Super Gene - Chapter 1205

Published at 7th of February 2019 06:30:27 PM

Chapter 1205

Han Sen looked at Xie Qing King as if he was looking at some hideous monster . No wild super creature had ever rattled him as much as the spirit before him was now doing .

He partially believed himself to be dreaming, thinking it to be utterly ridiculous for a king spirit to take up the hobby of drawing crude comics .

Han Sen opened the comic, dubiously titled "Overbearing President Love Luv Looove," and began reading it . The art, to Xie Qing King's credit, was wonderful .

The protagonist of the comic was actually a fellow named Xie Qing King, perhaps unsurprisingly . The spirit had obviously gone to great lengths in this self-admiring portrayal of himself . He was dressed up in similar attire to what he was now wearing, and wholeheartedly believed to be cool, and the opening panels had him surrounded by a number of voluptuously shaped women .

Strangely, these women did not look human, though .

"Are these lady spirits?" Han Sen asked, while pointing at them .

"They sure be king spirits, yo," Xie Qing King said .

Han Sen was actually rather surprised . He hadn't suspected a king spirit could look upon other king spirits in a horny way .

"My dope is targeted at the younger generation . But tell me, bruh, could ya' help out a crib spirit of yours and help me release it on that thing you call Skynet?" Xie Qing King said .

Han Sen helped him with the release, but did not want to associate himself with the comic . So, he made an account on Xie Qing King's behalf . He was worried at what others might think of him if folks genuinely believed Han Sen was the one who drew it all .

After that, Han Sen took Bao'er back to Ghost Mountain . He believed remaining with Xie Qing King any longer would drive him insane . Silver fox had been gone ever since he received the fox Life Geno Essence, so Han Sen also fancied trying to find him on Ghost Mountain .

In the meantime, Han Sen let all the other humans out at Holy-Sword Shelter, except for Queen . There were too many people crowding the underground shelter, and Han Sen wanted a bit more space .

To scale Ghost Mountain, Han Sen rode atop Golden Growler and took Bao'er with him . Strangely, the super creatures on Ghost Mountain were nowhere to be found . It seemed as if they had all disappeared .

Han Sen traveled across the entirety of Ghost Mountain and confirmed this . Even the ones he had previously met were no longer around .

"What happened?" Han Sen wondered .

If there had been a great battle, surely there would have been signs . But it was as if they had all been abducted, vanished into thin air without leaving a trace behind .

The blood-wing beasts were still there, but their king was gone .

"What happened?" Han Sen had no idea what had taken place .

Even if the king spirit shelter on the mountain had tried to expand to conquer and rule over its surrounding landscapes, there should have been signs of such a thing happening . But there were no clues to what had actually occurred . The landscape seemed to be the same as it was the first time Han Sen had been there .

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Han Sen continued traversing the slopes of the mountain, and just when he started to worry over the wellbeing of the silver fox, he saw a purple light illuminate the night sky .

Han Sen tried to look over to where it originated, but it was too far for him to scan . So, he summoned his wings and decided to fly there .

The purple light was a good distance away, and he had to leave the borders of Ghost Mountain completely to get to it . It was a purple mountain, and when he got to take a closer look, Han Sen was more than just shocked .

Han Sen thought the mountain had simply gotten bigger due to his proximity to it . But when he stopped for a moment, and noticed that it continued to grow, he realized it was doing just that: the mountain was growing bigger .

Han Sen never thought a mountain had the possibility of growing .

It would have made sense if there was an earthquake currently raging, but there was no such thing . The lands all around were quiet, and it was just that one purple mountain rising out of the ground, becoming bigger and bigger .

Han Sen didn't go any closer to it, as he figured himself to be too old to attempt something reckless . He was hovering above a field, so he could see everything well enough and did not have to go any closer to watch what was happening .

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Han Sen saw many small creatures emerge, all heading for the purple mountain . Then, he saw bigger creatures going that way . They were headed there with visible excitement .

Han Sen tried to grab a snake he saw, but the snake dodged his grasp and looked angry . That was okay, though . The snake seemed fairly normal and of its own mind . It hadn't been possessed or tainted by some other phantom force or anything .

"If they're not under a spell, perhaps some treasure is enticing them there . Did Little Silver and the other super creatures of Ghost Mountain go that way, too?" Han Sen mulled over the questions while staring at the purple mountain .

Not thinking there to be any immediate danger, Han Sen flew closer . If there was treasure, he wanted it . At the very least, he could lend a hand to the silver fox if he needed it .

With Han Sen's power having reached its current heights, he figured he could deal with any threat that presented itself to him . He had the ability to take on emperor spirits, after all, so he reckoned he'd be fine .

And as long as Han Sen did nothing to provoke the creatures, they'd probably be too focused on what they had come for to pay him any heed . They appeared to be very single-minded in their near-rabid approach to the purple mountain .

Han Sen saw wolves, ants, and birds heading for the area .