Super Gene - Chapter 221

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:23:33 PM

Chapter 221

"I'm so sorry . . . " Ji Yanran held Qu Lili's arm and apologized .

"Forget it . I now understand that girls would give up anything for their men . " Qu Lili looks to Han Sen and asked, "Genius, would you come with us?"

"Sure . But can't you call me by my name?"

"Bite me . "

Han Sen decided to be silent, and followed the girls .

Although the military school would teach hyper geno arts, there were nothing advanced .

However, the military school students had certain benefits when it came to purchasing hyper geno arts .

Freshmen were allowed to buy a C-Class hyper geno art, sophomores were eligible to buy a B-Class hyper geno art and two C-Class ones; junior could buy two B-Class and four C-Class ones; seniors could buy one A-Class and five B-Class .

Unless they were in some special majors, they had to graduate and serve in the army after 4 years . After graduation, it would depend on their achievements in the army whether they could buy more advanced hyper geno arts .

Different from the Saint Hall, the hyper geno arts sold in military schools came with only one bottle of geno solution . And the D-Class arts and under did not require any geno solution .

Both Ji Yanran and Qu Lili were juniors and according to the rules they could purchase two B-Class and four C-Class ones . Han Sen could also purchase one C-Class at this point . However, he was not interested in the less advanced hyper geno arts after seeing Holy Angel and Sparticle .

"Qin Xuan still owes Dollar an S-Class license . How can I try to retrieve it?" Han Sen kept thinking about it but had no good solutions .

Qin Xuan asked Dollar to get it in the Steel Armor Shelter . However, it would be so dangerous with the strong guys and Son of Heaven in the shelter who hated Dollar's guts .

The three of them came to the schools hyper geno art store and there was no shop assistant but all vending machines .

The tutorials were up for download after payment and the geno solutions would pop from the vending machines .

"Ji Yanran, what do you think I should buy?" Qu Lili could not decide .

"Genius, give me some advice," She then said to Han Sen .

"Maybe you could try the B-Class Momentum and Windbreak . " A strange voice next to them sounded .

The three students looked to the direction of the voice and saw a well-dressed, mild-tempered middle-aged guy . He seemed to be at most 50 years old .

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"How do you know that those two suit me?" Qu Lili looked to the middle-aged guy in surprise .

He smiled and replied, "The hyper geno art that you are practicing now should be Jediforce . "

Qu Lili was even more shocked, "You can even tell this? Are you a professor at the Martial Arts Department?"

The guy did not reply and continued, "Jediforce focuses a lot on the speed, and you have made a lot of progress so that Momentum and Windbreak will bring you a step further . "

"Really?" Qu Lili was overjoyed but still could not believe him completely .

"I believe your linear acceleration should have reached 13 in fitness index and your muscle strength 12 . 5, so you're the perfect candidate for those two . "

"Ah!" Qu stared at the middle-aged guy, unable to believe that he could even tell this .

Her linear acceleration was 12 . 98 and her muscle strength was 12 . 51, almost exactly the same as what he said .

At this point, Qu Lili had believed that middle-aged was a professor in martial arts department . She gladly thanked him and said, "I will buy Momentum and Windbreak then . "

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Qu Lili swiped her card and purchased those two .

Han Sen and Ji Yanran regarded the middle-aged guy in surprise . He must not be an ordinary professor with such keen observation .

"Do you need my help?" the guy asked Han Sen and Ji Yanran .

"You should really use the professor's help . " Qu Lili checked out the details of her newly purchased martial arts and felt they did suit her very well .

"I don't have any quota left . how about you?" Ji Yanran said to Han Sen .

"All I have is a C-Class quota and it will not be really useful to me, so I'll pass," said Han Sen .

"That's not right . Although advanced hyper geno arts are powerful, the foundation is also very important . Even C-Class arts could lay a great foundation for many hyper geno arts . If you practice it well, it would even be helpful when you become an evolver or surpasser . "

The middle-aged men looked at Han Sen and continued, "I will recommend you to practice a C-Class and you will find out how helpful it is . "

"That makes a lot of sense . Genius, you should try it," suggested Qu Lili .

Han Sen shook his head, "No, thank you . "

Han Sen had just bought the three-blade harpoon and mailed some money to his family . Now all that was left in his account was 200 thousand Dollars . Even if it were cheaper in a military school, the C-Class martial art would still cost 500 thousand, so he did not really have the money .

"The professor meant well . And you need it anyway so let's just purchase it," Ji Yanran also said .

"To be honest, all I have is 200 thousand Dollars at this point . I cannot afford that," Han Sen had to say .

"That's fine . I have it . " Ji Yanran smiled and transferred 500 thousand Dollars to him .

"Since my girlfriend is rich, I'll get it then . " Han Sen did not refuse and turned to the middle-aged man, "Professor, what's the C-Class hyper geno art that you recommend?"