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Super Gene - Chapter 21

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:17:21 PM

Chapter 21

In addition to Han Sen, Son of Heaven and his gang were also joined by a few thugs they paid to come along . The group left Steel Armor Shelter and marched into the mountains .

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Although they expected nothing good to happen, they still wanted to take the chance for the sake of the generous reward .

In the past, if Han Sen had not been blocked by Qin Xuan and Son of Heaven, he might also have risked his life for the bounty .

Now Han Sen had no reason to take such risks, but it was clear that Son of Heaven and Luo Tianyang wanted to use him as a stepping stone, which made him want to kill them both .

Han Sen quietly followed them, guessing what they were about to do . When recruiting people, the gang had said they were hunting a mutant creature, and it was only because there were also many ordinary and primitive creatures that they needed more hands .

Han Sen of course couldn’t take this seriously . To kill a mutant creature, the regular gang was more than enough . The dozen people around Son of Heaven could all kill a mutant creature on their own, let alone Son of Heaven himself . The extra hands were completely unnecessary, according to their story .

Luo Tianyang and others casually killed the creatures they encountered along the way, and gave the meat to the hired people casually, which made everyone quite happy .

The group had been going for six or seven days, and the gang still had no intention of stopping . On the eighth day, they halted at a mountain pass .

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Very far from the shelter, there was no human activity . They encountered many different creatures . Son of Heaven and his gang had killed a lot of primitive animals on the way and kept some of the flesh as food .

"It seems that we are almost there . What on earth are they up to?" Han Sen had not heard anything, but judging from the grave look on their faces, this couldn’t be a simple operation .

They rested for a day at the campsite and crossed the mountain pass the next morning . After hiking a dozen miles, they saw a gap in the canyon so deep and dark that no one could see the bottom .

Everyone lit a torch . The gang sent the hired people as the vanguard and followed them into the gap .

The hired ones all knew it was time to put their life on the line, so they were dawdling .

"Why are you going so slowly, bitches? Do you still want the rest of the money?" Luo Tianyang whipped a few people in the back and shouted .

The thugs could only speed up going down .

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Han Sen was among them . It was not too difficult to walk down, and nothing happened along the way until they reached the bottom . The thugs were relieved and started to talk and laugh again .

It was very dark at the bottom of the gap, and the group had to rely on the torches . There was an underground river running through the huge space .

"Cross the river and go into the cave on the other side . " Luo Tianyang pointed his whip to the other side .

"Luo, I cannot swim . This river is too wide," said a young man who had been recruited .

"Who told you to swim? We have inflatable boats . Just row across . " Luo Tianyang opened the parcel on the back of his mount, and there were indeed inflatable boats in there . After they inflated the boats, each one could sit four to five people .

The group started to row the boats across . The speed of the water was not fast, and there was no risk of being rushed downstream . Two boats soon reached the center of the river .

All of a sudden, with a splash, a dark creature emerged from the water with half of its python-like body exposed . Its body was wider than a bucket and covered with shiny black fine scales . Its mouth was so large that it could fit a cow .

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But it wasn’t a cow that was swallowed, rather someone on the boat . The giant body then put its full weight on the boat, which exploded with everyone on it falling into the water .

Everyone was shocked and trying to row the boats back . Those who hadn’t gone on the boat just dropped their boat and started to run back .

With a glint of cold steel, the two running the fastest were beheaded by Luo Tianyang and another gang member . Luo Tianyang pointed the knife with blood on it at the rest and cried ruthlessly, "There is but one monster, so whoever reaches the other side can live . And I’ll kill anyone who took the money and tries to run away . To live or to die, it is up to you . "

Everyone was intimidated by Luo Tianyang's vicious act and started to row towards the other side .

"Assholes, you just want to feed the monster with humans," Han Sen cursed in his heart . Those who fell into the water before were trying to swim to the other side but were suddenly pulled into the water by something .

It was so dark that no one saw what happened to them, but their fate could be imagined from the thick scent of blood .

The hired boys dared not move forward, and Luo Tianyang used his knife again to force them . They didn’t want to stay in the river, so they had to row hard .

Han Sen lit the surroundings with his torch while rowing the boat . In case the monster came out of the water, he had to summon sacred-blood beast soul armor at once to save his life .

The monster again collapsed a boat, and everyone on it was screaming . Then what could be heard was only the waves rolling .

"Row harder if you want to live!" Han Sen yelled at the two on the boat with him who were petrified as he was rowing his heart out .

"F*#king heartless bastards!" He swore quietly .

The two men were revived by Han Sen’s shout, and started to row desperately . From time to time there were screams and splashes . Countless men must have been buried in the snake belly .

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