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Published at 10th of February 2019 05:45:58 PM

Chapter 188

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In order to travel the distance between the stone tower and the cliff, the electric eel could arrive within a few breaths' time . It thundered and rolled up the cliff, then stretched out its head and looked down .


All he saw was a creature that was 85 meters long, with a waist that was about seven meters thick . It was a python with white scales, using its calf sized head to stare at the electric eel, without moving .

"Ah!" The electric eel was shocked and began to take two steps back, which then cause the snake, which had been running along the jagged rocks, to wind up halfway up the hill .

85 meters long?

This is just to give you an idea to scale, but be aware that the world's most enormous python, the green anaconda, can grow up to 10 meters long . The world's longest surviving boa constrictor is only 14 . 85 meters long, and has been caught by humans and placed at a zoo in Indonesia for all to visit .

So to get this picture in your head, versus these huge creatures of the known world, this white python was 5 . 7 times the length of that boa constrictor in Indonesia . And on both sides of the head of the python, there were two things that were similar to fish fins, which were flapping constantly .

At the moment when Chen Fan was thinking, the head of the python, which was the size of a calf, suddenly emerged from the edge of the cliff, and its scarlet mouth vomited out cold air . Snakes, like electric eels, have no Adam's apples and can't make normal animal sounds . But the white python, apparently being the exception, could make a roar that could paralyze a tiger in fear .

Slowly stepping back, Chen Fan knew that there were many kinds of snakes, and that their attack speeds could surpass the human motor nerves, to the rate of one point five to three times faster . As this one, obviously, couldn't be measured by scientific means, it was also known to officially break the normal hunting method of a python, meaning that he would be done if it used its store of super stealth venom to attack .

"Venom?" The electric eel opened its mouth, a bucket of clear green venom spattering out .

Ho! The white python escaped the venom and opened its barbed mouth .

It was difficult to describe how fast the python was . Chen Fan's mind had just captured its movements, when there was suddenly a sharp pain in his neck . The electric eel had subconsciously pushed the voltage to its highest level .

Bang! There was a loud bang, and the blue arc exploded in the mouth of the white python . Then, the venom on its scale was lit, and the flames shot out ten meters high, breaking the fire open .

The python's attack was typically followed by a bite, but the white snake didn't go back after it was hurt . Its tail swung like a windmill, trying to capture the electric eel .

But as soon as the tail was within five meters of the electric eel, the air between them exploded . The white scale also changed to black in an instant, then gave out a burning sound . When it came to the electric eel, the electric eel only stumbled, and then, nothing .

The white python, who had suffered a loss, saw that his weapon did not work and that his whole body was bowed to a full moon . He then moved to the left more than ten meters, like a spring . The speed of the movement was like lightning, and Chen Fan could only stare .

Clang! He dropped the spear, as at such a terrifying speed, grasping any weapon was a burden . It's better to let go and see if you can catch it and hold it up, so that it can't get out and then surge up the voltage .

Ho! The two monsters of the same size stared at each other with big eyes and wide eyes . The black one's neck was bloody, and the white one was blackened with smoke .

Isn't this too much like science fiction, for a python to grow like this? The attack of this snake was too strong, right?

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More than 30,000 volts were used, only to make the surface of the scale burn, and the damage to it was still not even bigger than the burning venom's result . To know that, for the 60 - meter long crocodile that was in the lake, it would take only two seconds to knock it into a coma .

The white and black creatures looked at each other for half a day, the first to lose patience and attack was the white python, as its body bowed to an S, then posed the ejection, only to be consumed in two seconds .

Chen Fan's intuition rang out, causing his whole body's fine hair to stand on end . He subconsciously controlled the electric eel to avoid the battle, but he only heard a bang, followed by a pain in his underbelly that was unbearable, as if he had been hit by a train .

And, of course, the python was hurt too . The entire upper body was completely black, and if they continued the fight for a few more rounds, it's estimated that it would go from the white python to the black python in favor .

Ho! The voice of the white snake began to grow hoarse, and every time it roared, it would spit out a huge pile of blood . The source of the blood was unknown, be it from the mouth or the internal injury .

"Not dead yet?" Chen Fan's eyes stared, for if they were to replace the crocodile dragon, they would have already died three times!

"It's okay, elder brother would send you to heaven!" Regretfully shaking his head, Chen Fan was ready to open the electric eel's mouth, planning to kill it with venom .

Who knew that the huge reptile-like creature knew that the electric eel wanted to spray poison, and with eyes full of resentment, it stared at the electric eel . Then, moving its body with a few twists, it surged closer to the edge of the cliff, and without hesitation, like a handle spear, it pierced into the dark water .

Yes, Chen Fan fully interpreted the meaning of its eyes, which was none other than: "resentment"!

Could animals use their eyes to express their emotions? Of course! For instance, if you kick the dog, how do you think the dog would look at you? Or if you throw a bone, see how the dog looks at you differently now? Such is the case in point . . . emotions, even animals', are seen in the eyes!

Dragging the bleeding neck to the stone tower, Chen Fan immediately drove up to the dock, then changed to using the electric eel to go to the stone tower, fed the electric eel ginseng Taisui, and then wrapped the Taisui and the ghost hair incense carefully with greenhouse plastic film . After all of this, he let the electric eel put them all in its mouth and bring them back to the dock .

The python was too strong to fight, Chen Fan felt that he should honestly wait for the ghost hair incense to dry on the shore, and then find a way to kill it! After a half-day of work, the sun lamps and fans were set up, so Chen Fan sat on the sofa on a whim .

The electric eel was not badly hurt in the struggle with the python . With voltage aiding the eel, the python's speed advantage would be weakened a lot, and the most it could do would be to knock the electric eel . This was because, when muscles are stimulated, as with the voltage current, it would release the motion signal that one can't pass, and then the python wouldn't be able to cast its deadliest strangulation tactics .

But why was there a giant snake that lived under the cliff?

What does it eat?

Chen Fan had never seen it come ashore to kill the alligator, and the space beneath the cliff was big, but it still certainly couldn't stand to stay in there and eat only what could be found there for half of the year .


Chen Fan thought that it should not be much undercurrent, as the cliff water was calm and mirror-like, so even if there was a dark flow, some sign would be seen from the water surface . No matter what was at the bottom, the electric eel would have to solve the problem of the snake . Otherwise, it would be attracted up again in the future, when the Taisui was bred and introduced .

Chapter 189 Cultivating the Ghost Moon Incense

In the afternoon on the second day, Chen Fan crawled up from his bed lazily . He was prepared to purchase the expensive medicinal herbs in bulk today . He figured that the ghost moon incense would probably be completely dried in about three more days .

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After Chen Fan had experimented with Ginseng, wolfberries, Lingzhi mushrooms and caterpillar fungus, he figured that Ginseng was the most effective in enhancing the growth of the Tai Sui, followed by the caterpillar fungus and the wolfberry, which was the weakest among the medicinal herbs . According to the dosage calculations, the Ginseng was approximately 13 times more effective than the wolfberries . Although the wolfberries had a more reasonable price, Chen Fan did not intend to trouble himself any further, just for the sake of saving a few bucks .

He ordered Yu Lin and Yiteng Yun to head separately to Liaoning Province and Jilin Province, instructing them to confirm the orders at the Ginseng cultivation farm . Chen Fan also called Wang Bin and ordered him to make a trip to the agricultural machinery market to purchase two large-scaled flour grinders .

Three days later, inside the dock by the sea . . .

All 20 of the ghost moon incense had been completely oven-dried . The smallest one was merely the size of a fist . However, it had the strongest scent and the most dazzling colors . The rest of the 19 ghost moon incense did not have a consistent size, but the largest one was slightly smaller than a football .

After leaving them on top of a metal plate, Chen Fan used a tiny hammer to knock them into pieces, then threw them into the Chinese medicine grinder . Finally, he managed to obtain about 47 units of powder .

He took out one unit of the powder and poured it into a glass tank . He then stirred the milky solution evenly . Chen Fan took a deep breath, then gently placed the Tai Sui into the solution .

He could hardly see the Tai Sui through the milky-brown solution . Chen Fan felt like a young man, who was waiting for his wife to give birth, sitting all alone in the corridor of the delivery room . He looked worried . As he crossed his legs, his gaze was fixated on the glass tank .

Logically speaking, the nutritional components of the ghost moon incense were absolutely comparable to the Great Healing Pill, as one piece of the former was enough to further increase the electric eel's strength and voltage to another notch .

After the Tai Sui had absorbed its nutrients, wouldn't it increase tremendously in size?

However, who could guarantee the final results? What if more than ten units of ghost moon incense were barely enough for the Tai Sui to become fully-grown? My dreams to quickly strengthen the electric eel would then be completely busted!

Time is a funny thing . In fact, it's almost a nuisance . Sometimes, it sweeps past our eyes, as if it is riding on a clockwork spring . Sometimes, it is as slow as a snail, which has been injected by muscle relaxers! As such, time drives everyone crazy .

After two hours, the broad bean-sized Tai Sui had transformed into the size of a peanut . However, there were no changes to the ghost moon incense powder .

After five hours, the peanut-sized Tai Sui turned into the size of a kumquat . The ghost moon incense powder still had no obvious changes .

After sleeping for a while, the kumquat-sized Tai Sui became the size of a porcelain bowl . The color of the ghost moon incense had slightly faded .

After two days, the Tai Sui was the size of a basketball . In the process, Chen Fan had used up six units of ghost moon incense powder .

In total, 47 units of powder could cultivate seven Tai Sui . Chen Fan used the Kun Wu dagger to carve out six broad bean-sized tissues from the Tai Sui . He then used the ghost moon incense powder to cultivate them together .

After three days, Chen Fan placed seven of the brownish-white Tai Suis inside a glass tank . He then sprinkled 200 units of Ginseng powder into the tank .

Just as predicted, the seven Tai Suis had completely inherited the attributes of the ghost moon incense . As long as the smell reached Chen Fan's nose, the electric eel would be itching for some action .

The 200 units of Ginseng powder had been completely used up by the seven Tai Suis in the span of 30 hours . Chen Fan, who had been abstaining for several days, could no longer resist the temptation . After using the Kun Wu dagger to carve out several cigarette box-sized tissues, he directly threw them into the electric eel's mouth .

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"This is so satisfying!"

This was the sensation that could be felt by the electric eel . Such satisfaction was indeed indescribable . It was absolutely pleasurable, to the point where the electric eel would lie down in the water and refuse to even open its eyes!

As Chen Fan figured it, seven pieces of cigarette box-sized tissues would be equal to seven pieces of ghost moon incense . After merely half an hour, the electric eel's body was completely weak and numb . It felt as if the air was filled with a sweet scent .

"Hey, Brother Chen, even if you're free to fish for sharks, you don't have to use such a huge titanium alloy hook, right?" At an open space not far from the dock, Zhang Xueyang pointed at the silver fish hook . His expression seemed to say, "Is there something wrong with your brain?"

After testing out the weight of the fish hook, which had the thickness of an arm, Chen Fan rolled his eyes at him . "It is no longer challenging to fish for sharks . I want to navigate a container ship to the Arctic Ocean and fish for a whale!"

"Er…" Zhang Xueyang's eyes nearly popped out of his head . He stared at him with a gaze, shocked . "Brother Chen, when the time comes, bring me along . I'm curious to see you be dragged into the water by the whale!"

"Oh! How thoughtful of you!" Chen Fan squinted his eyes and smirked, "When the time comes, it'll be great fun to use you as bait!"

"Stop talking rubbish . It is possible to fish for a whale with such a huge hook . However, when the time comes, be ready to face the marine conservationists!" Zhang Xue Yang sat on the bonnet of the car and lit up a cigarette .

Hong Long Long… Hong Long Long . . .

At that very moment, the engines of a Dongfeng Cummins roared, as the vehicle stopped in front of them . A middle-aged man, who wore a blue uniform, hopped out of the car . He ran to Chen Fan, saying, "Boss, I have sent the rope over as requested . "

"Oh my god, you're not crazy enough to go fish for a whale, right?" Zhang Xueyang stared at the wire ropes, which had thickness of an arm, which were laying in the boot of the car . He then looked at Chen Fan, his face crumpled in confusion .

After three hours, in the cave right underneath the reefs, the electric eel dragged along a longspear and swam toward the cliff at full speed . A 500 meter wire rope could be seen hanging from the spearhead of the longspear .

He was prepared to use the freshly cultivated Tai Sui to attract the giant white python . Then, once it took the bait, he would electrocute it to death .

Armed with a titanium alloy hook and a wire rope with the thickness of an arm, coupled with a longspear, which was half a meter long, Chen Fan believed that no matter how hard the giant python struggled, it would never be able to escape him .

The electric eel lay flat under the cliff . It placed the fish hook a meter away from the surface of the water to prevent other fishes from eating it . It looked like a fisherman, who was waiting for a giant python to take the bait .

The electric eel could not see anything clearly from the surface of the dark murky water . After five minutes of waiting, the electric eel realized that ripples were beginning to form at the bottom of the fish hook .

"The fellow is here!" After licking its chapped lips, the electric eel was 100 percent focused on the fish hook .

After a short moment, a white silhouette was reflected on the surface of the dark water . THe silhouette then swam around like a spirit . With a soft bang, it spit out its pink tongue, which then wrapped itself on the hook .

"Er…" The electric eel could not believe its eyes . It had actually snatched the Tai Sui away from the hook!

"Howl!" The giant python, whose head was mottled with a huge wound, appeared near the hook . It howled loudly at the electric eel . Its pink tongue started vibrating violently in the air .

"You simpleton!" Without saying another word, Chen Fan controlled the electric eel and made it leave . This time, he would use steel wires directly to tie it up . He was curious as to whether the giant python would be able to devour the Tai Sui again .

When the electric eel returned to the dock, Chen Fan painstakingly cut out another piece of tissue from the Tai Sui . After he found a piece of steel wire, he wrung it on the fish hook with a pair of pliers .

One should never underestimate the powers of these cigarette box-sized tissues . Previously, when Chen Fan had sliced off seven pieces of them to feed the electric eel, he had used almost 800 units of Ginseng powder to heal the wound of the Tai Sui .

After the electric eel had eaten the seven pieces of Tai Sui, its voltage immediately boosted up to 45,000 kilovolts . Also, its speed increased up to 200 knots . The venom that it spit out was extra dense as well, unlike before, when the venom could not even poison a shark to death .

One thing that left Chen Fan with regrets was that the electric eel did not shed its skin ever again . He reckoned that this was due to the small measures of nutritional components it had in its system . Thus, he was prepared to use a great amount of Ginseng to cultivate the Tai Sui for more than ten days, in order to allow its nutritional effects to rise to another level . He hoped that then he could obtain another chance for the electric eel to shed its skin .

After preparing the bait, the electric eel swam to the cave, then placed the hook under the cliff . It took a bit longer time this time . After waiting for half an hour, the dark waters started to ripple again . He believed that the giant white python hid away to enjoy the pleasures that were brought about by the Tai Sui .


The same technique was used again . The giant white python's pink tongue moved as quick as lightning . Before Chen Fan could react to it, it immediately licked the fish hook twice .

The tissues of the Tai Sui were rather tough, and it was tied on with steel wires . Thus, blood stains could be seen on the tongue of the white giant python, after it was scraped by the metal wires . It did not manage to devour the Tai Sui at all .

"All it had to to was to take a bite of it . Why must it use such a complicated method?" The electric eel, which was hiding near the cliff, felt as if its heart was pounding out of its chest .

"Howl!" While Chen Fan was still in a daze, the giant python's head suddenly emerged from the water . Its scarlet red mouth was wide open . After biting the hook, it immediately disappeared into the water . The wire ropes, which were entwined on the longspear, tensed up immediately .

The energy of the giant python was indescribable . The electric eel's claws struggled to hold themselves against the mica stones underneath its feet . It then tensed up its muscles and discharged up to 45,000 volts of voltage . The electric current was then transmitted through the metal fishing equipment to the body of the giant python .

"Howl!" The giant python, who was in severe pain, jumped out of the water . Its tail crashed right next to the electric eel's legs, shattering the rocks on the cliff .

At that exact moment, Chen Fan could clearly see that the fish hook had pierced through its left cheek . The tissues around it were charred in the blink of an eye .

"Ah!" The electric eel opened its eyes wide . The muscles of its foreclaw, which was grabbing onto the longspear, started to expand . It insisted on bending the longspear as well .

The python and the eel battled against each other . Both of them let out an earth-shattering scream, which greatly frightened the suchosaurus, which were in the lake nearby . They shivered in fear .

However, in less than three seconds, the electric eel realized that the force on the longspear had suddenly weakened . It then tripped over itself as it was reversing, due to its momentum . It then started tumbling backwards .

After pulling up the wire rope from the cliff, Chen Fan realized that the fish hook had completely carved the python's cheek out . Charred scales, which were about the size of a basin, and fragments of meat particles could be seen . Green smoke spiralled upward from them .

Near the shore, Chen Fan discovered that the giant python had disappeared without a trace . The pool of blood on the surface of the water proved that it had been struggling violently before .

One could only blame the fish hook for being badly positioned . If it had been hooked onto its jaw, it would surely be dead by now!

"Why must you force me to unleash my most effective tactics to kill you?" Chen Fan was frustrated for a short while . He was not part of any animal conservation organizations . Thus, he would have shown no sign of guilts, were he to kill the giant python .

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