Super Gene - Chapter 1707

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:20:11 PM

Chapter 1707: 1707

1707 Meeting Old Cat Again

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Han Sen put a drop of his blood on the Western King Sword . The blood didn’t spread and blend into the metal, however, and it just remained a droplet upon the surface .

“I can’t believe this isn’t working!” Han Sen cut his wrist and bled some more of his Real Blood over the sword, and went at it until it was entirely painted red .

Even after rubbing it in, it didn’t work . Han Sen put the Western King Sword aside, hoping the Real Blood would do something in time .

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If there was a will there was a way, and Han Sen wasn’t keen on giving up just yet . That was one of the four crystal king armors, and he didn’t think there’d be a fifth in existence .

According to Stay Up Late, whether someone was qualified was determined by the geno armor they generated . But the difference between the average geno armor and the special geno armors was something Stay Up Late couldn’t accurately define . Fitness was not an accurate measurement, and it wasn’t that you simply reached a certain fitness and were then able to generate a special armor .

Eastern King, of the four kings, had a fitness that was not all that excellent during his earlier years . He was like an average crystallizer, and yet, he went on to generate one of those special geno armors .

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So, the crystallizer observer’s task was to watch their creatures grow and learn how they might go on to generate the special geno armors . But before they could find another special one like those, the race was destroyed and brought to ruin . Even the crystallizers did not know if a qualified one currently existed .

Han Sen went to practice The Story of Genes . He progressed quickly, and it was like he was learning new skills every single day . And through that, his fitness was rising . Even so, it would still take a long time for him to recover the demi-god strength he had lost .

Entering the sanctuary again, Han Sen appeared right where he should have been . Xie Qing King was still there, too .

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Although the Nine-Life Cat had told him his blood would not restrict him from entering any sanctuary, he didn’t really know how to get to any of the others, as of yet . For the time being, he was stuck in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary .

Han Sen was worried about the officer appearing, though, so he wouldn’t stay there for long . He had a chat with Xie Qing King, and the spirit asked Han Sen to take his latest issue of the comic . He wanted it uploaded .

Han Sen’s life had been quiet for a while now . After the last fight, the officer and God’s Organization seemed to have been dealt with . He didn’t hear anything about their movements anymore, and there was no news regarding potential operations .

Han Sen was a legend in the Alliance, but it was fortunate he was not one to revel in the limelight and fame of such stature .