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Published at 15th of February 2019 07:01:44 PM

Chapter 198

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Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two of them were tensed, to the point where their muscles were twitching with and their nervous systems pulled the trigger, when they heard the movement .


Chen Fan had just shown a little part of the pistol, and one of the bullets was nailed to the wall below the muzzle of the gun, its shrapnel scratched by the sputtered bullet .

"Damn, such a quick reaction?" As he stood up, Chen Fan, who was just about to raise a pistol, heard a sentence that came from the opposite side, which made him feel like he'd been petrified by the sorcerer of Medusa .

"Put down your guns and hold your hands on your head! We're the police!"

The older team member, Zhang, suddenly shouted, just now, the two of them were defeated inexplicably by a flashing blindness . Then, they started shooting quickly, even forgetting to shout out their identity, according to the rules . Then, when they saw the black muzzle, they realized that they were in a gun battle with the "criminals" .

"Put your hands on your head and come out!" Police officer Xiao Liu also shouted, as he hoped that the other side would be afraid of the police's authority and surrender .

"The police?" Chen Fan felt like he had just woken up from a dream, and after rubbing his ears three times, he made sure that it was true . So, this group of audacious criminals really claimed themselves to be police officers?

"Quick, hands on your head!"

"Throw your identity card here, and I'll see!" Chen Fan was a little shocked, as he said in a tooth quivering manner .

He thought: The police? Go to hell, as you come here for no reason? Then, after they come, they first fired, then only shouted out their identity after?

"Sure!" Zhang swiftly took the black book with the silver national emblem out of his pocket, and then dropped it at the top of the stairs . "There's the identity!"

Pursing his lips, Chen Fan glanced at the black book that had dropped in the middle of the stairs in caution . As there were no auxiliary items to hook it over behind him, it was absolutely impossible to reach for . In fact, even if he took it, he also could not differentiate whether it was true or false in authenticity terms .

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But the word "police" was a great deterrent to him, and if the two were real policemen, the consequences of the attack on the police would be great .

"Who are you?" When Zhang saw that there was no movement, he shouted .

The dog on the third floor was so loud, like it had an engine in his lungs, and he didn't stop barking for a moment .

"I'm the owner of this villa . Three gunmen came in, and I overpowered them . "

"Then you come out with your hands on your head at once!' Zhang could not care whether he was the owner of the household or not at the moment, he only saw the flash of the muscle of the gun .

"Hey, Zhang, Zhang . . . " Then, hearing the radio, he remembered his companion's question .

"Wait a minute . I'll turn it up . " He turned the volume control knob on the radio to the maximum and said, "Say it again . "

"What's going on inside? Need us to go in and help?"

"The situation is unclear for the moment, just because we were shined on by some light, then we fired a few shots, so as of now, you should not leave your position, in order to prevent someone from escaping from the window of the villa . " Zhang's mouth muttered, "Has the information of the household owner come out?"

"It's out . . . " The voice on the radio hesitated . "Zhang, this man's assets are over 100 million, so he is a big man . Would you like to ask the city council to send their armed police?"

"Temporarily, no . You send two people over . There's an unidentified man downstairs in a coma, so you let a person carry him out to identify him . If he is the owner of the household, immediately notify metro, and if not, just wait for my command . "


"What are you whispering about? "Chen Fan asked aloud .

"In confirming your identity, believe me, we are the police, so you can now come out with your hands on your head . "

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"Not now!" How could Chen Fan go out, just because of the other side's sweet talk? His eyes turned, and he came up with a solution . "To prove you are not gangsters, you can . . . "

His words had not finished, when the scene abruptly changed .


On the third floor, Xiao Xue, which was locked in, smashed the glass door, roaring down the stairs . Chen Fan, stunned, stood in the same spot, his hand that was holding the Beretta automatic pistol became soft, like a noodle .

The balcony door that was as thick as the glass door of a barbershop, unexpectedly was it knocked by the canine . The dog then ran down 10 layers of ladder in just a few huge leaps . The pup's forehead was also infected with scarlet blood, and its glare showed any enemy that it would tear up anyone who dared try to stop it .

"Don't shoot!" Chen Fan suddenly shouted, wanting to rush out to grab Xiao Xue .

"Ah!" Where have two policemen seen such a big, fierce dog? If they were bitten by this kind of dog, even if they didn't die they would be disabled for life .

Bang! Bang!

Two blind bullets immediately shot toward the direction of Xiao Xue, hitting him, causing the canine to hit the ground and roll .

"Ah!" How would Chen Fan at this time know between true police or false police? He put out the barrel and pulled the trigger, fast like a bolt of lightning .

Dada dada . . .

A burst of an uzi's assault rifle sounded in the house, nearly four times in a second, and immediately filled the corridor with bullets .


Two police officers, who were lying on the stairs, could only return fire twice and did not dare resist . And those bullets that splashed on those walls, made the two of them shout . The policeman, Xiao Liu, who just wanted to embrace his head, suddenly felt pain in his leg, reaching down to touch it, and only feeling hot liquid .

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After punching the cartridge, Chen Fan immediately pressed the cartridge clip, butt before the clip was free to land, he "clanged" and loaded the new cartridge .

There was no time to take aim, and a shuttle was almost completely tilted to the wall of the staircase, for now it was necessary to kill two men . . .

"Withdraw!" The older team member, suddenly bouncing off the ground, tore his lungs and shouted as he ran down the stairs, tugging at his wounded leg .

His heart was so excited that he blew off the command . So, this bandit got a submachine gun? The villa must be surrounded, and they must have called for support .

"Xiao Xue! Xiao Xue!" Chen Fan quickly ran to the poor dog, which was now like it had fallen into a paint shop, with a bloody head . The shoulder was also injured, with a wine cup sized blood hole, which was at a 45-degree Angle through the tendons .

Flee! This was Chen Fan's only thought at the moment, as he quickly picked up Xiao Xue with his left hand, and then with the right hand took the gun to explore downstairs .

How to flee? He wondered . But then, two seconds later, he had a good idea!

"Quick, inform the city bureau, let them send the police force to come . " After the two policemen had escaped the gate, they shouted .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Zhang, the coma guy is not the owner of the household! The armed police squadron has set off and will be there in fifteen minutes . This is the basic information of the head of the household," a police officer said, handing him the newly released document .

Halfway through his speech, two xenon headlights suddenly appeared in the villa, followed by a huge roar of engines .

"Stop!" Zhang, with a swish, came out from the green grass, a polished 92-style pistol pointed directly at the front window of the car .

He had also discovered the car when he searched the garage, but after he pulled the door twice, and it did not open, he then leaned forward with night-vision goggles and observed . Then, having not found someone from inside, he left the garage, without too much care .

"Stop!" Three security guards followed, and two policemen emerged from different positions, each with a lethal weapon .

And with their costumes, to try hide in the car, Chen Fan was completely dumbfounded . The black uniforms made him realize just how badly he had made a mistake, but it was too late to regret it .

On the gas pedal, Chen Fan ignored the "black uniform" coming out of the grass and went crazily toward the seaside instead . Concerning the more than 10 million Maybach, even its rear lights were bulletproof, not to mention the eight-centimeter thick front window that was comparable to the car of a small country's President . . .

Bang, bang, bang!

After a flurry of bean-like shots, the glass was smashed into several cracks, resulting in only a few grooves into the body of Maybach .

"Bulletproof car?" Under the orange street lamps, the police were visibly shocked .

"The general administration, the existing one armed with automatic weapons, a driver escaping from the Bolan community, please send someone to hunt immediately . " the call for distress was given rapid fire . . .


The community gate was closed for protection in haste .

"Eleven miles, only eleven miles from the seaside dockyard!" The infinitely variable throttle was almost completely twisted by Chen Fan, but so long as he got there all would be well . And not to mention the police, for even if Gouda comes, it would be useless .

At 10:20 at night, there was not much traffic on the wide street, which allowed Chen Fan to drive wildly . What is the concept of a car with a speed of 150 horses, he thought . . . with such, he power at his command, he could there in three minutes .

All the pedestrians on the road looked at the roaring car with shock, as Chen Fan appeared to be a "madman", who dared to drive so fast in the city center . Wait for the police to catch him, they thought!


After the car, which was fast and furious, disappeared behind a pedestrian's eye, three police cars followed it, sirens blaring . With today's science and technology so developed, with the cameras around the major streets, anyone trying to play "grand theft auto" would find that it's really very hard . Of course, this difficulty factor would change according to the quality of the police's tracking equipment .

The average car could get caught by just having to face an obstruction at the intersection, causing it to spin out of control . But for a Maybach, which was piled up with super technology, it certainly could not be so easily defeated or deterred!

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