not bear the knowledge of him suffering the cold . Uncle Yue, please help me pass these clothes to them to elevate my guilt . "

Lin Meng had her men to carry a large chest over . Yue Shilin was obviously taken aback when he saw the wooden chest .

What kind of items of clothing was these that it required such a big chest to carry?

When he opened the chest, all he saw was thick winter clothing folded neatly in rows . He could tell these were not just for Lin Muzhi and Lin Nansheng alone .

"This . . . "

"There are altogether a thousand and eight hundred winter coats in here . They were prepared by Prince Yu . This is just a small gesture for the soldiers at the border . Although what Mengya and the prince are doing is limited, we hope to at least do something for the soldiers . "

All these were indeed prepared by Long Tianhao .

After the enemy's attack last year, the soldiers at the borders had to suffer the risk of death as well as the shortage of warm clothing and food .

Long Tianhao would often send his men to provide the soldiers with more food and clothing .

However, this had always been done secretly .

Lin Mengya had requested Yue Shilin to carry the clothing to the soldiers this time was so that people would know, yet not be too loud about it .

After all, these were not sent out directly from the prince's mansion . It would be up to Yue Shilin how he wished to explain this .

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"Oh, I would thank the prince and you on behalf of the soldiers at the borders then . "

Although Yue Shilin was a literary official, he was definitely one with rectitude and a patriotic mindset .

Because of all the injustices and evil that was happening, he, being a loyal subject was had not been regarded and fully utilized . Moreover, the Crown Prince was only interested in enjoying life and had never been concerned about the soldiers at the borders .

Lin Mengya's move would be able to win the hearts of the Yangxi family who were related to Yue Shilin .

She intended to gradually master the power for Long Tianhao little by little with all that she could do .

"Don't mention it . Please do keep quiet about this . If anyone were to ask, Uncle Yue may say that it is simply a gesture of filial piety from Prince Yu and me . I'm sure you understand the difficult situation Prince Yu and I are in . "

Lin Mengya reminded Yue Shilin about their situation as she put on a bitter expression on her small face .

Of course, Yue Shilin understood that the Crown Prince and the Queen were not magnanimous towards them .

"Rest assured, Princess, I know what to do . "

Nodding, he assured Lin Mengya as the two of them finally arrived at a common understanding .

After the chest of clothes was carried elsewhere, they enjoyed themselves, and their relationship was even closer than before .

Then she gently asked a question, saying,

"Oh yes, Big Sister Yueting and I get along really well . Why did I not see her anywhere?"

As Lin Mengya asked the question, trying to sound casual, Yue Shilin's face froze for a moment . Just when he was about to reply, Yueqi blurted out saying,

"Big Sis, please save my sister . She's going to die under my mother's hands!"

At Yueqi's words, both Lin Mengya and Yue Shilin's faces fell .

"Qi'er, don't be so rude . You may leave!"

Yue Shilin had said those words with a helpless tone .

Lin Mengya immediately understood what had happened . Mrs . Yue, being so calculating, must have wanted Yueting to abandon her brother for the prince of the western vassal state .

She snorted and thought that it would not be so easy to take away the daughter-in-law who was engaged to the Lin family .

She waved to Yueqi, indicating for her to come over .

"What had happened to Big Sister Yueting? Can you tell me about it?"

Yueqi sniffed and began to cry .

"Mother is trying to force Big Sister to agree to the marriage for convenience, but she refused . Mother then locked her up in the room . Big Sister is so stubborn that she decided to go on a hunger strike . Qi'er is worried that if she continues in this state, she would collapse . "

Lin Mengya laughed secretly in her heart as she thought that Qi'er was rather good at exaggerating .

It had only been one day, how would she be starved to death?

However, since Yueqi had told her what happened, she had to play along .

"Uncle Yue, what is happening? Big Sister Yueting had been betrothed to my brother, how could she marry another?”

Yue Shilin was turning red when he was questioned even by this young lady .

Naturally, he would not want his daughter to marry off to a faraway place . Moreover, it was wrong to break an engagement .

However, his wife had threatened him with death this time and he was helpless .

He was definitely not going to talk to Brother Mu about breaking the engagement, yet he could not be hard on his wife . He was in a dilemma .

"This . . . sigh, this was all because of my useless wife . "

Yue Shilin said with a sigh .

The guilt in his face made him look years older all of a sudden .

Lin Mengya understood the situation . After pondering for a while, she said,

"This is after all your family matter . However, if Uncle Yue trust me enough, I could speak to your misses . What do you say?"

Lin Mengya's initiative action moved Yue Shilin .

Moreover, Lin Mengya was in high-status as a princess, and it might be able to control the tigress in his house .

"Would I be imposing on you, princess? Moreover, I should not wash our dirty linen in public . "

In a comforting tone, Lin Mengya replied, "How is this washing dirty linen in public? Once Big Sister Yueting marries into our household, we will be one family . We should not be considered as two separate families . Rest assure, Uncle Yue, Mengya will do my best and not put you in a difficult position . "

Yue Shilin pondered for a moment, but eventually gave a nod and said,

"In that case, I'll have to trouble you, Princess . "

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