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Super Gene - Chapter 193

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:22:51 PM

Chapter 193

Ouyang Xiaosan was not shaken by Han Sen's words . staring at Han Sen, he was making his judgment based on his ability and experience .

There was no doubt that this was a white fist . Ouyang Xiaosan thought it was simply impossible to be a black fist .

"Verbal attacks would not work on me . This punch was not provocative at all, and would never be a black fist . " Ouyang Xiaosan did not even move, calmly watching Han Sen's fist approaching .

Like Han Sen, he did not even try to block it with his hands, because he was confident that this was a white fist .

Since Han Sen did not really use his strength, his fist would stop when it got close to his face .

Deep in his thoughts, Ouyang suddenly felt a soreness in his nose . And then he fell back involuntarily before he sat on the ground .

"How could it be a black fist?" Ignoring his nosebleed, Ouyang looked blankly at Han Sen .

Han Sen offered tissues to Ouyang, and said with a smile, "I told you so . "

Ouyang did not take the tissues, but wiped the blood off his nose and stood up . He said firmly, "Best of nine, that was just one . "

Han Sen smiled and put the tissues back . Standing opposite Ouyang, he said, "I'll continue then . "

Ouyang said nothing, staring at Han Sen . He would not miss his slightest movements, which were the basis on which he would make his judgment .

Once one used great strength, one's muscles would move . The key was to see through one's disguise .

Han Sen looked at Ouyang who looked grim, pursed his lips and threw another punch .

This time, Ouyang had seen clearly that although Han Sen's muscles looked tightened, the direction of this punch would not be forward, which meant this could not be a black fist .

"This time you can't fool me . " Ouyang stood firmly, raising his arms to block Han Sen's fist .

Although he had judged this fist to be white, Ouyang still raised his arms . It seemed that he had taken Han Sen for a serious opponent, so he still prepared for the worst scenario when he was confident about his decision .


Han Sen's fist hit Ouyang on the arm . Ouyang's body shook but did not fall back .

Ouyang was pale since Han Sen's punch was still a black fist with enough strength . He was wrong .

"Two," said Han Sen with a smile .

Ouyang looked at Han Sen and was puzzled .

"Can he really hide his strength so well?" Ouyang cast an odd look at Han Sen .

Black and white boxing was only a popular practice in martial arts, and the key was the yin and yang . There had only been matches of black and white boxing recently . Although it could not be regarded as the mainstream of martial arts, it was now quite popular . After all, it would make a great match to watch .

Ouyang had participated in a lot of black and white boxing games and seen a lot of black and white boxing masters . A lot of people had mastered yin and yang forces, but whenever they throw a punch, he could still tell .

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Ouyang had rich experience and was particularly sensitive about his opponents’ intentions, which was an advantage for him in black and white boxing games . Especially when he was the defensive side, the probability of his misjudgment was very low .

Even if there were occasional mistakes, it would be because his opponent had used something he had never seen . And after he got familiar with it, it would not work anymore .

But in the two rounds against Han Sen, he had felt something different from all his previous experience .

That feeling was hard to describe . Han Sen’s moves were misleading not only because of the false appearance of his body, but because Ouyang felt that Han Sen did not intend to hit him .

"There has to be flaws . If it is something unknown to me, I can always find out how it works . Once I do, he can no longer fool me . " Ouyang calmed down, and got ready .

"Again . " Ouyang slowly spit out the word .


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Han Sen threw a punch and Ouyang raised his arms . This time Han Sen punched harder, but Ouyang could still stand still .

"You are very fit!" Han Sen regarded Ouyang, surprised . Although he still reserved his strength, Ouyang would not be able to block it with a fitness index below 13 .

Ouyang did not reply, because he lost again .

"Again . " Ouyang was not discouraged .

Han Sen threw another punch, and the result was the same--Ouyang took another black fist . This time, Han Sen deliberately weakened his strength, because he did not want people to know how good he actually was .

To do well in black and white boxing was not just about strength, but also about fooling your opponent .

"Four, this is your last chance," Han Sen looked at Ouyang and said .

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"Go!" Ouyang did not hesitate to say .

Han Sen threw another fierce punch at Ouyang . It was as fast as a bullet .

Suddenly, Ouyang moved away and dodged Han Sen’s fist . At this critical time, Ouyang did not insist on his own judgment and tried to block, but chose to dodge .

"Since whenever I think you were using a white fist, you used a black one . Then if I act counterintuitively, I could beat you," Ouyang said with a smile of self-confidence .

But very soon, Ouyang’s smile froze .

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