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Super Gene - Chapter 172

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:22:15 PM

Chapter 172

Han Sen was Ji Yanran’s boyfriend, and My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran was really Ji Yanran’s boyfriend . This news made many feel incredible and relieved at the same time .

After all, unless it was Ji Yanran’s boyfriend, who would be so shameless to use that ID?

But the news was still earthshaking in Blackhawk, whose campus belle finally had a boyfriend, Han Sen .

Ji Yanran was the campus belle, but Han Sen was even more famous--the genius who had the Starry Cup in his pocket, beat the Chosen in black and white boxing and killed it at Hand of God .

Many people only felt a bit surprised when hearing the news, and soon thought that it was rather natural .

Even the photos of Han Sen and Ji Yanran together looked sweet and natural .

When the two stood together, people noticed that although Han Sen was not as good-looking, he had a man's determination . What was more incredible was his skin was even better than his girlfriend’s, making many girls jealous .

Any picture with Ji Yanran and Han Sen in it was beautiful . They looked perfect together like a sword belonged to its knight . If they were with anyone else, it would not be the same .

"Wait, have we met recently?" The more she looked at Han Sen, the more familiar Qu Lili felt . Suddenly, Qu Lili thought of something incredible and her eyeballs almost fell out . She pointed at Han Sen . "You . . . you . . . dormitory . . . "

Before Qu could finish that sentence, Ji Yanran blushed and dragged her back to the dorm .

"Sweetie, I did not see that you have such potentials . Tell me, when did you have this guy under your skirt? I can’t believe you pretended not knowing him and said you had no idea who your boyfriend was," said Qu Lili with a faint smile, glancing at Ji Yanran who had her face covered up in a blanket .

Ji Yanran said with a look of pretended annoyance, "It’s not like that . I really did not know it was him . "

"Ha! If you did not know it was him, why did you make out with him in public?" Qu Lili twitched her mouth and showed no confidence in her statement .

Ji Yanran sat on her bed and took the blanket off her face . "Well, I will confess now . I really did not know before . . . "

Ji Yanran explained the story from the moment when she met Han Sen on the spaceship .

"Sweetie, you had your eyes on him then, right?" Qu Lili asked after listening, squinting .

"What? I’m nothing like you . . . " Ji Yanran was speechless .

At this time, Ji’s comlink rang and it was Han Sen .

"Aha! It must be Han Sen . So romantic, a phone call right after you parted . . . " Qu Lili said, grinning .

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Ji Yanran was so shy that she had an urge to hang up, but eventually ran to the washroom and picked up .

After a while, Ji Yanran came out and said, "He said that we barely ate anything before we left, and wanted to invite us eat something in a private room at the cafeteria . You want to go?"

"Who is he?" Qu Lili gave an ambiguous smile .

"Are you going or not?" Ji Yanran pouted prettily in embarrassment .

"Of course, I will ask him to spare me one of his friends . " Qu Lili twirled away to get dressed .

When Ji Yanran and Qu Lili entered the private room, they saw Han Sen and Zhang Yang sitting there chatting .

Seeing Ji Yanran and Qu Lili come in, Han Sen quickly pulled a chair next to him and asked Ji Yanran to sit there . Zhang Yang did the same for Qu Lili .

"Han Sen, you hid the secret well and had Yanran to yourself so quietly," commented Qu Lili with a faint smile .

"I have not had the opportunity yet," replied Han Sen with a smile .

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Ji Yan turned red and ground her foot into Han Sen’s, making him yelp .

Qu laughed herself senseless and said, "Han Sen, let me reintroduce myself . My name is Qu Lili, Yanran’s best friend . "

"Han Sen, Yanran’s only boyfriend . And this is my classmate and roommate Zhang Yang . " Han Sen touched Zhang Yang and said, "You can introduce yourself . "

Zhang Yang puffed out his chest and said, "Zhang Yang, student at Archery Department, Han Sen’s roommate, and the greatest commander the Alliance will ever see . "

"Well, there is an ambition . I admire that . To us!" Qu Lili raised her glass of wine .

The four were all cheerful and young, so it took no time for them to get acquainted .

"Han Sen, if you and Yanran are a couple, how could you join the Heavy Warframe Society instead of Hand of God Society?" Qu Lili asked .

"Hand of God is not challenging enough, and I was not good at warframes so I wanted to learn . " Han Sen told the truth .

"I would only take this answer from you . " Qu Lili heard Han Sen's answer and suddenly laughed .

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When Han Sen was about to say something, his comlink rang . Han Sen checked the number and excused himself to answer the call .

"So mysterious . Is it a girl?" After Han Sen finished, Qu Lili asked directly .

Ji Yanran also wanted to ask, but was too shy to do that . Hearing Qu Lili’s question, she stared at Han Sen .

"No, a friend is looking for me, and I'll go to meet him later," Han Sen said .

"Such a fussy friend . Just ask him to join us," Qu Lili said .

Han Sen paused, and Qu Lili continued, "Han Sen, are you afraid we are going to see your friend?"

Han Sen suddenly laughed . "Sister, if you do not mind, we can ask him to come over . "

"Do it! I can handle ten friends of yours . " Qu Lili was cheerful and carefree .

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