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Super Gene - Chapter 1759

Published at 5th of October 2019 06:45:08 AM

Chapter 1759: 1759

1759 Super Body Evolution

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The Archangel Bone Arrow’s power had drilled into Han Sen, pinning him in place . He could not move, nor even make his body levitate .

As he was being suppressed by this power, Han Sen activated a talent he had . His cells came alive, unleashing an unimaginable force . Every cell was lit up by a holy light, covering Han Sen in fire . It was like he was being reborn .

Han Sen felt a familiar power course through his body, as a sense of control started to return .

After he left the sanctuary, he had been unable to make use of his super king spirit body . His super king spirit mode had now been triggered by the Archangel Bone Arrow, though .

The moment he entered super king spirit mode, the bone arrow’s effects disappeared . In the geno universe, super king spirit’s indestructibility was still there in full-force . It was not gone because of the bone arrow .

The Archangel Bone Arrow did not work against Han Sen’s super king spirit mode, but the bone arrow’s strength was still there . It was like a sword inside Han Sen’s body, trying to crack all his bones .

With Han Sen’s physical strength, he could not withstand the bone arrow .

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Xina could only use ten to twenty percent of the bone arrow’s power . Perhaps not even that much . But the king class xenogeneic material was something no Baron body could block .

Han Sen grabbed the bone arrow from the front and tried to lift it out of his chest . It felt as if it was stuck inside his own bones, though . He almost ended up breaking his own bones as he pulled at the arrow .

Xina looked at Han Sen, blazing with fire, and she laughed callously . “Your powers are strong, stronger than I realized . You are a rare sort . But before the bone arrow, even Barons are injured . I could not use all the arrow’s strength, but even so, a Baron like you will die . And the more you struggle, the more power you draw from the arrow . The more pain you will incur . ”

Han Sen just ignored her . His holy light beamed brighter, incinerating the things around him . He was like a rod of red-hot steel, going transparent .

Xina frowned . Her wings became gold, webbed with a bony skeleton . She herself was growing stronger .

Xina was a xenogeneic, too . And she was a Viscount, to top it off . After transforming, her power was like a tide .

“Since you are dying, anyway, the least I can do is make it pass quickly . ” Xina raised her arms and pointed them at Han Sen . Her fingertips were illuminated by a golden light . The point of light was very thin and sharp, like a diamond needle .

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Looking at the light, it felt like space itself could be shredded .


The cold light was like a laser . It fired towards Han Sen’s forehead .

When the light was about to shoot through Han Sen’s head, he let out a roar . The holy light was like a wildly fanned fire . It was like a volcano, and Han Sen’s flesh was being refined . It was rising alongside the holy light .

Han Sen’s body burned like glass, making him glow and become half-transparent .

Xina’s golden light pierced through Han Sen’s forehead . It then came out through the other side of his head . It touched down on a lotus petal and broke through it .

Xina did not immediately relax after seeing that happen, though . She looked grim, instead . She could only stare at Han Sen .

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A Viscount xenogeneic’s strike had pierced through Han Sen’s head, but it had not dealt him any damage . The half- transparent body was like a lake . The attack’s trajectory may have led through Han Sen’s head, but it left no mark of damage .

The Archangel Bone Arrow in Han Sen’s chest lost its grip . The power disappeared from it, and it started to slide out of him .

Han Sen grabbed the bone arrow and pulled it out . Then, the bone arrow was in Han Sen’s hand . It had been touched by a holy light and it was glowing again . It was stronger than when it had been used to kill Ghost Eye and shoot through Han Sen’s chest .

Xina was shocked, and she could not believe what she was seeing . The bone arrow was activated, and the power was stronger than what she possessed .

Xina’s mouth hung open . That bone belonged to the Feathers, and without Feather blood, you should have been hurt by merely touching the item .

Han Sen was an outsider, and yet he had managed to successfully activate the bone arrow’s power . And the power was more than she was able to use, on top of that .

The bone arrow’s powers were still rising, and the energy of the holy light was making the entire environment tremble .

Xina’s face changed, and she tried to fly away . She flew a few hundred meters, heading for the exit .

Xina knew just how frightening the bone arrow could be, but for some reason, it had been activated by Han Sen . It wasn’t just ten percent, either . So, if the bone arrow hit her, there’d be nothing she could do to block . She wanted to leave the thing’s effective range .

Seeing Xina flying away, Han Sen wasn’t keen on giving chase . Soon, she was only a black dot far above .

“Super king spirit mode evolution complete”

An announcement played inside Han Sen’s head . He looked down and observed his body as if he were a god . He then summoned the gold feather bow in his hands .

He nocked the bone arrow on the string, aimed up, and pulled the string back . When it was pulled as far as it could go, Han Sen’s eyes froze, and his fingers released the string . A holy light flashed through the sky, breaking the darkness that had claimed it .

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