Super Gene - Chapter 1906

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Chapter 1906: 1906

Chapter 1906 Hopeless 

“This is the life a woman should have . I’ve wasted my life; I should have gotten rich instead . ” Lu Xiaomei was as pretty as the next snobbish woman . She was reveling in the high-tier service, and she was almost in tears .

Bao’er called for a high-class massage, food, and drinks she had never tried before . She showed Lu Xiaomei what it felt like to be royalty .

This little witch can actually be quite cute . It is only just a kid, after all . Perhaps the creature is innocent, at times,” Lu Xiaomei thought . She observed Bao’er as she sipped on a drink .

“Miss Lu, are you enjoying this service?” Bao’er was holding onto a bottle of juice as she sipped it with a straw .

“Yes, I love it! This place is great . Your family has very good taste . ” Lu Xiaomei had another sip of wine and felt so good .

“I am glad you like it . You can come whenever you like . ” Bao’er smiled .

“Really?” Lu Xiaomei’s eyes looked bright .

“Of course . I have already prepared a VIP card for you . ” Bao’er clicked her fingers .

Quickly, a waitress rushed over with a plate . She walked in front of Lu Xiaomei and put down the dish . Politely, she told her, “Miss Lu, this is your very own VIP card . ”

Lu Xiaomei accepted the card, then saw a bill . The waitress said, “And yes, this your bill for the day’s services . ”

“A bill?” Lu Xiaomei’s face stiffened . When she looked at the bill, she almost fainted . She couldn’t even pronounce the sum, but with all the numbers, she knew it was more than exorbitant .

The muscles in Lu Xiaomei’s face twitched . She looked to be in a far worse state than someone crying their eyes out . “Bao’er, you gave me all this! Wasn’t this all a treat on you?”

Bao’er’s eyes opened wide, and she said with shock, “I am just a kid! I don’t have any money . I asked if this was what you wanted, and you said yes . You had me order all this . ”

“D*mn! This little thing must be doing all of this on purpose!” Lu Xiaomei almost coughed up blood . Bao’er’s cute face had turned into a demon mask .

“I don’t care! I didn’t order all this . I am not paying . ” Lu Xiaomei jumped up .

“What are you saying? You’re not paying?” Bao’er looked at Lu Xiaomei with shock .

Lu Xiaomei wished to say there was nothing Bao’er could do but pay it herself, when all of a sudden, two eight-foot-tall women stepped into the room . They stood in front of her .

Lu Xiaomei looked at their beefy arms and hastily took back her words . She replaced them by saying, “I don’t have enough money to afford this . ”

“That’s okay . You are my teacher . So, why don’t you sign this paper, and then we can make this bill all go away . ” Bao’er smiled and pulled a contract out of her little bag . She put it in front of her teacher, as if this was all going according to a scheme she had already planned out .

“D*mn! She prepared for this . ” Lu Xiaomei was grinding her teeth as she looked down at the contract .

It was a contract that required her to relinquish her very self . There were more than one hundred unfair terms on the contract, and if she signed it, she would be wholly owned by Bao’er .

“I am not signing this, even if you kill me!” Lu Xiaomei said through gritted teeth .

Bao’er smiled . “Miss Lu, what are you talking about? I have a decent club, and I won’t hit you . But the stuff you have just enjoyed, the gambling you’ve done, even the look on your face when shopping… It has all been recorded . You like the teacher Mister Luo, don’t you? He’s handsome and rich, yes? He is even chasing you, you know . I’m thinking I should show him all the footage, and present him with your unpaid bill . The elegant image you have been clinging onto for so long will be gone with the wind . Think about that for a moment, and then reconsider whether or not you wish to sign this . ”

“Hellspawn! You are hellspawn! The stuff you have is so expensive . A cup of wine costs thirty thousand! This is a scam!”

“The luxuries you have been enjoying were all imported from other planets . They are the best of the best, and some of them were even shura delicacies . Of course they are not cheap . If you’d like, you can check the prices on Skynet . If you happen to find that our prices are too high, we will certainly price-match . ” Bao’er smiled .

Lu Xiaomei struggled a bit . She signed the contract because of the handsome Mister Luo . Then she started to cry . Bao’er patted her on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry . Work for me for fifty years, and you’ll have paid off your debt . The contract will also be erased at that point . ”

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It would have been better if Bao’er hadn’t said anything . Now the woman really wanted to cry .

Lu Xiaomei began walking out of the club . Fortunately, Bao’er had already arranged for an aircraft to come and pick her up . If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have had the money to get home . Everything she had belonged to Bao’er now .

“You’ve gone off course . You should go to the Eastern Lake,” Lu Xiaomei said .

“I’m sorry, who’s driving this aircraft again?” the driver asked snarkily, looking at her through his sunglasses .

Lu Xiaomei was furious . “Yeah, you are just the driver! Let me out so I can walk home . ”

“Sure . ” The driver stopped the aircraft and landed .

Lu Xiaomei got off the aircraft and kicked the door closed . She said, “You are all bad people! This karma will come back to bite you one day . ”

She turned and left . She eventually saw a familiar form walking nearby . It was her Prince Charming . It was Mister Luo .

“After having bad luck for so long, finally, something good! My Prince Charming, here I come!” Lu Xiaomei walked towards Luo Yushu .

But just as she was about to greet him, she saw the woman with him . The woman was dressed sexily and holding his arm . She leaned close to him .

“Luo Yushu, who is this woman?” Lu Xiaomei was so angry that she didn’t even care about maintaining her image . She grabbed his arm and pointed at the woman .

Luo Yushu was shocked . The woman then said, “Luo Yushu, who is this woman?”

Luo Yushu’s face changed, and he pushed Lu Xiaomei away . He explained to the woman, “Honey, listen to me . She works in the kindergarten with me . She keeps hounding me for my love, despite me constantly pushing her away . She has never stopped, and even now, she follows me around . ”

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“Luo Yushu, what are you saying?” Lu Xiaomei was so angry . He was the one who kept chasing her, and she couldn’t believe what he was now saying .

The woman looked at Lu Xiaomei, rolled her eyes, and said, “You are just a teacher! And yet, you want to steal a man away from someone like me? Are you crazy? I can give this man pocket money, the likes of which you will never earn in your lifetime . Maybe when I grow tired of him, you’ll get your chance . ”

After that, the woman walked forward and pushed Lu Xiaomei back . She kept herself from falling, but she still dropped everything she was holding in her hands .

“Apologize to me, and then pick everything up . ” Lu Xiaomei was so angry, she wanted to throttle the woman .

“Are you crazy? Get lost! I told you I am not interested in you . ” Luo Yushu looked annoyed, and he also pushed her . He did not want her to hurt the woman he was currently with .

When Luo Yushu pushed her, Lu Xiaomei fell back with nothing but anger and hopelessness .

Suddenly, an arm grabbed her waist . It steadied her shoulders, then her body .

She opened her eyes and realized it was the driver with sunglasses .

She wished to say something, but the sky suddenly drew her attention . Many aircraft were suddenly headed towards them . In a minute, the vehicles had parked all around them, making the place very crowded .

Many men, dressed in black with sunglasses, got out of their vehicles . They looked like gangsters as they gathered around .

“What are you people here for? What do you want?” The woman and Luo Yushu began stepping back .

Lu Xiaomei looked at the aircraft around them: King, Steel, Silver, Ghost, Starry, Star, Miracle . They were all special editions that not just anyone could buy . Having a single one of them meant you were one of the super rich elite .

Now that there were so many of them there, the woman and Luo Yushu were frozen . The men looked intimidating in their black clothes and sunglasses . It made the couple’s legs grow soft .

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The men dressed in black ignored the woman and Luo Yushu . They all walked in front of Lu Xiaomei and said, “Second Lady . ”

Luo Yushu and the woman widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost . They could barely stand on their feet .

Lu Xiaomei was just as dazed, too . She had no clue what was going on .

“Second Lady, Miss Bao’er asked us to come and pick you up,” the driver said to Lu Xiaomei . And then, he looked at the woman and Luo Yushu and said, “Did these two bully you? I can kill them for you, if you’d like . ”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that! I will pick the stuff up . Please forgive me!” The woman’s legs were wobbling, and she raced to collect all the items Yu Xiaomei had dropped .

“She forced me, Xiaomei . I did this for our future together,” Luo Yushu said .

“Go to hell!” Lu Xiaomei grabbed her bag and smacked him in the face with it . He hit the deck, so she went ahead and kicked him in the nuts . He writhed and screamed in pain .

The woman saw Lu Xiaomei looking back at her next . She slapped herself .

Pat! Pat! “It’s my fault . Please forgive me!”

“Let’s go . ” Lu Xiaomei gritted her teeth, and no longer paid them heed .

The driver opened the door to the aircraft, and there, Lu Xiaomei saw Bao’er . She cried and went over to hold her, saying, “Bao’er…”

“Don’t cry . ” Bao’er stroked her head and tried to comfort her .

“Thank you, Bao’er!” Lu Xiaomei couldn’t help but cry a little . She did her best to hold back her tears and look at the child with gratefulness .

You are welcome . I used two hundred and twenty-three aircraft to help you . The fuel for each comes to a sum of around seventy-eight thousand . With the wages for the drivers, and the damage…” Bao’er fiddled with a calculator and whipped out another contract .

“Hellspawn! You hellspawn!” The aircraft echoed with Lu Xiaomei’s screams .