Super Gene - Chapter 1706

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:20:20 PM

Chapter 1706

1706 The Outside World

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Stay Up Late was just a soldier, not a high-ranking officer or important individual in the crystallizer civilization . He only knew the history of the crystallizers from what he learned in the history books .

The history he knew about the crystallizers placed their origins in the sanctuaries .

The crystallizers wished to avoid a war, and so they sought refuge in the sanctuaries . Heaven knew how long it took after that before their civilization developed into what it became .

Many elites wished to leave the sanctuaries and return to the outside . They did succeed in doing this, but they were also destroyed . Something bad happened inside the sanctuaries that resulted in the destruction of their entire civilization . That was what became their recorded history .

Stay Up Late didn’t exactly know what had happened, amidst the downfall and disaster . It affected him, anyway, and put him to sleep inside the geno fluid . He remained there in stasis until Han Sen woke him up .

Stay Up Late only remembered the powers passing over him that made things feel as if the world was ending . He couldn’t resist it and passed out . Nowadays, all that remained of the crystallizers were fragments and remnants . Only ruins had been left behind, following what transpired .

Stay Up Late said the crystallizers were far more advanced than humans, at their peak . They had evolved more than humans, as well . Even elites like him were just soldiers back then . He was in the Special Forces, but that still put him a long way from being the best of the best

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There were four crystallizer elites: the Northern King, Eastern King, Southern King, and Western King . Aside from Eastern King, the others wished to escape the sanctuaries . They wanted to leave and reclaim the lands they had lost .

But the crystallizers had been gone from that world for too long, and they had no clue how scary it had become . Their developments made them too confident, and Han Sen knew the end .

Humans were a tribe of crystallizers, or to put it in a slightly starker way, they were test tube results of beings that had been spliced with crystallizer genes .

Many test subjects were regarded as the lowest of the low in the sanctuaries, so they were given the opportunity to grow . The crystallizers were hoping to produce a greater race that would one day help them reclaim the lands they had lost .

There were many races based on the crystallizers . Some were immediately sent out of the sanctuaries, but none were able to survive longer than a month .

Stay Up Late recalled there was a place they used as a graveyard, where they could also store their geno armors . But after the disaster, most of their civilization was destroyed, and the location of that place was unknown to him now .

Han Sen could guess he was talking about the Hero Spirit Hall .

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“What humans died there? Amidst the fighting?” Han Sen asked .

Stay Up Late went silent for a bit before responding . When he did, he said, “The creatures were given crystallizer genes, but the splicing also included the genes of other beings, too . As a result, they were different . To the best of my knowledge, the humans were incapable of reaching the Alliance before the disaster . Humans did eventually get there, but it was only after our downfall . Once there, you started to breed . ”

“But you only created one creature . How was it able to reproduce?” Han Sen asked .

“So? Your race is called human, but you have other genes within you . Still, your body kept the same height as the crystallizers . The other genes may have come from more crystallizers belonging to a different tribe,” Stay Up Late said .

Han Sen asked Stay Up Late a number of other questions . Han Sen was worried, as the last time the crystallizers opened the sanctuary, it remained open . If someone generated a geno armor, they’d be sent out of the sanctuary .

It was impossible to close the sanctuaries now, and in regards to how that might be done, only the four kings had known .

But even if Han Sen and Stay Up Late did know how to close the sanctuaries, they probably wouldn’t have been able to do it by themselves .

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“What is the outside world like?” Han Sen was curious to learn about this .

Stay Up Late gave a wry smile and said, “I don’t know . Like I said, I was merely a soldier . Even the high-class crystallizers didn’t know much about the outside world, though . If they had, they wouldn’t have made the mistakes they did, which resulted in the near obliteration of our race . They hid in the sanctuaries for too long, not learning about the outside world . ”

Han Sen thought this might be the case . After they were done talking, he decided to go and see Han Yufei . He explained the situation to him and told him not to generate his self geno armor . Too many elites were known to have died out there, so it was too risky for him to do it, as well . Still, Han Sen needed to practice, and he didn’t dare slow down . He went as fast as he could .

Even though the sanctuaries were open now, Stay Up Late said the creatures from the outside could not get in . But if that was true, that made Han Sen wonder how the crystallizers ended up getting destroyed .

So, Han Sen did not feel too safe being inside the sanctuary . He kept on practicing . If something happened, having a great deal of power amassed would be the best thing .

And Han Sen did not believe that the creatures from the outside could not get in . If they couldn’t, then how had the Nine-Life Cat entered and gained so much authority?

The officer did not show up again . Aside from constant practice by himself, Han Sen also spent some time practicing with Stay Up Late and crystallizer technology . He also spent time learning about Heart Eye . He spent a whole month on that subject alone .

If he had to go up against the officer again, there wouldn’t be much of a risk . He’d be able to use Heart Eye .

But the officer did not show up . Han Sen wasn’t sure whether that was because the officer knew he was too weak to go up against him, or whether he had gone back to concocting a new scheme that would take some time .

As Han Sen rested, he took time to investigate the Western King Sword . It was a crystallizer’s geno armor, like the glove and crystal shoes . Han Sen asked Stay Up Late what the difference between this geno armor and the others were .

Stay Up Late did not know, though . He said every crystallizer could generate geno armor, but only the four kings could generate these special geno armors .

The crystallizer glove and crystallizer shoes had wills of their own, but the Western King Sword seemed entirely inanimate . Han Sen could not sense that it had a will, and neither could he sense any special power it may have possessed .

After Han Sen and Stay Up Late examined it, they thought the officer must have used a special method to combine the sword with himself . The sword had probably become lifeless because it was away from the officer .

Han Sen had nothing to do right now, so he used the Blood-Pulse Sutra and dropped a smidgen of blood on the Western King Sword .

The Real Blood geno core had become a part of who he was . It was in his blood, and Han Sen’s blood could therefore be called Real Blood . It was no weaker than the actual Real Blood geno core . And as Han Sen grew and became stronger, it would develop too .