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Super Gene - Chapter 1397

Published at 16th of May 2019 02:19:59 PM

Chapter 1397

The spirit returned to his spirit stone, but Han Sen expected this . Regardless, Han Sen ventured up to the top of the mountain and began removing the black sand . There was a large mound of the stuff, and after much digging, Han Sen was able to find the lizard that had been buried .

The lizard was not dead yet, but it was in poor shape . The black sand had suffocated it and crept its way into the lizard's body . The lungs and organs were stuffed with sand, and its death was inevitable .

The lizard's mouth and nose were wet, caked in sand . It was a bad way to go out .

Han Sen, wanting to put it out of its misery swiftly, took out his horn and plunged it through the creature's heart .

"Mutant Creature Cauldron Beast killed . Beast soul gained . Gold Geno Core acquired . Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly . "

Han Sen was delighted at the result . Things had gotten a little heated, but aside from ending up a little windswept, he'd be walking away from the venture with two mutant carcasses, a new gold geno core, and an extra beast soul to top it all off .

Han Sen summoned his black unicorn and bundled everything together with his Gold Lock .

This was a fine haul of meat, and it'd keep Han Sen full for some time to come . In the meantime, Cheap Sheep was still off in search of more mutant creatures for him . This would tide Han Sen over until then, for sure .

A month later, Han Sen had almost finished consuming all the flesh . He had thus far received an additional sixteen mutant geno points, which brought his tally up to twenty-five .

Currently, Han Sen was in the midst of his daily training regime with Red Pony and Starsea Beast . Over the past month, they had shown great diligence and development, and they took their training times with Han Sen very seriously . It made Han Sen glad to see them behave that way .

"A, B, C . " Han Sen's training wasn't purely physical, and now he was holding up a board with the alphabet .

"A, A, A . " Starsea Beast had been trying his hardest to learn, but it had been a struggle . He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, unfortunately .

Han Sen looked dismayed . Finding out that many demi-god creatures couldn't speak was disheartening, and he expected a far better literacy rate in the Fourth God's Sanctuary .

"Come on, this stuff is basic . You guys are going to have to learn eventually . Now come on, follow after me . A, B, C . " Han Sen was determined to make his followers speak .

Red Pony did not seem very focused on the lesson . It didn't speak, and neither did it follow along with Han Sen's instructions . It seemed very disinterested . Starsea Beast, however, was trying its best . It was incredibly focused, despite being rather dumb . Still, all it could say in response to Han Sen was, "A, A, A . "

Suddenly, Han Sen felt a wretched energy blanket the shelter .

Not wasting any time in his response, he flew over to the gate to see what might have been approaching . There, he saw Qing Le and another spirit marching towards the shelter .

The scary, menacing power was from the spirit that accompanied Qing Le . As much as he had thus far tried to resist, Han Sen had the sneaking suspicion it was only a matter of time before he was forced to go to that spooky shelter that only allowed humans .

"Qing Le! I've been waiting for you, man!" Han Sen forced the biggest ear-to-ear smile he could, and fluffed his voice to be as welcoming as one could be .

Qing Le looked at Han Sen with one eyebrow raised high enough, it could have pierced the clouds . "You . . . were expecting me?"

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"Yeah . I've been so busy this last month, I was unable to catch up with you for that expedition you said you were planning . You know the one; the human team, the creepy shelter, the fifty sacred geno fruits . "

"I thought I said thirty," Qing Le said .

They had come there expecting to use force to get Han Sen to go along with their plan . This was most unexpected . Someone who was willing to go was always a better choice than someone who had been forced to . Communication was far better, in such circumstances .

"I was going to accept the thirty you offered last time, but now that you're here . . . Well, I can only suspect you've been to the shelter and failed . Clearly, the risk and danger of that place are far worse than you expected . Add an extra twenty for the hazard pay, and I'm your man," Han Sen said .

"My balls . . . consider them busted . Oh well, fine, I accept . Fifty it is," the other spirit finally spoke .

The way that spirit held himself was different from Qing Le, and it was clear to see he was of a higher rank .

"How should I refer to you, sir?" Han Sen said, approaching the two in a casual manner .

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"The Emperor's Sixth Son, Yu Xuan . " The spirit puffed his chest and put his chin up when he said this . Then, he lessened his threatening aura to one that was far more approachable .

"That's a mouthful . I'm Han Sen, nice to meet you," Han Sen said .

Yu Xuan then stepped forward to say, "I like co-operating with smart men . Pack up your things and we'll head out . "

"Okay . " Han Sen returned Bao'er to the Alliance, afraid there might be much danger on the road ahead . Particularly so, at their destination .

Han Sen didn't bring anyone else with him on that trip . He just went alone with the spirits .

On the road, Qing Le and Yu Xuan explained many things to Han Sen, and what had occurred in their previous attempt at taking the shelter .

They had ended up sending twenty-nine men to that shelter . Three had returned from that place, in a grievously poor condition . Even those were dead now . A few of those humans even had gemstone geno cores, but it hadn't seemed to matter at all . They had all been killed .

Sacred Shelter had also sent a bunch of humans, as well . Only one of those managed to crawl out, then later died .

It was impossible for them to find a decent pool of humans to try to take the shelter individually, so the two shelters had now decided to co-operate for their next venture .