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Super Gene - Chapter 1687

Published at 1st of September 2019 07:20:09 PM

Chapter 1687: 1687

1687 Jewelry Ligh 

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When a greatsword came at him next, Han Sen didn’t dodge . He reached out his arm that had been plated in geno armor and caught the falling blade .

He reached out his other hand and grabbed another incoming greatsword . He pulled both creatures in by their weapons, thrusting them into each other . The sheer force flattened their helmets .

Han Sen took the two greatswords, one in each hand . Then, he swung them akimbo at the monsters coming at him from behind . He skewered them both, and then pegged them into the ground .

The monsters wished to rise back up, but Han Sen stepped on the helmet of one and crushed it completely .

“Super Creature Death Armor Swordsman killed . Beast soul gained . Geno Core shattered . The flesh is not edible . Collect Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly . ”

Han Sen was delighted . Then, he proceeded to step on the heads of the other three swordsmen . Unfortunately, he didn’t get any more beast souls .

The four bodies then disappeared, along with their greatswords . All that remained were the four Life Geno Essences .

Han Sen picked them all up and checked out his Sea of Soul .

When he leveled up, he had lost a lot of beast souls and geno cores . Being able to replenish his stock again was good .

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Death Armor Swordsman: Transfusion Beast Soul

Han Sen was very happy . It was a humanoid shapeshifting beast soul . It might not have been berserk, but it’d still help him . With that beast soul, he could fight super creatures without even using his geno armor .

“See? I told you . You have Nine-Life Cat’s blood, and so these weren’t a problem . ” Old Cat leaped off the tablet . He looked very proud as he went to examine the cleft in the metal board .

It was now obvious that it wasn’t a metal board; it was hollow on the inside . It was more akin to a rectangular container than anything else . A sparkling light was still beaming out of the cracks . It was like a strange chest .

Old Cat peered keenly into the cracks with both eyes . Strangely, it didn’t seem as if he could see anything .

“Why does the Nine-Life Cat’s blood allow for so many exceptions in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary?” Han Sen asked Old Cat .

Han Sen had heard from Stay Up Late that the sanctuary was the last safe place of refuge for the crystallizers . Other beings were unable to enter, and there shouldn’t have been an exception to bypass that rule .

Nine-Life Cat was a being from outside the sanctuary, so why would his blood allow for so many anomalies?

Old Cat continued looking inside the metal box as he spoke . He said, “Let’s not talk about that Come open this box so we can see what’s inside . There might be something decent”

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If Old Cat did not want to speak, there was nothing Han Sen could do . He walked near the metal container to take a look inside .

It was so bright inside, you couldn’t see anything much .

“I can’t see anything . Let’s open it up,” Old Cat said .

Han Sen nodded . Then, he placed his fingers into one of the cracks and pulled firmly . The metal bent under Han Sen’s hands, and the crack opened another inch . Han Sen let go to take a look .

Old Cat joined him for a look, too . It was still as bright as before, and they were unable to see what was inside .

So, Han Sen tore it further . Cracks spread across the surface of the box, but none provided the visibility that allowed him to look inside .

“Stop it,” Old Cat said . “The item in there is releasing light If you remove the entire box, it’s likely that we’ll only be able to see that light . ”

Han Sen could tell this might have been the case, so he complied and did not continue . He just frowned and said, “What now? Do you know anything about what might be inside?”

“I don’t know . It doesn’t seem dangerous, though, so you can probably go ahead and touch it . And by doing so, find out what it is . ” Old Cat circled the box as he spoke to Han Sen .

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“Why don’t you go touch it?” Han Sen lifted his lip . He didn’t know what was inside, and if there was some monster lurking in there, he could lose his hand if he stuck it inside . That wasn’t something he’d be willing to risk .

“You are stronger . You have geno armor . It won’t be a danger for you . ” Old Cat clearly didn’t want to do it himself .

Han Sen was not stupid, though . And he’d never fully trust Old Cat . But right now, no progress was being made .

Neither of them dared pick it up, and it’d be a shame and a waste to just pack their bags and leave now . They looked at each other, with neither of them saying a word .

After a while, Old Cat coughed and said, “How about, he who takes it owns it?”

“Okay . And because I am a gentleman, I’ll let you go first . ” Han Sen smiled at Old Cat .

Old Cat gritted his teeth and said, “Or let’s just play rock, paper, scissors . That way we can decide who goes first . ”

“Okay . ” Han Sen agreed, but then thought, “I am the king of rock, paper, scissors . You won’t even have your panties left if you play with me . ”

Old Cat was feeling cocky, and he thought, “You are too green to compete with me . When I was the champion of the universe, your mother wasn’t even born yet . You are stupid to play this with me . ”

They both smiled queerly at each other . Han Sen pulled out a coin and threw it up into the sky . Then, he said, “Make your move when the coin hits the ground, okay?”

“Okay . ” Old Cat nodded . Then, he watched the coin fall .


The moment the coin hit the ground, they both made their move .

When the fists showed up, they looked confident . The first time was just a test . The next would be about skills and mind tricks .

Scissors, scissors, paper, rock, paper, rock .

Han Sen and Old Cat were gasping, and they looked at each other with red eyes . They had played this for one hour, and they were both tired . They eventually just looked shocked .

Rock, Paper, Scissors was about using your brain . It was more tiring than combat Neither of them could win, and it just left them exhausted . Both of them sat down next to the metal box, with neither of them being declared a winner .


Suddenly, the metal box produced a crunchy sound . Startled, they both jumped up to take a look at whatever was inside the box .

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