Super Gene - Chapter 2040

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Chapter 2040: 2040

Chapter 2040 Entering the Dragon Pool Again

With Han Sen leading, Long Shan’s family arrived safely upon the western beach . Many Spiky Turtles covered the beach, but there were no giant ones among them .

Han Sen’s assumption was correct; when they put

some distance between themselves and the giant

Spiky Turtle, the creature no longer targeted them . It was now headed straight for the Dragon Pool .

As the goliath crawled forward, the entire island shook with every step it took .

However, much to the horror of Long Shan’s family,

more and more giant Spiky Turtles were on their way .

About a dozen Spiky Turtles were headed towards the island from various directions . Wave upon wave of Marquise and Earl class turtles also swarmed up the

beaches, and they swiftly overran the island .

Han Sen guided Long Shan’s family to avoid every Duke class turtle they could see, but there were too many . In the end, they came face-to-face with one .

The cannon-like spikes on the turtle were gleaming, and they spewed black smoke into the air .

The turtle gave a rumbling grunt, and the spikes shot

out a strange black light . It was like a cannon firing at

Han Sen .

Han Sen jumped up and punched the giant turtle’s

back . It was too big to avoid the blow . Han Sen’s attack

drew its attention, and the giant turtle’s spikes continued to fire at him .

Han Sen continued to harass the turtle, but his power was insufficient to strike back and break its shell . Instead, he drew the monster away in order to

save Long Shan’s family .

But judging from how the situation was unfolding, if more giant turtles showed up, there would be little

Han Sen could do to help them .

More and more waves were crossing the sea as more giant Spiky Turtles revealed themselves . But the

next giant turtle they saw was different . Sitting on its

head was another turtle the size of a dinner plate .

That Spiky Turtle was the smallest of all, but it also

looked different . Normally, the spikes of a Spiky Turtle

looked like the spikes of a hedgehog . But that

plate-sized turtle’s spikes were diamond-shaped . The

entire shell looked like it was made out of a shining

black diamond . Wherever it went, all the lesser turtles

avoided its path; even the Duke Spiky Turtles moved

away .

“There is a King class Spiky Turtle in Return Ruin Sea?” Dragon Fifteen’s lady shouted .

Dragon Fifteen and Xius were in shock . They knew there were king class xenogeneics about, but they did not expect this . It was extremely rare for low-tier xenogeneics to have a King class in their ranks, as it

was usually too difficult for them to nurture one .

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It was like a cat evolving into a tiger . Such an evolution was so difficult that it was practically

impossible .

The Spiky Turtles kept heading for the Dragon

Pool . The Dragon Pool itself was not too big, and it would only take one giant turtle to fill up the entire thing . Even so, many of the giant turtles were now entering, and the water in the pool was not rising . It

seemed as if the pool was bottomless .

The black diamond turtle screamed, spurring the other turtles to hurry into the pool at an even faster pace . The giant turtle fighting Han Sen abandoned the fight and went for the pool .

Long Shan lost his opponent, too . The black diamond turtle’s scream drove them all into a frenzied rush for the pool . Even if Long Shan crossed the turtle’s path again, the beast would ignore him .

“Are those turtles feeding themselves to the Dragon God?” Long Yan asked curiously as he watched

the turtles .

Long Shan did not speak because he could not

answer .

They knew the Dragon God sometimes appeared in the Dragon Pool, but they did not know where the creature actually came from . Neither did they know what was at the bottom of the pool .

“Little Boy, can you tell big sis about the Dragon

God you mentioned?” asked a woman with a soft voice .

Long Shan looked over, and he saw a pretty woman

with an attractive human upper body . The lower body

was a snake’s tail . The Gana woman stood next to Long

Yan, and she smiled as she stroked his head .

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Long Shan was a Marquise, and yet he hadn’t

noticed when she arrived .

Long Shan started to say something, but he

noticed another man and woman who were also

standing there . They had horns and dragon wings,

meaning they were pure Dragons .

Long Shan and the others had never met Dragon Fifteen before, but they recognized pure members of their race . They all bowed quickly .

Dragon Fifteen signaled them to rise . “What was the Dragon God he just mentioned?”

Long Shan told them the story of the Dragon God . Dragon Fifteen frowned, then he asked, “Did the Dragon

God drop any dragon scales?”

“Sir, we did not offer it enough of a sacrifice this time, so it did not provide us with any . And furthermore,

we refined the last ones it gave us . ” Long Shan spoke

with fear in his voice . He was worried that Dragon Fifteen might pin the blame on him .

Dragon Fifteen frowned . He looked at Long Shan, but he did not say anything . He then looked at Han Sen

and asked, “Who are you? And why are you here?”

“I was brought here by the Dragon God . ” Han Sen told him the story he had fabricated for Long Shan

already .

Dragon Fifteen did not believe him, though . He looked at Long Shan, and Long Shan quickly said, “San Mu did emerge from the Dragon Pool as soon as the

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Dragon God appeared . ”

“If you came from the Dragon Pool, then you must know about it . Please, take us there . ” Dragon Fifteen

looked at the Dragon Pool . Almost all of the turtles

were inside it by now .

The pool was not too large, but it had consumed all

those Spiky Turtles easily . As the last of them passed through, the pool became very quiet .

The Dragon God brought me here . When I came

out, I was up on the surface . I don’t actually know

anything about the Dragon Pool itself,” Han Sen said .

“Since you are now in Return Ruin Sea, you will have to do as I bid if you wish to leave . ” Dragon Fifteen sounded calm, but his words were foreboding .

“If I take you guys down, will you let me leave this place?” Han Sen asked Dragon Fifteen .

“That depends on your performance,” Dragon Fifteen said unhelpfully .

Han Sen thought about it for a bit before agreeing . “Okay . ”

“Xius, are you entering the pool?” Dragon Fifteen

asked Xius .

“This is a rare occurrence . If you do not object to my coming, I would indeed like to see more of the

pool . ” Xius looked happy .

Dragon Fifteen did not say anything . He allowed Han Sen to lead them down into the pool .