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Super Gene - Chapter 201

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:23:07 PM

Chapter 201

When Wen Xiuxiu thought the interviews could not continue, she saw the online broadcasting had started and switched to stream the competition .

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Soon the first line-ups of both teams were shown and first up were St . Germain’s five members .

"Wow, these are the best they got . They are not giving Blackhawk any chance to fight back . "

"I don’t think this is necessary when they are against Blackhawk . Nalan alone could nail it . "

"Who is that Windtalker? And why is he the first?"

"You are not a fan, are you? Windtalker is the new talent Li Yu in St . Germain . I heard that Wang Yangjun can only beat him five out of ten times in training . Li is only a freshman now and has great potential . "

"Wow, he is so strong . St . Germain is doing great this year . They’ll probably become the champion . "

"Sure thing . "

"I wonder what Blackhawk would say after they lose . "

"They’d be lucky to have one point . "

. . .

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As everyone was talking, the player list of Blackhawk was also shown . With a glance, people were attracted by the first ID name they saw—"Black Fist Emperor . "

"Black Fist Emperor--who is so arrogant to use this ID?"

"Strange, I have never heard of the ID . "

"Blackhawk is so good at bragging, even with their IDs . "

"Black Fist Emperor, I think it is more like kick-my-ass emperor . "

"Ha-ha, he’s the first . We will see how this emperor was overthrown . "

The St . Germain players were also upset with this ID, as it implied they would be ruled by him .

"Li Yu . Do your best!" Wang Yangjun patted the shoulder of Li Yu and said .

"Brother, please rest assured," Li Yu said . This ID was indeed a bit too arrogant .

Wen Xiuxiu who was hosting the live broadcast was also dumbfounded . She did not remember this ID at all .

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"Is it a bench player?" Wen Xiuxiu quickly looked at the files she had and it was indeed a bench player . Since in this kind of competition, normally the bench players would never go up, she did not look at their information .

"With such an arrogant ID, he must be so full of himself, like everyone else in Blackhawk . " Wen was wondering why the Blackhawk team could think so highly of themselves, when they were against St . Germain .

"Black Fist Emperor is a bench player of Team Blackhawk . His real name is Han Sen, 16, freshman; never been in a black and white boxing match before . It seems he has no experience and is a new player . . . " Wen read out Han Sen’s information .

"How can a new guy be so arrogant?"

"Ignorance is bliss . "

"Blackhawk had no one to send and let someone with zero experience lead . "

Many people watching the live broadcast ridiculed the player, for his ID got on many people’s nerves .

They did not recognize Han Sen . The commercial of SKTS was indeed very popular, but people hardly remembered the name of the actors in it, unless they had already been famous .

So, in that commercial, most people probably could only name Yu Qianxun .

And even if they felt the name was a bit familiar, they would not connect it with a warframe player, since the two fields had nothing in common .

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When the viewers were cynical about Han Sen and his ID, Blackhawk students who were watching the game could no longer take it .

"What are you talking about? Black Fist Emperor is our genius, and had beaten the Chosen Yu Mingzhi in black and white boxing . "

"Ha-ha, go on . . . "

"Ha-ha, why don’t you call yourselves Bragging Military Academy . Having beaten Yu Mingzhi, in your dreams, right?"

"Please, Yu Mingzhi was not even a black and white boxing player . Do your research before you lie . "

"Garbage Blackhawk, you are all talk . "

. . .

Blackhawk had only so many students, whose comments were drowned in the negative voices .

This really pissed off the Blackhawk students, especially those who knew Han Sen .

Ji Yanran was the most furious of all . She typed as fast as she could but it did little good . An individual was helpless in front of hundreds of thousands of people . Looking at the comments that ridiculed Blackhawk and Han Sen, she was so mad that she turned pale .

She might be okay with people saying bad things about her, but when it came to her boyfriend, she could not take it .

"Can you win this game?" Ji Yanran suddenly sent a message to Han Sen .

"Yes . " Han Sen replied simply .

"If you can make St . Germain gain no points, I’ll buy you dinner . " Ji Yanran blushed and sent .

"Just dinner?" Han Sen replied .

"And a kiss . " Ji Yanran was flushed, but did not hesitate .

"Great . " Han Sen saw her text and became excited . Although they were a couple now, Ji Yanran was so shy and they were always on campus, so it was hard to get anywhere with her .

But Han Sen first sent a message to Shi Zhikang and asked if something was wrong .

Shi told him all about the live show and Han Sen’s face darkened . After reviewing his opponents’ files, he said in a low voice, "There will be severe consequences for those who made my girlfriend mad . "

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