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Super Gene - Chapter 2118

Published at 26th of March 2020 05:40:07 AM

Chapter 2118: 2118

Chapter 2118 Gold Dragon Body

On a mountain that was composed of black stones, Dragon Eight calmly looked down upon his opponent Han Sen . He began slowly flapping his wings . Each flap was stronger than the last .

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He was different from Dragon Nine and the others . Dragon Eight was not fond of the traditional Dragon spears that the others favored . He vastly preferred using his own body as a weapon . He was confident in his own abilities as his greatest asset .

Dragon Eight’s body tore through the fabric of space and appeared directly in front of Han Sen . His fist was like a rocket of steel, primed to strike Han Sen’s head .

Before the fist landed, though, his gold draconic presence was ruptured with lightning .

Han Sen did not dodge . Instead, he raised his fist up to meet his opponent’s strike .


The fists came at each other, and when they collided, both of their bodies rattled . But even so, neither of them fell back an inch . They only leaned backwards, with their arms still forward . It all transpired within a single second . And before the onlookers could blink, their bodies had straightened out again . They each bounced back with another punch .

Their fists came at each other repeatedly, then . Dragon Eight and Han Sen were frozen in the skies of battle, with fists hitting fists over and over .

“That Dollar’s body is remarkably strong! He can actually fight Dragon Eight, right off the bat . ” Many people and creatures were impressed by the spectacle .

Dragons were the bravest across the whole universe . Everyone knew they were strong, and Dragon Eight was the strongest of the current generation . His Dragon body was top-class, and there was no doubt about that .

A Marquise of a race that had never been heard of before was now fighting against that Dragon body . Dollar’s gold figure now seemed a little spooky .

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Evil Eye had finished his fight around this time . He was spared what little trouble a fight would cost, too, for his opponent had conceded .

After looking over the roster of current fights, Evil Eye’s first thought was to look for Lone Bamboo . But surprisingly, Lone Bamboo had finished his own fight, as well .

So, Evil Eye looked at a few other places . Some others he was interested in were still fighting, but many had finished already . He decided to take a look at Dragon Eight And there’ he found Han Sen fighting in a way that shocked him .

Evil Eye had only wanted to see Dragon Eight, but when he saw the fight, his focus immediately shifted to Han Sen .

“Eye, what are you looking at?” A little girl stood next to him . She pulled his hand, raised her head, and stared right at him . She looked so curious .

“I have seen a guy who quite interests me,” Evil Eye said simply .

When the little girl heard that, the curious look on her face vanished . She looked disappointed, and she said, “Eye, he must be a dead man walking, then . ”

“Interesting ones always die early . Yes, that is their destiny . The blame cannot be laid on me . ” Evil Eye smiled .

The little girl smiled, too . “Why do interesting people always die early? Does God not like them?”

Evil Eye shook his head . “No . God loves them . That is why they get to experience so many interesting things . They are usually dangerous, though, and that is why they die earlier than most . ”

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“I guess that makes sense . ” The little girl felt as if something was amiss, but she couldn’t quite tell what it was .

The little girl then proceeded to ask, “Is this interesting man you’re talking about going to die soon?”

“He won’t die all that easily,” Evil Eye said, with a slump of his shoulders .

“What if he ends up meeting you?” the little girl asked, blinking .

“I don’t like people who are more interesting than me,” Evil Eye said coldly .

The two of them walked towards an old city, hand-in-hand . The little girl repeatedly asked him questions .


A scary power broke across the mountain, cutting a massive crater in its craggy surface .

Han Sen and Dragon Eight’s bodies were sent flying by the impact . They both flew back exactly fifty meters . They looked at each other across the pit .

“This is a good fight . But I’m afraid we are only just getting started! I hope you can last longer,” Dragon Eight said . Then, his body burst at the seams with a massive Dragon light . He became taller, and his form rippled with muscles . Ghost Dragon Scales spread all over him, becoming an armorset . His body looked to have been made of gold .

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The xenogeneic Dragon Eight was even stronger . The gold Dragon air became an Evilbreaker Dragonlight . It was different from Dragon Nine’s Evilbreaker Dragonlight . Dragon Eight’s Evilbreaker Dragonlight wasn’t as concentrated, but it had a mass of power that Dragon Nine had lacked . Dragon Eight’s xenogeneic Dragon body was in the air now, and it didn’t attack yet . Its gold eyes peered down at Han Sen . “My gold Dragon body is indestructible . I hope you are prepared . ”

Han Sen looked at Dragon Eight and quietly reprimanded him . “You shouldn’t reveal your powers to the enemy . ”

“The Dragon are fearless . Even if the whole world knows my powers, it is fine . I will still win,” Dragon Eight said . He then flapped his wings and teleported directly in front of Han Sen .

But this time, Dragon Eight didn’t just use his fists . When he approached, his whole body became a lethal weapon . It was like a mercury spill that sought to ravage Han Sen’s body with a flurry of constant attacks .

Finger . Palm . Fist . Elbow . Leg . Knee . Back . Wing . Horn . Leg . Shoulder . Even the gold Dragon’s hair became a lethal weapon .

When his body moved, there was power . Dragon Eight’s entire body became a gold killing machine .

Dragon Eight had completely abandoned defense, as all his skills were based on attacking . After all those unleashed attacks, Dragon Eight became stronger . Like waves, stacking together, the Dragonlight grew larger .

Han Sen was something of a grandmaster when it came to close-quarter combat . He wasn’t outmatched by Dragon Eight, and so he could counter every strike, using finger against finger and palm against palm . Han Sen was able to break every attack Dragon Eight attempted .

Dragon Eight’s attacks were strong like a swelling tide, but he lacked defense . If his attacks were flawed, then he would be open to a strike .

Han Sen found his opportunity, and his hand became a knife as it swiped across Dragon Eight’s chest . A firework of sparks erupted as he sliced through the gold Dragon scales to expose his flesh and gold blood .

Dragon Eight showed no concern for the wound he had just incurred, though . He continued to attack Han Sen, as if the injured body was not even his . And what’s more, the wound healed in a second, anyway . Not even a scar remained .


Because Han Sen had just struck Dragon Eight, it was too late for him to dodge the counterstrike . He used his arm to block Dragon Eight’s fist, but the armor shielding his arm was broken by Dragon Eight’s blow . Han Sen’s body was sent back fifty meters before he was able to come to a stop and stabilize himself . His feet had dug trenches in the ground all the way .

Dragon Eight roared and did not relent in his assault . He was too strong to be suppressed now .

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