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Super Gene - Chapter 1595

Published at 11th of August 2019 04:20:08 AM

Chapter 1595: 1595

Han Sen and the others were all surprised . They had never heard of the singing voice in the storm calling someone’s name . However, there was no mistaking what the voice was saying now; it was clearly calling Han Sen .

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Han Sen grabbed Lin Feng and said, “Wait a minute, something’s wrong . ”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I have to go no matter what . Otherwise, I’ll never forgive myself . ”

“Okay, then I’ll come with you . ” Han Sen took a look at the storm outside the cave as he listened to the voice yelling his name . It sounded like a sad girl who was calling for her loved one .

“The thing outside seems to be targeting you . You don’t need to go out there . I’ve lived here for years, and I have my way with the storm . Just wait for me here,” Lin Feng said as he walked out .

Han Sen didn’t stop Lin Feng this time . He said to Little Silver and Little Star, “You guys stay here . I’ll go out with Lin Feng and check . ”

“Teacher, the thing outside seems to know you . How about I go out there with you? I’m a spirit, so even if I die, I can still be resurrected,” said Xu Mi .

“No need,” Han Sen called over his shoulder as he left the cave . He opened the umbrella in his hand, sheltering himself and Lin Feng from the wind and sand .

Lin Feng nodded his thanks to Han Sen . He asked, “Where did you find that ring?”

The storm outside was so strong that they couldn’t see or feel anything . There were no visible landmarks to use as reference points in the storm, so they simply needed to pick a direction to walk .

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“Where did you find the ring, Bao’er?” Han Sen looked to Bao’er .

Bao’er was lying lazily on Han Sen’s shoulder . She lifted a finger to point out into the storm .

She only picked up that ring because she thought it was pretty . However, she knew that she wouldn’t be getting the ring back now, so she had lost her motivation .

Both Han Sen and Lin Feng were a little shocked at the direction Bao’er was pointing; she was pointing toward the voice in the storm .

“Let’s go and check . ” Han Sen walked forward with the umbrella in his hands .

Neither of them said anything . They walked forward in the storm . The farther forward they moved, the stronger the storm became . The pressure on their hands became heavier and heavier .

Fortunately, Han Sen’s body was pretty good, so the pressure didn’t crush him . As they walked, the voice calling to Han Sen became clearer and clearer . It was creepy .

Suddenly, Lin Feng felt that he kicked something . He bent down to touch it, and then he pulled an iron arrow from the sand .

“This is Jiwu’s arrow . There’s his mark on the shaft . ” Lin Feng looked much more worried than before .

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“Let’s just walk forward . Perhaps he’s right in front of us . He might be trapped by something,” said Han Sen .

The two kept walking, and they kept finding random things along the way . Based on Lin Feng’s speculation, and they all belonged to Jing Jiwu .

They were both very worried as they realized that Jing Jiwu might be in great danger . However, they couldn’t do anything more than keep walking, hoping that they could still save Jing Jiwu .

Suddenly, the storm in front of them weakened, and they could finally see something clear instead of complete darkness in front of them .

Han Sen and Lin Feng saw clearly what was going on in front of them, and their eyes turned red .

There was a giant skeleton in front of them, and it was more than a hundred feet tall and a thousand feet long . It blocked most of the wind and sand, which was why the storm was weaker here than elsewhere .

However, there was also a human being hanging from the skeleton . It was Jing Jiwu .

At this moment, Jing Ji Wu was crucified upon the skeleton . His arms and feet were bleeding, and his eyes were also nailed to the skeleton . He couldn’t look more dead .

“Jiwu!” Lin Feng looked at Jing Jiwu who was nailed to the skeleton . His face darkened, and he clenched his fist hard, driving his nails into his palm .

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However, Lin Feng didn’t take one step forward . Instead, he held out an arm and stopped Han Sen from lowering the body down .

“Something’s wrong here . Someone’s trying to lure us over there to ambush us . ” Lin Feng said each word quietly, but his voice was trembling . It wasn’t because he was scared, but because he was furious .

“I know, but the only way to lure our enemies out is for us to go in . ” Han Sen was also enraged . It didn’t feel good to see that someone he knew had died so tragically .

“Are you sure?” Lin Feng asked, staring at Han Sen .

“There are few in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary who can kill me,” answered Han Sen .

“Okay, let’s go . Let’s go bring back Jiwu’s body,” Lin Feng said while taking large steps toward the skeleton .

Han Sen lifted his Bulwark Umbrella and followed .

Though Han Sen and Lin Feng couldn’t see them, a man and a woman were standing somewhere close to the skeleton, in a place wasn’t affected by the storm at all .

That man looked normal, like an elegant middle-aged man .

However, the woman looked quite unique . Her upper body was that of a woman, but her lower body looked like a centipede, and it was constituted with bones and barbs . Apparently, she was a creature .

“They were tricked . ” The women’s eyes gleamed .

“Blood Bone Demon, are you sure you can kill him?” asked the man as he looked at that strange woman .

“Rest assured, Mr . Qing Ya, I’ll definitely kill him for the Chairman . This is Feng Ge desert, and this place belongs to me . ” Blood Bone Demon smiled weirdly . “As long as they touch my blood bone puppet, they’ll be doomed . Even God won’t be able to help them . ”

“Good . As long as you kill Han Sen, the Chairman will always remember your contribution,” said Qing Ya mildly . He was staring at Han Sen and Lin Feng, who were approaching the skeleton .

Blood Bone Demon’s eyes gleamed, and she licked her lips using her snake-like tongue . She was looking at Han Sen as if looking at a dead man .

“Watch my back as I lower Jiwu’s body,” Lin Feng said as he flew to the skeleton . He summoned a beast soul sword, cutting the bones behind Jing Jiwu, and he caught Jing Jiwu’s body as it fell .

However, just as Lin Feng touched Jing Jiwu’s body, Jing Jiwu’s eyes popped open, and its body wound around Lin Feng like a group of snakes .

And then, bones emerged from Jing Jiwu’s body and locked around Lin Feng like an exoskeleton .

Jing Jiwu’s corpse had been completely twisted, and it looked like a skeleton with lots of blood and flesh .

Lin Feng under the skeleton’s control, and he couldn’t help slashing wildly toward Han Sen . Both of them were terrified .

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