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Super Gene - Chapter 1597

Published at 12th of August 2019 08:15:37 AM

Chapter 1597

 “You’ve come out already, so I don’t need to stay dead anymore . ” Han Sen smiled mildly . He was holding the Split-Knife, and at the same time, he checked Jing Jiwu’s body with his Dongxuan Aura . Jing Ji Wu seemed to have been poisoned, but it wasn’t deadly .

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Blood Bone Demon realized that she had been tricked, and tricked in front of Qing Ya . She got furious and screamed, “Kill him . Kill him now . ”

Blood Bone Demon screamed several times, but she found that Lin Feng, who was supposed to be controlled by the bloody bone puppet, didn’t rush toward Han Sen .

The bloody bones were trembling, trying to move Lin Feng’s body forward, but Lin Feng was just standing there without moving a muscle .

There were traces of golden light bursting out of his body, which made Lin Feng’s body look like a golden Buddha .


Light exploded from Lin Feng’s body like a nuclear blast . He turned into a golden sun, which burned several bones of the bloody skeleton that had encased him .

The broken bloody bones went back to Blood Bone Demon . When she reabsorbed the broken bones, Blood Bone Demon couldn’t help coughing out some blood . The Blood Bone Puppet was her self geno core, and after having her geno core injured, she was also injured a bit .

After the golden light went away, Lin Feng walked out calmly . He wasn’t injured at all .

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“Impossible… How is it possible?” Blood Bone Demon couldn’t believe her eyes . She had a super geno core, while that human only had a gemstone geno core . Yet not only did she fail to control him, he even injured her .

Though the Blood Bone Puppet was only slightly injured, it was still unacceptable to Blood Bone Demon .

“Unfortunately, my endless Buddha body is still at gemstone level . It’s still not able to rival a super geno core,” said Lin Feng calmly as his face turned pale .

“I’ll kill you!” shrieked Blood Bond Demon . Lin Feng had spoken calmly, but she was still infuriated by what he had said .

Blood Bone Puppet merged with her body, and it formed a blood bone armor around her . She shouted furiously and rushed toward Lin Feng like a strange dragon with the wind and sand .

The butterfly wings on Han Sen’s back trembled, and Bloodthirsty Ant King was shining with dazzling light . All of a sudden, he crossed the distance between them and went into the wind and sand, slashing Blood Bone Demon .

Before Blood Bone Demon could reach Lin Feng, Han Sen’s blade had already cut through her body and the blood bone armor protecting her .

“Super Creature Blood Bone Demon killed . No beast soul gained . Geno core unobtained . Flesh inedible . Consume the Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly . ”

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Han Sen licked his lips . He was a little upset about not receiving a beast soul .

However, Han Sen never stopped moving . Instead, he slashed the Split-Knife toward Qing Ya, going through time and space .

“We’ll meet again very soon, and next time, you won’t be so lucky that you meet a moron like her . ” Qing Ya looked at Han Sen and smiled .

“You won’t have a next time . ” Han Sen teleported through time and space and rushed toward Qing Ya, thrusting his blade into Qing Ya’s body .

However, Qing Ya was still smiling, and his body became lighter and lighter, until it disappeared completely .

Han Sen’s blade seemed to slash a phantom . It went through directly and completely, and it didn’t touch anything .

“Who was he?” Lin Feng asked, looking at where Qing Ya had disappeared .

“I only know that he’s from the New Community, and his name is Qing Ya . ” Han Sen took a look at Jing Jiwu who was not able to move at all . He then apologized, “Sorry that you were dragged into this . They were coming after me . ”

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Lin Feng shook his head without saying anything . He walked to Jing Jiwu and checked his body, then he frowned .

“He’s poisoned . Hopefully, something in the Alliance can help him . ”

Antidotes in the Alliance were usually designed for certain types of poison, but poisons in the Sanctuaries were a little different from those in the Alliance, so it was difficult to say whether it was going to work or not .

“Let Little Silver try, perhaps it’ll work . ” Han Sen then picked up Jing Ji Wu and walked back .

After Blood Bond Demon was killed, the storm stopped . Han Sen had absorbed the Life Geno Essence of Blood Bone Demon, so he was very happy about that .

His goal for this trip was to get a Life Geno Essence . Though he went through some trouble before getting it, he was still pleased with what he had gained .

Little Silver and the others had already come out of the cave . Jing Jiwu looked like a corpse when Han Sen laid him beside Little Silver . “Little Silver, can you get rid of the poison in him? If you can’t, can you at least save his life first?”

Without saying anything, Little Silver hit Jing Jiwu with a stream of silver lightning . Jing Jiwu zombie-like face twisted .

“Look, his life force is recovering! How amazing . ” When Lin Feng saw that Jing Jiwu was recovering, he was exhilarated . He couldn’t help complimenting Little Silver, and he turned to Han Sen and said, “Jiwu is safe now, and you’re also injured severely . Ask the fox to heal you now . ”

Seeing Little Silver look at him, Han Sen quickly waved his hands . “No need . I can heal myself . ”

Though Little Silver was a skilled healer, his lightning-based healing powers did not feel good . Han Sen would rather simulate the power of the Holy Rhino and heal himself slowly . He had a sturdy body, and his injuries were not fatal .

Both Lin Feng and Han Sen had known that it wasn’t Jing Jiwu on the skeleton; however, the things they picked up on the way had been real . They made a show to lure Blood Bone Demon out . Han Sen had carefully controlled where he was injured, and with the cooperation of Lin Feng, he wasn’t actually severely injured .

The spots that got stabbed by the sword looked fatal, but none of them hurt the organs and the bones . Only the flesh was injured .

“Ah!” Under the constant treatment of Little Silver, Jing Jiwu could finally make a sound, and the first sound he made was so miserable that even Han Sen and Lin Feng couldn’t help being scared .

To get rid of the poison inside Jing Jiwu completely, Little Silver kept treating him . Jing Jiwu didn’t make any more noise, but his face was twisting .

After the poison in Jing Ji Wu was completely eradicated, Lin Feng and Jing Jiwu took Han Sen to the shelter they were staying in . It was a little shelter in the desert, but it was only a primitive shelter that was already abandoned . They were the only ones that were staying there .

They stayed in the shelter for two days before Han Sen went out hunting again . With the information provided by Jing Jiwu and Lin Feng, Han Sen chose a super creature named Ancient Demon beast as his next target .

“I need to improve my power as soon as possible . The New Community is already on the move, so I need to attack first . I can’t just wait here to be hit . ” Han Sen hoped that his father-in-law could quickly figure out where the Chairman was so that they could eradicate the New Community completely .

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