Super Gene - Chapter 1101

Published at 28th of December 2018 12:37:51 PM

Chapter 1101

People who hadn't seen Han Sen fight before were in shock . The rainfall of coins was insane .

Su Xiaoqiao was excited when he saw the coins be unleashed . He had witnessed their might before, but he still harbored wariness . He wasn't entirely sure they'd be as effective against such a powerful spirit .

Fei Yu King noticed Han Sen's lack of speech, so he immediately drew his bow . The weapon was bathed in a white light .


Countless white arrows were fired upwards, targeting the individual coins . A loud flurry of noises came from the air, as each and every arrow was shot down .

The humans were all in shock, not expecting such a quick and efficient retaliation . They quivered in the hope that Dollar would not lose .

"What is The King doing? Those coins are rubbish . "

"His inability to inefficiently fight Fei Yu King is to be expected . "

"The skill is useless . "

. . .

The spirits did not think the coins were very good . They might have looked impressive, but that was about it . Their actual effectiveness in battle against such a foe was nil, they believed .

It appeared as if Fei Yu King wanted to shoot down all the coins, but what he wanted to do was blow them up . But strangely, the arrows fell with the coins attached .

"How?" His nine gene lock power should not have been rendered worthless like that .

It would have been ridiculous to believe The King had opened eight gene locks .

But the coins were not stopped, and they continued to fall like rain . Each drop went with the grace of a warming holy light .

It was too late for Han Sen's opponent to dodge, so he merely fired more arrows in a final bid to stop the coins .

The coins fell, but they were quickly replaced as Han Sen summoned more . It was now a storm of coins, and before it was over, the coins were no longer like rain . They were like a waterfall, and they quickly and brutally buried Fei Yu King .

Humans and spirits alike were in shock .

Fei Yu King wished to fly away, but the coins were incredibly heavy .

He was shocked . He had wholly underestimated The King and the coins he commanded .

He wanted to shake them off, but he couldn't . Each one was like a mountain that wished to trap him .

Fei Yu King was most efficient with speed and archery, so he didn't have to fight Han Sen face-to-face .

He underestimated The King, so he had gone into battle casually and without worry .


Fei Yu King shouted like a beast, one that was stuck and unable to escape the trappings of a hunter . He wished to shake them off so he could fly away, but there was nothing he could do .

He managed to get airborne, but after a few meters of slow flight, he was grounded again . And then, he began to sink into the stage .

His body looked as if it was ready to burst under the frightening pressure of all those coins .


Fei Yu King was on his knees .

Everyone was shocked by what was happening . A nine gene lock king spirit was unable to stand up and fight Han Sen, and was instead on his knees before him . His body was cracking like glass .

"Dollar is too f*cking strong!" Su Xiaoqiao shouted .

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"I can't believe he beat a king spirit so easily . "

"If he was joining Divinity's Bout, he must have come prepared . It would have been silly to doubt him . "

"King spirits are nothing compared to our Dollar . "

. . .

A lot of spirits were sharing a similar glee and happiness, too . They knew how strong Fei Yu King was .

"The King completely owned Fei Yu King!"

"With a wag of his finger, he beat a nine gene lock king spirit . Can you believe it?"

"Hail to The King, baby . "

Even the faces of the emperors had changed .

"What? He was like us, wasn't he? Supposedly, he had only three gene locks open . How can he beat Fei Yu King a mere few years after?" Thunder-Devil King exclaimed in confusion .

Flower Empress said, "How did he accomplish such a feat?"

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"He is frightening . How many gene locks did he open in just a few short years?" Heavenly Empress said, with a surprisingly dour expression and tone of voice .


Fei Yu King was completely crushed by the coins, and he exploded .

Blood and feathers danced in the air, as a jellified body remained like a heap of rubbish on the floor .


The coins disappeared, leaving behind only the feathers and blood .

A nine gene lock king spirit had been destroyed, just like that .

Seeing Fei Yu King respawn, everyone suddenly became silent .

When Han Sen left the stage, the humans and spirits woke up from a daze .

"Dollar beat a king spirit! Is it time for humanity to grow strong in this place?"

"Hail to The King, baby!"

Humans and spirits alike were happy for Han Sen's victory . They both believed him to be on their side .