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Super Gene - Chapter 1644

Published at 12th of August 2019 08:45:24 AM

Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644: Real Blood Promotion

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim


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The Armored Man stared at Destiny Tower, and the flame of the body erupted like a volcano, and the aura he exuded became unimaginable .

“The Armored Man is trying to kill Dollar directly . His power is so horrible when he gathers it like this . It seems that he’s gathering more power than he used to defeat Gu Qingcheng . ”

“The fact that the Armored Man has gathered such terrifying power only shows that Dollar is stronger than Gu Qingcheng, so the Armored Man has to be serious . ”

“Dollar! Cheers! Beat him!”

“That kind of power can kill with a single strike . If Dollar insists on fighting, then there will be no chance to concede . ”


The Armored Man slammed into Han Sen, and the flames were as bright as the sun . The entire battlefield was covered by intense ice, and the spectators could not see anything at all .

Han Sen felt the incredible power of the approaching attack, but he didn’t panic . He moved his hand and lifted Destiny’s Tower .

The blaze that was so strong, yet frighteningly, it disappeared completely in a flash . The sudden transition left the spectators temporarily blind . After they recovered their vision and saw the situation on the battlefield, they were all stunned and their mouths gaped open .

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The flames on the battlefield had disappeared completely . Both the flames and the Armored Man had disappeared . Only a huge octagonal metal tower was standing on the battlefield .

“No way… The Armored Man was suppressed by a metal tower?”

“It’s not that simple . With the power of the armor, even if the tower is a super geno core that uses sealing power, I think it will be broken by a punch . ”

“I can’t even imagine what kind of geno core could suppress such a strong force . ”

“Let’s wait to see if the metal tower will be broken . ”

Everyone felt that a tower could not trap the Armored Man, so they were waiting for the metal tower to be broken . No one believed that the Armored Man would be so easily suppressed .

In fact, Han Sen did feel the pressure in the Destiny’s Tower, and a horrible force was confronting the power of the geno core, as if the tower would be broken at any time .

Destiny’s Tower was not Han Sen’s self geno core . According to the theory, Han Sen’s power should not affect Destiny’s Tower . However, after running the Blood Legion technique, Han Sen felt that the tower was reacting strangely . The strength of the geno core was affected by Han Sen’s blood and flesh and the Blood Legion techniques .

Han Sen’s own power surged and rushed into Destiny’s Tower, increasing the tower’s strength more and more . However, the Armored Man’s power was still slowly expanding inside the tower, and Han Sen still couldn’t suppress it with all his force .

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Now Han Sen had a tough choice . He had to suppress the Armored Man in the tower . If he let go now, Destiny’s Tower would be destroyed, and Han Sen would also be injured .

Han Sen was still running the Blood Legion techniques, transforming his own power into the same fatal power as Destiny’s Tower . The strength of the Armored Man continued to grow, and it was definitely stronger than Han Sen’s own power . Han Sen couldn’t help but frown .

When Han Sen hesitated to deal with it, the Real Blood geno core automatically flew out of Han Sen’s Sea of Soul . This time it was not flying toward another geno core or anything else, but it integrated into Han Sen’s body instead . Real Blood gradually merged into Han Sen’s blood .

Suddenly, the power of Han Sen’s blood and nerves increased sharply . Destiny’s Tower filled with light, suppressing the power inside the tower .

Han Sen was ecstatic . He hadn’t even known that Real Blood had such an ability, but it made perfect sense .

The Real Blood geno core had been condensed by the blood vessels, and its compatibility with the Blood Legion techniques was undoubtedly the highest . It was also reasonable that it could enhance the Blood Legion techniques .

As Han Sen’s blood flowed, it was assimilated into Real Blood . At the same time, Han Sen’s blood, nerves, and Blood Legion techniques became stronger and stronger .

The infinite power passed through Destiny’s Tower to suppress the power inside the tower . The two forces collided fiercely in the tower, and Han Sen finally gained an advantage .

The Real Blood geno core also began to evolve in Han Sen’s blood . After it merged with Han Sen, the blood flow in his body helped the geno core breakthrough its bottleneck and achieve super level .

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Everyone was waiting for the moment when the metal tower got broken, but time passed by, and nothing happened to the tower . No cracks appeared on its surface .

“What? Can the Armored Man not break the tower?”

“I don’t know, it looks like the tower is very solid . ”

“What is that geno core? How can it suppress the Armored Man? Even if it is a super geno core, isn’t it impossible to suppress the Armored Man?”

The creatures watching the battle gradually began to discuss, and no one believed that a mighty existence like the Armored Man could be suppressed by a tower .

“That tower, it seems…” The master of Sacred shelter looked at the tower, but his eyes were filled with confusion .

“Could that be Destiny’s Tower?” Many ancient beings, like Sacred’s master, began to speculate .

“Dollar is too good! He just suppressed the armored like… That was f*cking amazing!” Tang Zhenliu could not help but scream excitedly .

Gu Qingcheng was slightly amazed . Although she didn’t think that Dollar would lose easily, she hadn’t expected anything like this to happen .

He didn’t even do a thing, and the tower just suppressed the Armored Man .

The Armored Man roared angrily in Destiny’s Tower, and the ice flames exploded like a volcano, trying to break the tower .

However, the blood light emitted from the metal tower formed a bloody ring . It slowly began to contract outside the Armored Man, pressing the ice flame down a little .

No matter how the Armored Man roared, the blood ring kept shrinking .


The flames were shattered under the blood ring, and the blood ring made physical contact with the Armored Man, still shrinking . Surprisingly, the body of the Armored Man became smaller as the blood ring shrank, and finally disappeared with the blood ring .

At the same time, on the seventh floor of Destiny’s Tower, a stone platform appeared . The figure of the Armored Man appeared on the stone platform, but now he couldn’t move, just like a prisoner locked on a stone platform .

Han Sen finally felt that the resistance in the tower was completely gone . When he reached out, Destiny’s tower gradually shrank and flew back into his palm .

The battlefield and all the Martial Halls were dead silent . Before this battle, they had debated many possibilities, but no one had thought that this would happen .

The powerful Armored Man had been suppressed so easily, and everyone was staring at Han Sen, who stood on the battlefield and did not say a word for a long time .

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