Super Gene - Chapter 192

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:22:49 PM

Chapter 192

After lunch, Chen Ling left satisfied . Ji Yanran and Qu Lili had classes in the afternoon, so Han Sen had to spend the time alone .

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At this point, he had almost recovered from his burns . Recently, he had been in so many classes that he was a bit tired of studying, and decided to go test his physical fitness .

He had not tested his fitness in a long time, and had no idea how well he could do .

After reaching the test hall, Han Sen chose to pay for a private test room so that none could see his test result .

In fact, Han Sen only planned to test a few key items, such as strength, speed and reflex .

Bang bang bang bang!

With a fierce blow on the machine, the number 15 . 4656 showed on the screen .

And as Han Sen bolted, his speed was rated 15 . 76665 .

He was rated above 15 in all his test items, which surprised him .

According to the statistics of the Alliance, when one maxed out on all four kinds of geno points, one could reach 15 in these items . If one was especially good at certain things, then one might be rated 16 or 17 in one or two items .

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But now Han Sen was quite lacking in sacred and mutant geno points, and his test results were already higher than 15, which was a bit scary .

If he continued like this, even Han Sen could not be not sure how high his fitness index would be when he maxed out on everything .

Han Sen guessed that this was because he had practiced Jadeskin . Hyper geno arts could enhance one’s fitness, but he had never heard of any improvement like his . Normally, one who had practiced hyper geno arts could reach 17 or 18 when one maxed out on all geno points, and might reach 20 in one or two items .

But Han Sen estimated his fitness index could probably pass 20 when he maxed out, which was something unheard of before .

Coming out of the test room, Han Sen encountered a man who had stopped and seemed to recognize Han Sen .

But Han Sen did not recognize this guy, so he continued on .

"So you will participate in that black and white boxing competition?" the man suddenly said .

Han Sen stopped and looked around to make sure this man was talking to him .

"Yes, you are?" Han Sen looked him up and down . This man was about twenty . He was tall and slender and his face had some tough lines . He looked like a shining weapon, with a unique sharpness .

"Ouyang Xiaosan . " The man’s voice was without emotion .

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"You are him! Glad to be your teammate . " Ouyang Xiaosan was a celebrity in the Martial Arts Department, and Han Sen had heard of him . He was the slugger in all kinds of competitions and Han Sen thought he would be in this one as well .

Seeing Han Sen reaching out his hand, Ouyang was not about to shake it . Ouyang Xiaosan said coldly, "I did not sign up for that . "

"Why?" Han Sen was surprised . As one of the best players, how was it possible that Ouyang was not on the team?

"I know we won’t win, so that would be a waste of time . It’s pointless to waste one’s time and energy on some stupid game like that anyway . " Ouyang regarded Han Sen . "I have seen the match between you and Yu Mingzhi . You have talent . Are you interested in joining the Martial Arts Society? With my training, you could become an excellent martial arts player . The two of us might have a chance at the championship of the Alliance Tournament . "

Looking at Ouyang, Han Sen smiled and said, "I understand now . It was because you did not want to participate that the team was one man short . And that was why they came to me . "

"Do you want to transfer to the Martial Arts Society?" Ouyang continued to ask with no expression on his face .

"Well, let's make a bet . And if you win, I can promise to join your society . If you lose, you will join this black and white boxing game . " Han Sen laughed .

"I never bet on luck," Ouyang said quietly .

"Black and white boxing duel, best of nine," Han Sen said .

"OK," Ouyang agreed without any hesitation .

"It is just black and white boxing, so we can just pick a private test room and do it here," Han Sen said and walked back into the room where he took the tests . He swiped his card and said to Ouyang, "I’ll put down the room fee first . And the loser will pay for the room . "

Ouyang followed him inside in silence, and then closed the door .

The two stood face to face, prepared .

"Shall we flip a coin to decide who attacks first? Which side do you want?" Han Sen took out a coin and put it in his palm .

"Tails," Ouyang said .

Han Sen casually threw the coin in the air and caught it . It was tails .

"You first . " Han Sen saw Ouyang’s fist as soon as he finished the two words .

Ouyang’s punch was fast and ruthless, as if there was no turning back .

But Han Sen did not dodge, or even raise his hand . He simply stood there watching Ouyang’s fist approaching his face .

Ouyang’s punch stopped less than an inch away from Han Sen’s nose . The contrast between the dynamic and static forces was so strong that it was dazzling .

"Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action . Well done . " Han Sen smiled .

"Losing is losing . Your turn," Ouyang said . A punch of that kind of speed and strength was not enough to deceive Han Sen, who did not even try to block it and was confident that it was a white fist .

"Do you know what ID I am going to use?" Han Sen did not throw a punch, but smiled at Ouyang and asked .

"That has nothing to do with me," said Ouyang indifferently .

"No, it has . My ID is Black Fist Emperor . So, for this punch, I will be using a black fist . Pay attention and don’t copy my reaction . At least you need to block it with your hand, so that you don’t get injured too badly," Han Sen said earnestly .

"Cut the crap . Just attack . " Ouyang had been in numerous competitions and was tough mentally . He was not the least swayed by Han Sen’s words .

Han Sen suddenly threw his punch at Ouyang in an equally fast and ruthless manner .