Super Gene - Chapter 1376

Published at 2nd of May 2019 04:25:13 AM
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Chapter 1376

Han Sen was taken aback . The three beings in front of him were as strong as Nan Litian, by the looks of them . They wanted to claim the shelter, but they seemed dubious and afraid of something . It came as a bit of a surprise .

When Han Sen entered the hall, they all stared at him at once .

They knew the place very well, and they knew who inhabited the shelter . They did not expect to see Han Sen show up—someone who was mostly a stranger—to try to fight for it .

What's more was the fact that it was only a human, and one who did not seem particularly strong .

The spirit smiled to him, and spoke . "Another human? We were controlled by a human for so long, do you really want another? Maybe we should deal with him before we decide what's next . "

After that, the two mutant creatures looked angrier .

Han Sen thought to himself, "D*mn, spirits still have a hard-on for hating humans even in this sanctuary . They'll use any excuse to kill a human, if they have to . "

To cool the situation, Han Sen pleaded to the creatures that seemed undecided and said, "Please don't listen to him! We only have one life, and yet, spirits can respawn . If he betrays you people, that comes as no cost to him . It's a little unfair, don't you think?"

The two creatures turned to the spirit and growled, with their lips raised and teeth on full display .

The spirit stared at Han Sen with intense eyes .

Han Sen inspected the three that were there, wondering how he might pull things in his favor . The spirit was blue, and he wielded a blue crystal greatsword . He had blonde hair .

One of the two creatures looked like a white tiger . It had six ears, but apart from that, it looked like a proud and glorious being . The other creature looked like a robot, and it was made of black metal .

"Do you remember how Nan Litian treated us? We were treated like worthless slaves . He was a horrible person, with one hell of a mean streak . And the conditions of staying here? Have you all forgotten?" The spirit made his case for why he should become leader instead .

Han Sen rebutted with, "I don't know what sort of person Nan Litian was and how he treated you all, but I'm not him . And what's more is that you are free; I will let you keep your freedom . I've dealt with spirits before, and I know how cruel and callous they can be . They enslave humans and treat them as poorly as they do creatures . Anything in a spirit's service is controlled via a tight leash pulled by an iron fist . It is no way to live . "

Han Sen then went on to say, "I'm a human with a bronze geno core . How can I fight you all?"

As he spoke, Han Sen summoned his umbrella to prove to them it was bronze . When they saw it was a bronze geno core, the creatures turned to look back at the spirit . The scene had been brought to a standstill .

Han Sen was thinking how he might take the shelter . He didn't want to back off and miss this opportunity, but he also knew he could not fight the three of them . The three were only a little weaker than Nan Litian himself, so the odds were completely out of his favor . He wouldn't stand a chance .

Han Sen thought it might be best to just back out and let them duke it out before swooping in when a wounded-victor emerged .

Committing to this idea, Han Sen took one step back . But when he did this, the metal robot swept forward and stopped him from leaving .

"How about a deal?" the metal robot offered .

"What deal would that be?" Han Sen looked at the roboman with interest . This was a surprising turn of events .

"I will help you take down the shelter and give you control . I only want the mine," the metal man explained .

The spirit then said, "Metal Demon, why don't you just ask me? Join me and we can crush these vermin . We can crush the six-eared freak, make me ruler, and you can have the mine . " The white tiger roared when he heard what he had been called .

Metal Demon responded to the spirit by saying, "The human is correct . If you became ruler, we would all be enslaved . "

The spirit's face turned glum, hearing this . "Do you really think a bronze geno core human can beat me and Six-Ear?"

Metal Demon said, "Don't presume Six-Ear is with you . He hasn't pledged allegiance to any one side yet . "

Metal Demon continued, "Six-Ear, you want the garden, don't you? How about you take the garden, I take the mine, and the human gets the rest?"

Six-Ear heard this and roared in agreement .

"What do you think human? Does this satisfy you?" Metal Demon said .

"I'm just happy to have a roof over my head," Han Sen said, agreeing .

Six-Ear and Metal Demon began to dubiously approach the spirit, slowly and carefully . They had their plan . Han Sen wasn't sure how they were going to engage the spirit in battle, but he followed after them with care .

The spirit, however, was of an unswayed resolve . He had no fear, and he balked at them, saying, "Pah! You guys are all so naive . Do you know why I have bothered talking to you filth for so long?"

A sudden aura of immense evil and power raced into the shelter . Upon its arrival, shock struck the hearts of the creatures backing Han Sen . An additional two spirits had come . One was tall and imposing; as it was a four-meter-tall giant that wielded a massive hammer . The other was short . It was plump and stocky, and it was no taller than Han Sen's waist . The hammer it wielded, however, was larger than the giant's .

They did not mask their presence or lifeforce . They wanted the others to see that they were just as strong as the other spirit they had come to aid .

"Three versus three . Those are the odds I like . But tell me; are you as confident as you were just a few moments ago?" The spirit smiled callously .