Super Gene - Chapter 1781

Published at 12th of October 2019 05:50:16 AM

Chapter 1781

1781 Meeting Old Cat Again

Stay Up Late shook his head and bowed before the beast, apologizing . “I appreciate the offer, but no thank you . ”

The beast, hearing Stay Up Late reject the offer, stopped talking . He moved his body and flew up into space . He disappeared into the cosmos .

Stay Up Late and Han Sen continued their travel, meeting many more powerful creatures as they went . They all wanted to buy the feathers or at least have the pair join their tribes . Each and every single offer was rejected by the duo, however .

Han Sen felt depressed . All the elites sought to buy the white feather he possessed, but none invited him into their tribe . It seemed all such offers were exclusively reserved for Stay Up Late .

As they walked, they met five different race elites . After that, no more interrupted their journey .

It was not as if no one else was interested in the white feathers; it was just that those five represented the biggest factions and had drummed up the biggest offerings . There was no point in any other races making an offer, as whatever they could muster would not be enough to rival the big five .

The rain still hadn’t stopped . After walking half a day, they found an abandoned house they could seek refuge and shelter in .

But as soon as they entered, Han Sen’s eyes opened wide . A beast that was red, that looked like both a fox and a cat, was lying across a crummy table . It was staring right at the two as they entered .

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“Great! It’s you, Old Cat, you *sshole . How dare you show yourself to me again! I’m going to skin you alive . ” Han Sen was immediately enraged, and he threw a punch towards Old Cat’s face . As the fist traveled, he yelled, “Where’s Littleflower!”

Old Cat teleported to the rafters in the ceiling, smiled, and said, “Littleflower is being looked after very well . Do not worry . ”

“Don’t worry my *ss! Bring me Littleflower . ” Han Sen jumped up and tried chasing after Old Cat .

Old Cat was too quick, though, and he disappeared once again . When he appeared, he leaped atop the table again . Slowly, he went on to say, “I took him away for his own benefit . It’s good for him . You can’t even look after yourself, so how do you think you could take care of Littleflower? How can you expect him to grow naturally?”

“That is my family’s business! Not yours!” Han Sen kept on chasing after Old Cat as he spoke .

Old Cat’s body kept flashing, as Han Sen’s fist kept failing to touch him .

“Haha! I felt sorry to see someone so special and great have their potential buried . Now, he is living well . Perhaps it’ll only take another eight years before he becomes a king . There’s every chance he could become a god . He could become a deity like Kong Fei did . You are a father; you should support what’s best for him! You shouldn’t limit his potential and hold him back . ” Old Cat was obviously trying to convince Han Sen .

“I will take care of my own son . You better give him back, or I’ll skin you alive right here!” Han Sen angrily said .

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“Littleflower cannot come back just yet . But I can show you this . ” Old Cat threw an item at Han Sen .

Han Sen had a look, and noticed it was a communicator . There was a video feed already linked, and on it, he could see Littleflower .

“Auntie Mei, I really can’t eat anymore . Can you help me eat this fruit?” Han Sen put off his idea of killing Old Cat and held the communicator close . He stared at Littleflower intently .

That was mainly because he knew his abilities were actually worse than Old Cat’s . Killing the cat would be impossible with his current strength . Thus, the continued chase was pointless .

The video was obviously a series of snippets, with many sequences that had been trimmed and stuffed together to give Han Sen a picture of what day-to-day life was like for his son . Littleflower was definitely eating a lot each day, and a beautiful woman and three monsters took their time to train with the boy diligently .

Han Sen could tell they were teaching Littleflower some skills, and that Littleflower was improving quickly . Each day, his abilities grew .

“How does that look? If you kept Littleflower close to you, he wouldn’t benefit from any of this . He wouldn’t get the training and strength he needs . You should be thanking me . ” Old Cat spoke with a cocky tone .

“To hell with thanking you! I am warning you, right now! Give me Littleflower; otherwise, I’m not done with you . ” Han Sen, still looking at the video, threw a punch towards Old Cat .

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Han Sen really hated what Old Cat had done, and he could only catch a glimpse of his son through the video . He wanted his son next to him, and nowhere else .

“Why can’t you just be nice?” Old Cat looked depressed .

“Could you stop swinging for a minute! I have come here to discuss serious business . ” Old Cat kept dodging as he said, “Littleflower wants to learn sword skills . He needs a shortsword, and that feather can craft one that is perfect for him . ”

“F*ck you . ” Han Sen didn’t wait until Old Cat finished talking before trying to punch him again .

Han Sen knew the *ssholes wouldn’t just give him the video out of kindness . All Old Cat wanted was Kong Fei’s feather . Stay Up Late said, “Old Cat, if you take me to see Littleflower, I will give you the feather . ”

When he said that, Old Cat and Han Sen were both shocked .

The five elites had offered so many deals, and yet Stay Up Late hadn’t spared a second thought of accepting any . Now, to see Littleflower, he was willing to give up the priceless feather . It was an extremely touching moment .

Old Cat shouted, “See? This is what you call a real man . And who are you? A father, supposedly . ”

After that, Old Cat walked up to Stay Up Late and smiled . “It’s not that I do not wish to take you, but ordinary people… When they go there, they cannot survive . I wouldn’t have brought Littleflower if I didn’t know he was special . So, how about you just give me the feather, and I will pass it along to Littleflower?”

“Unless I get to properly see Littleflower, I won’t spare it another thought,” Stay Up Late said calmly .

Old Cat felt depressed . “How do I make you guys believe what I’m doing is for the good of Littleflower? If anyone could go,

I’d have taken you both there already . ”

“I can’t see Littleflower, so nothing changes . ” Han Sen stopped . He stopped chasing Old Cat because he was unable to catch him .

Old Cat sighed and said, “It’s fine if you choose not to give me the feathers . I’ll find another way, but I’ll tell you right now that you are both so weak . Carrying those feathers is like carrying ticking time bombs . If you don’t give them to me, I suggest you get rid of them . ”

“I don’t believe anyone will come and steal them . ” Han Sen lifted his lips .

“They are afraid of Kong Fei, so of course they haven’t tried to steal the feathers yet . But some creatures will be more reckless than the beings you have encountered so far,” Old Cat said . He looked up at Stay Up Late and said, “I say Beast Area is a great choice . You’d be fine there, and you can keep the deified feather . And, you can find a home with that faction . ”

“And about you…” Old Cat stared at Han Sen with a look of remorse .