Super Gene - Chapter 194

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:22:52 PM

Chapter 194

As Ouyang dodged, Han Sen’s fist froze in the air .

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It was obvious that if this punch was a black one, Han Sen would not be able to stop it, which meant it was a white fist .

"Why . . . why is it a white fist . . . " Ouyang’s confidence was smashed by this white fist .

Exactly the same way of using his strength, and Ouyang had made the same judgment . Only this time, he acted against his own judgment . However, he was still wrong .

This white fist that had stopped half way was harder on him than a thousand actual punches .

"Why did you use a white fist?" Staring at Han Sen, Ouyang wanted to know the answer .

"There are three levels in black and white boxing: observing the people, observing the heart and observing the body . You are still observing the body . And I am beginning to observe the heart . That’s why I won . " Han Sen smiled at Ouyang . "Remember to register for the competition and pay me back for the room next time we meet again . "

Ouyang watched him going and froze for a long time until Han Sen had disappeared from his sight .

. . .

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Chen Ling was both happy and worried . She was happy that Han Sen had promised to participate, while worried that Ouyang had refused to participate .

If Ouyang and Han Sen could join forces, maybe Blackhawk could be the champion of the Skynet competition .

Although this game was not that important, but Blackhawk had not been a champion in a long time . This championship would still be a big comfort to her, a part-time coach of the Martial Arts Society .

"Xu Qian, is Ouyang here?" Chen Ling called Xu Qian over .

" I have not seen him," Xu Qian looked around and said .

"Let me know when he’s here . " Chen Ling wanted to make the final effort .

Suddenly Chen Ling saw Ouyang coming through the door and quickly walked to him .

"Ouyang, I know the old players’ retirement reflect negatively on our results, but you need to give the young players a chance to grow . . . "

"Count me in," cut in Ouyang before Chen could finish .

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"Do not rush to refuse . You listen to me, we have invited Han Sen in the match against St . Germain . If you . . . " Chen Ling suddenly realized what he had said and was surprised . "You just said you will participate?"

"If you have the form," Ouyang said indifferently .

Chen Ling quickly asked someone to bring him the application . She felt odd and asked, "How did you suddenly change your mind?"

Xu Qian and others also came . They were all glad that Outyang would join them . He was, after all a star player and had contributed great performance . With Ouyang and Han Sen, they were confident they could beat St . Germain .

To tell the truth, Han Sen was their replacement for Ouyang . Even with Han Sen, they thought it would be hard to beat Saint Germain .

The old players had all graduated and Ouyang was the only one left . Martial Arts Society was now in a hard place and did not have much to offer .

Now with Ouyang’s return and Han Sen’s participation, their strength had been greatly increased .

At the same time, it was unexpected that ​​Ouyang suddenly changed his mind . He was particularly cold, and was not easy to get along with . They could not imagine how his mind was changed .

"Because I lost to Han Sen and he told me to . " Ouyang filled the form out .

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But Chen Ling and the members of Martial Arts Society were shocked .

Although they knew the story of Han Sen and Yu Mingzhi, but they thought Ouyang was probably even better than Yu .

In the Alliance Tournament, the top 10 would not be inferior to the Chosen .

After all, the Alliance Tournament did not allow beast souls . In terms of fighting skills and physical fitness, Ouyang was the best of the best .

Such a person said he lost to Han Sen, which was shocking .

"How many rounds did you play?" Xu Qian asked .

"Five," Ouyang casually replied .

"So that is three to two?" Xu Qian continued to ask .

"Five to zero; he was five, and I was zero," Ouyang said, giving the form that he had filled out to Xu Qian who opened his mouth so wide that it could fit a duck egg .

"Five to zero, Han Sen did that?"

Not only all members of the Martial Arts Society were dumbfounded, but Chen Ling also looked surprised .

The worst score Ouyang had seen was one to four . And his opponent was someone who ranked first in black and white boxing in the Alliance .

Five to zero, they could not believe how good Han Sen was .

But since Ouyang had said that himself, it was true without a doubt . There was no reason for him to lie about that .

"We will win this time! St . Germain, wait for our comeback . " Chen Ling and the students were so excited they were speechless .

Since there is such a player in their team, coupled with Ouyang, beating St . Germain was a piece of cake .