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Super Gene - Chapter 215

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:23:25 PM

Chapter 215

Sitting on a rock, Han Sen saw Huangfu Pingqing approaching .

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Wearing a half armor, skirt and Boots, Huangfu Pingqing's thighs were exposed . Her figure was so attractive that Han Sen swallowed nervously .

"Little Brother Han, have you waited for a long time?" Huangfu Pingqing walked closer to Han Sen, flipping her hair and in a flirty way .

"Miss Huangfu Pingqing, you could call me brother, but could you lose the word 'little'?" Han Sen asked, a little upset .

"If you will call me sister . " Huangfu Pingqing said with a smile .

"After all, what do you need me for?" Han Sen changed the subject .

"I've told you, if you want to go to the Mystery Island, I could lend you my sacred-blood wings," replied Huangfu Pingqing, blinking .

"No strings attached?" he did not believe she was doing this out of kindness .

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"That's hurtful . Just do me a favor and help me hunt the creature on the mystery island . how about that?"

"Me?" Han Sen looked at Huangfu Pingqing in Surprise .

"Yes, you can name your price . And even if you want me, I could be yours . " Huangfu Pingqing said sensually .

"Ahem . With so many impressive guys in the steel armor shelter, why would you think of me?" Han Sen continued to ask, ignoring her reply .

"Although there are many great guys out there . I think you are the best archer I have ever seen . "

"So who else will go, in addition to you and me?" Han Sen asked .

"I will not go . There are in total three flying beast souls in the Steel Armor Shelter . You will go on my behalf and collaborate with Son of Heaven and Thumb in order to hunt the creature . Other than its beast soul, you could ask for anything else . "

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"Sister, if you don't mind me asking, what is the relationship between you and Son of Heaven and Thumb? Can I trust them?" Han Sen asked .

"Rest assured . The mother of Son of Heaven is my mom's sister, which makes him my cousin . So, of course you can trust him . As for Thumb, we have paid him and we know who he is in the alliance . He will not dare to mess up," explained Huangfu Pingqing .

Now Han Sen came to understand the relationship between Ares martial Hall and Starry Group .

He did not really care about this sort of thing . Since Huangfu Pingqing and Son of Heaven did not know Holy Angel had been killed by him, and Huangfu Pingqing was seeking his help, it was potentially a great opportunity .

"What do you need me for though? I am not really good at combat . "

"All the other two guys need is a strong archer . Although I am good at archery, but not as good as you . That's why I want to ask for your help . Let me know if you want something in return," Huangfu Pingqing said with a smile .

Han Sen pretended to think for a while and said, "I would like to buy a sacred-blood beast soul weapon . Do you still have any available?"

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Han Sen could not forget about the sacred-blood three-blade harpoon . Although the diamond sword was great, it was too eye-catching . And since it was a sacred-blood gear rather than a beast soul, it was not that portable .

"Well . . . " Huangfu Pingqing pondered . She did have a sacred-blood weapon, which was exactly the three-blade harpoon that was at the auction . Son of Heaven was planted by her at the auction and the harpoon was actually unsold .

"To be honest, I still have that sacred-blood harpoon . I can sell it to you if you want it . But the lowest price would be 150 million, which is the best I can do," said Huangfu Pingqing seriously .

"150 million . . . " Han Sen thought about it . It was not cheap but not that expensive either for a sacred-blood beast soul . After all, Huangfu Pingqing owned a company, and a company must make profits .

If it was at an auction, it could easily be sold at a better price . In addition, sacred-blood beast souls were rare, and sometimes could not even be bought with money .

Han Sen thought, "I have 60 million in savings . Since SKTS is still a limited edition, the one I won at the warframe contest could probably be sold at around 70 or 80 million online . Right, I also have a mutant flying beast soul of black-feathered beast . With everything sold, I could come up with 150 million . Okay, let's do this . I really need a sacred-blood beast soul to hunt sacred-blood creatures . If I can gain another sacred-blood beast soul, then it will all be worth it . "

Han Sen gritted his teeth and said to Huangfu Pingqing, "Alright, 150 million it is . I will buy the three-blade harpoon but I don't have so much money at the moment . If you could wait a couple of days, I will sell something so that I can come up with the money . "

"Why would you sell elsewhere? Have you forgotten what I do? Tell me what you want to sell and I will offer you a good price for them . " Huangfu Pingqing rolled her eyes .

Han Sen told Huangfu Pingqing what he wanted to sell, and Huangfu Pingqing appraised his belongings . Their agreement was that Han Sen would use the mutant flying beast soul, the SKTS, and 60 million dollars to buy the three-blade harpoon .

"Honestly, I respect you a lot," after they made the deal, Huangfu Pingqing said to Han Sen seriously .

"You flatter me," Han Sen paused and said .

Huangfu Pingqing shook her head and said, "I did some research on your background . And based on who you were before entering God's sanctuary and what happened to you after, it is impressive that you can become who you are today . Honestly, I have thought that if I were you I would probably still be struggling for life and could never have come up with 150 million to buy a sacred-blood beast soul . "

As thick-skinned as Han Sen, he blushed hearing the compliment, "Luck, it was all luck . . . "

He was not lying either . If he did not happen to gain the black Crystal and the sacred blood black beetle Beast soul, he could never have become who he is today .

Seeing that he blushed, Huangfu Pingqing could not help holding his chin and kissed him on the cheek, "A man as capable and cute as you is just my type . If you become more powerful, I might really want to become your girlfriend . "

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