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Super Gene - Chapter 1645

Published at 12th of August 2019 08:45:20 AM

Chapter 1645

Chapter 1645: Son of God Reward

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim


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When Han Sen left the arena, much of the audience had yet to react . Everything had occurred so quickly, their minds were having trouble processing it .

They had expected a shocking battle, but not like that . And it ended very abruptly .

People did not know about the changes that had taken place in Han Sen’s body and Destiny’s Tower . They had only seen Han Sen summon a metal tower to crush the Armored Man, then absorb him .

“That was scary . Dollar is the scariest . An elite like Armored Man was completely suppressed!”

“Who said geno cores couldn’t beat strength? It does not matter how strong you are, you can get absorbed . ”

“Dollar is too strong . He is invincible!”

“What was that tower geno core? It was so strong . ”

The battle had ended a while ago by this point, but everyone was still discussing the fight between Dollar and the Armored Man . The tower geno core was the center of many discussions, as well .

Many super elites thought the tower was Destiny’s Tower, but according to the legend, it should have gone along with its master in ascension to the Fifth Sanctuary .

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Humans didn’t care about where the tower came from, though . Everyone simply concerned themselves with the fight between Dollar and Armored Man . It had led to Dollar being titled the strongest human to ever exist .

Han Sen did not have time to dwell on these matters, though . He was currently standing inside Destiny’s Tower and looking at Armored Man, who was now trapped on one of the pedestals .

Armored Man yelled at him, but no matter how much he tried, he could not escape the space shield . Hissing and cursing were all he could accomplish .

“I’m going to kill you!” Armored Man repeated that more than a few times .

“Answer my questions and I might let you go . ” Han Sen looked at him, and then asked, “Who are you? What is your relation to the master of Destiny’s Tower?”

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Armored Man simply ignored Han Sen . He kept repeating the same few words over and over, as if he was a loon .

Han Sen asked a few more questions, but there was no change in response . So Han Sen decided to let him be until he calmed down . He could return to ask him questions another time .

Han Sen was very curious about the Armored Man and the Headless Rockman in the tower .

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Since Armored Man disappeared after his fight with Han Sen and did not finish any other matches, people believed he had been killed . It made them all fear Dollar even more . So, no one dared fight Han Sen in the next few matches . They were afraid of his tower .

Even spirits that were able to respawn did not want to take a risk . It was okay being killed, but finding themselves trapped inside the tower would be the most terrifying situation they could think of .

After advancing through the top-ten Son of God’s, Dollar ended up at the lofty number-one position . Furthermore, it was Han Sen’s very first number-one Son of God position achieved in a Divinity’s Bout .

He had joined a couple Divinity’s Bouts before, but for various reasons, he was always unable to reach first place .

Everyone was in agreement that Dollar was the most powerful being to exist in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary .

When Han Sen finished the Divinity’s Bout, he entered the Martial Hall to receive his reward .

The tenth Son of God had one randomized chance of a random item . It might have been a beast soul, a geno weapon, or a geno core . What they received was all down to pure luck .

Han Sen was interested in what other rewards he might now be fortunate enough to receive . He was interested in the God’s Baptism .

Han Sen placed his hand on the Martial Hall’s tablet . It began to glow, and then an item was revealed . It then began to flash through different items, making Han Sen’s eyes go all funny .

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“What reward should I accept?” Han Sen wanted to borrow some luck off God, but there was nothing there he truly wanted .

In the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, he was practically invincible . There was no point in getting a super beast soul, as all he could do with that was sell it off or give it to a friend .

The same applied to geno cores and geno armors . What Han Sen wanted to do was ascend to the Fifth Sanctuary and see if he could go back to the Alliance .

“Received one pet beast soul geno core . ”

When the light stopped, Han Sen froze .

“Pet beast soul geno core? What is that?” Han Sen was surprised, seeing what his reward had been .

Beast souls were beast souls, and geno cores were geno cores . A pet beast soul was a pet beast soul, by this logic .

On the tablet, Han Sen could now see a glowing orb . It became a shining light that entered Han Sen’s Sea of Soul . Little Angel saw it and flew right over to it . She grabbed the orb and swallowed it .

Little Angel’s holy light began to show unsteadiness, but it calmed down after a while . And when it did, Little Angel looked different . Han Sen reviewed her information, though, and he couldn’t see any changes . She seemed the same .

But now was not the time to investigate Little Angel . He needed to receive his second reward; something Han Sen believed to be rather important .

Han Sen put his hand on the Martial Hall’s tablet again . The tablet then revealed a slit, which Han Sen’s hand fell into . Han Sen was familiar with this, as it was what led him to the arena . He wasn’t afraid of this process, and so he immediately went inside .

After he traveled through the tablet this time, though, he was not taken to the arena . He was taken to a tunnel . The path was tubular, as if he was traversing a pipe . It was three meters long, and it appeared to have been made of flawless, seamless crystal .

Han Sen, seeing the way ahead, was shocked . The crystal looked like that of the crystallizer’s Main Control Room .

“Is the sanctuary related to the crystallizers?” Han Sen frowned and walked forward . There were glowing lights residing within the crystal walls . The lights were like tangible feathers, bathing Han Sen, and melting into him like snowflakes .

Han Sen felt a surge of electricity course through him and get discharged . He did not feel stronger, and he didn’t feel as if he had been purified . He wasn’t quite sure what the purpose of those lights was .

The passage was long, at least ten thousand meters from one end to the other . At the very end of it, Han Sen found a large door . Before he could open it, though, it opened itself automatically . There was a room beyond it .

Han Sen looked into the room, and when he did, his eyes opened wide .

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