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Super Gene - Chapter 1724

Published at 17th of September 2019 05:25:07 AM

Chapter 1724: 1724

Chapter 1724 Signing a New Contrac

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In Black Gold Group’s base, Hardman, Lena, Guris, Mister Tiger, and Allan were all watching a video .

The video was of Han Sen’s encounter with the xenogeneic, and his subsequent flight to the building . The video was not taken from one angle . There was a multitude of different views, so it was a little messy .

Even so, it highly impressed those who were now watching it . Han Sen’s speed and power were average for a geno armor soldier, but the fact that he lasted so long without sustaining an injury was nothing sort of a miracle .

“What do you guys think?” After watching the video, Hardman looked at Guris, Mister Tiger, and Allan .

Mister Tiger and Allan were Barons . Guris was not a Noble, but he was still very talented . All of them were qualified enough to speak on behalf of the entire hunting corp .

“Interesting man . The power and speed shown are normal, and so were the skills used . Theoretically, any soldier might manage to do what he was capable of . The fact that he was able to dodge the xenogeneic again and again made him look as if he was invincible, though . I don’t think it was luck, either . He must have something that makes him far better than the rest and enables him to do what he did,” Allan said .

“You’re saying this lucky-dodging method is actually a skill?” Hardman asked, after thinking for a long time .

Mister Tiger considered that and said, “Perhaps it is not a skill, but it could be his instinct . All creatures have instincts, and they can vary from creature to creature . Maybe that was an instinct belonging to his race . ”

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Hardman nodded and asked Guris, “What do you think?”

“I think he is most certainly different,” Guris answered .

“Be more specific,” Hardman said .

Guris quieted a bit, and answered, “He gave me the impression that he was not new to this . It’s like he has been through a lot, and he is a fighter who has endured many life-and-death scenarios . ”

“He has only just generated his geno armor, so how much experience could he possibly have? You overestimate him,” Lena said .

“This is just my opinion, of course . I could always be wrong,” Guris said coldly .

“Manager Hardman, if we can, I’d like to keep this guy,” Allan suddenly said .

“Why?” Hardman looked at Allan with a shocked expression . Allan was not prone to sudden outbursts .

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“He’s an interesting guy, and he may prove useful if we keep him around,” Allan said .

“I’ll consider it . ” Hardman nodded .

The day’s fight ended with Mister Tiger killing his xenogeneic . Han Sen said the xenogeneic chased him into the building and then ran off . Where it had gone to, he did not know .

Guris and Mister Tiger commanded the entire platoon to scour the rest of the valley for it, but when they were unable to find the other xenogeneic, they returned to base .

SuoTu and Long thanked Han Sen . Han Sen quickly became rather famous after that day, and people viewed him differently .

Han Sen didn’t think anything of what he had just been through . He had endured far worse in the past, so it mattered little .

Han Sen spent a lot of time on the internet after that, but he couldn’t find much information about xenogeneic genes . Ordinary people did not know anything about them . They were collected by Noble and higher-class sorts . Commoners didn’t have much information on the subject .

And Han Sen was not able to learn anything about the Nine-Life Cat, either . He could only find out that Nine-Life Cat was also called “cruel beast . ” But the information surrounding cruel beast was very vague, and he learned nothing concrete about Nine-Life Cat

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Han Sen planned on getting rid of the ten claws, but before he was ready, someone called him into the manager’s office .

Han Sen went to Hardman’s office—something he was getting used to now .

Hardman smiled when he looked up . “Han Sen, there was a misunderstanding . Please don’t worry about what happened after you generated your armor . If there is anything you would like, please, do not hesitate to ask . I will satisfy all your desires . ”

“It’s fine, Manager Hard . Just tell me what it is that you want,” Han Sen said coldly .

Hardman nodded and smiled . “Straight to the point; this is a contract the group is willing to give you . If it’s okay with you, you can sign it and become a proper member of Black Gold Hunting Group . ”

Han Sen looked over the contract, and he found that its terms were great . He would earn far more money than any of the ordinary soldiers .

“Manager Hard, according to our current contract, I can’t dissolve the contract for an entire year . But I remember the contract saying I should be treated like a Noble . ” Han Sen put down the contract as he spoke to Hardman .

Hardman laughed and said, “Brother Han, you are excellent . I want to give you a better contract, but you didn’t become a Noble . That’s the fact of the matter . If I gave you the same treatment as the Nobles, they are bound to say something . You must understand this . ”

“If things are like that, then I can reject signing a new contract, right?” Han Sen calmly said .

Hardman’s face changed, returning to normal . He smiled and said, “Brother Han, I only ask that you think about it This contract is very good . Ordinary soldiers will never receive a contract such as this in their entire lifetime . ”

“Okay, but I’m not an ordinary soldier . Give me a Noble contract, or I’m leaving . The decision is yours to make,” Han Sen said .

Hardman saw that Han Sen had made up his mind . There was no room for further negotiations, so he said, “Fine . We will use the standard Noble contract with you . But I have done so much for you already . Once I give this contract to someone without a geno armament, the chairman will begin putting great pressure on me . So, how about a ten-year contract . ”

Han Sen was surprised . He didn’t think Hardman had the pull to give him a Noble contract .

“Ten years is far too long . ” Han Sen shook his head . The last contract he signed would only last for a year .

“Eight years, then . I must suffer so much pressure,” Hardman said .

Han Sen went silent, and then said, “Two years at the most . ”

“Okay . ” Hardman had the legal department write up the contract . A two-year agreement for Han Sen to be treated like a Noble, just like Mister Tiger .

But when Han Sen left, Hardman dialed a certain number and said, “Qiao, I have a two-year contract . We can trade now . ”

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