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Super Gene - Chapter 1816

Published at 29th of October 2019 05:10:09 AM

Chapter 1816: 1816

1816 Calculating Destiny

“What bet?” Yisha asked expressionlessly .

“I will pick someone whose life is comparable to an ant, and if you can make him challenge his fate by gaining independence from you and becoming a duke, then I lose . I will find the person that you want me to find . How does that sound?” the man said seriously .

“What if I accomplish the task and you fail to find the man that I want?” Yisha said with confidence .

“If I cannot deliver this man to you directly, then my head is yours to remove . If you want it, you can just tell me . You don’t have to get your hands dirty if you don’t want to . ” The man looked serious, and it didn’t look as if he was joking .

“Okay . Who said an ant’s fate is fixed? Even if he is just a dumb guy with geno armor, I’ll make him a Duke in three years,” Yisha agreed .

She really hated Dollar . She wanted to kill him, but she had been unable to find him, so using this fortune-teller might be her best option . Raising a Duke was not difficult . She did not think it would be a trying task, and she didn’t believe in fate .

“Not many people are truly talented . Most of them are ants by default . So, just go ahead and pick anyone . ” The man randomly pointed . “What about him? If you don’t think he is suitable, pick another . They are all ants . ”

“No, it’s fine . I’ll choose him then . Just in case you would later find fault with my selection . ” Yisha looked at the person the man pointed at as she spoke coldly .

“I am quite famous and known by many races . There is no chance of escaping this bet You, however, are trying to challenge your own fate . I must warn you to be careful . ” The man smiled .

“In three years, I will come looking for you . If you are unable to find him, don’t blame me for what happens . ” Yisha walked up to the person that had been pointed out to her .

The person on the street had no clue what was going on . But he was suddenly pulled in by a weird power, and then he disappeared completely .

Yisha took the man and left . Her power vanished with her, and when the fortune-teller appeared again, the Kate behind him almost walked into him .

When he saw Yisha disappear, he smiled strangely . He continued walking, carrying his small banner . If Han Sen had seen the banner, he would have understood the words . They read, Calculating Destiny in the human language .

The man disappeared into the crowds . He did not look strange . He was a drop of water in the midst of the throng of people . ***

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Han Sen walked down a street filled with people, thinking about how he might get to Seven Mirrors .

Planet Kate had almost fallen completely, and when it did, the Taurus would rule it Han Sen couldn’t live there much longer, and he knew he would have to leave soon . But he couldn’t get on the ship as there were already too many people trying to get off the planet . If he showed he was a Noble, he could probably board a ship immediately, without the need to queue .

But Han Sen wouldn’t do that . If he did, Yisha might find him . And if she did, that would be bad . After leaving Demon Grave, Han Sen knew he didn’t stand a chance against a deified elite . They could kill him with the greatest of ease .

Walking down the street, Han Sen was thinking about how he might get to Seven Mirrors so he could find Qiao and Lan Se . As he walked, he suddenly felt cold, like a shadow had fallen over him . He was wrapped up by a strange power and lifted off the ground .

Han Sen was shocked and unsure of what was going on . He had no clue why he had been suddenly trapped .

Han Sen was trying to think about who he might have made angry this time . “Yisha? Hawk Wing? Mister Ji? The Taurus? Some surviving Feathers?” Han Sen had offended a lot of people by this point, but none of them should have known he was Dollar .

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“Did someone find out I am Dollar? I cannot be that unlucky . ” Han Sen felt depressed, and he kept thinking, “I cannot fight back against power like this . They must be a Duke . I wonder if I’ll be given an opportunity to speak . If I am killed before I can speak, that would suck . I at least need the time to teleport away . ”

Han Sen was wrapped up by this power . He was snared and unable to move . He couldn’t even use his skills, so he was just hoping the person who had done this did not hate him too much . He hoped he still had a chance of surviving .

Han Sen might end up getting beaten and tortured before they locked him up . But if that happened, at least he’d be able to return to the sanctuary .

As Han Sen was worrying about this, he saw some light . He fell to the ground, which sent pain shooting up through his butt .

That was the least of his concerns right now, though . When he looked around, he noticed he was on an aircraft . He was inside a control room, and the black of space was visible through the windows .

The ship looked fairly advanced . It did not look like some cheap thing you’d find on Planet Kate . And there was another person in the control room . They had bunny ears, and they were operating the ship .

“Rebate! There’s no way I’m this unlucky!” Han Sen’s heart jumped .

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Han Sen looked up and saw a throne perched at the highest point of the deck .

On that chair, the first thing Han Sen saw were long legs . They were crossed over each other, and whoever sat like that had to be someone who was very proud and arrogant .

Han Sen looked up a little higher, and that was when he saw the white uniform filled with big boobs . Her arms were crossed, and her face was stone cold . Atop this person’s head were white bunny ears .

“Oh no! It’s Yisha!” Han Sen moaned . In front of the Knife Queen, he could not teleport away .

Han Sen did not know how she had managed to find him . And he didn’t think he had left any trace to follow . But that did not matter right now, as he knew he would soon be dead .

Now, he was just hoping that Yisha would not kill him right away, so he’d have the chance to escape .

“It does not matter who you are, but from this point forth, you will be my student In three years, I will see to it that you’re a Duke . ” Yisha looked down at Han Sen like the queen she was .

Han Sen looked at her and opened his mouth . He believed himself to be dreaming .

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