Super Gene - Chapter 223

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:23:39 PM

Chapter 223

" Han Sen, I hope that you could start to practice Yin Yang Blast right now . . . " Bai Yishan said quickly .

"Professor I want to ask you something . Why didn't you go find an evolver or surpass her to practice your invention?" asked Han Sen .

"I've thought about it but Yin Yang Blast was based on ruler, and ruler has a requirements for those who practice it, which is the age of them should not be over 20 . Although I had made a lot of improvements, the limit is still there . For those over 20, they would make very slow progress in practicing Yin Yang Blast . They could spend 10 years and make less progress than a young person in a few months . " Bai Yishan sighed .

"So i'm the most suitable candidate to practice Yin Yang Blast under 20?"

"That's right . Otherwise I wouldn't go to the extreme and try to lie to you . " Bai Yishan nodded .

"So I'm your only candidate now?" asked Han Sen .

"Yes, it will be too late for me to go find someone else . I really hope that you can help me too . . . "

Han Sen cut in before he could finish, " so what can you offer me?"

"What?" Bai Yishan paused .

" I mean compensation . Since Yin Yang Blast is about to be banned, it means it's dangerous . And for me to take such a risk for you, I need to be compensated . Don't you agree?" Han Sen smiled .

Bai Yishan hesitated . He had never seen a young man like this . He never had to ask for a favor and people always came to him and beg to learn the new martial arts he invented .

"Okay . If it is necessary, I could pay you . How much money do you want?" Bai Yishan would do anything to keep Yin Yang Blast relevant .

"100 S-Class Saint Hall licenses," said Han Sen .

Bai widened his eyes, as if Han Sen was a lunatic . He had never seen a young man so daring .

After a long while, Bai Yishan looked at Han Sen and asked, " Han Sen, do you understand what a hundred S-class Saint Hall licenses mean?"

"You are the one who invented the S-class hyper geno arts, so what does it matter? If you think it's too many, 99 will do as well," said Han Sen .

Bai Yishan smiled reluctantly, "My research only accounts for a small part of them and even if I teach you everything that I've invented, it's far less than a hundred . In addition, without the geno solutions, you need to take tremendous risks to practice the hyper geno arts . "

"So teach me everything you invented, and then give me several bottles of geno solutions for each," said Han Sen .

Bai Yishan looked at Han Sen and said, "I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Saint Hall, so there is no way I could teach you all that . Even if I teach you, you will also end up in jail when someone finds out about it . Also, I have no control over the geno solutions . Without justified causes, I cannot even apply for one extra bottle . "

"Since you're not sincere about this, then forget about it . I'm sure you can easily find someone else to practice Yin Yang Blast . I don't think there's much I can do to help . " Han Sen got up and was ready to go .

He had reviewed Yin Yang Blast, and understood that there was no harm in practicing it . The risk was mainly in its usage .

"Wait . I could pay you a lot of money," said Bai Yishan .

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"Professor, I am not so poor that I would risk my life for money," said Han Sen softly .

"There is no risk in practicing Yin Yang Blast . And based on your talent, you don't have to risk much using it . . . " Bai Yishan tried to explain .

"I'm sorry professor . I'm afraid I cannot help you," said Han Sen .

Bai Yishan had no idea whether or not he made the right decision to pick this guy . He said helplessly, "The Saint Hall gives me 2 s class licenses per year . I have used some and given some away . Now all I have left are five . That's all I can offer . Think about it . "

"Can I use these licenses to purchase the hyper geno arts beyond the unevolved level?" asked Han Sen .

"You could use them to purchase all kinds of martial arts and hyper geno arts in the S Section of the Saint Hall; but if your fitness level is below the requirement, they would help very little even if you purchase them . "

"Well then, if you give me the 5 s class licenses, I will practice your Yin Yang Blast . " Han Sen reached out a hand in front of Bai Yishan .

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Because many S-class hyper geno arts had requirements for one's fitness level, only evolvers or surpassers could practice them . Some licenses were limited to certain levels, while the ones Bai Yishan offered were universal .

Han Sen was satisfied with such compensation . He had reviewed Yin Yang Blast, and knew that it was not dangerous to practice .

Bai Yishan was very glad that he had the S-Class licenses with him, otherwise this greedy devil might never agree to help him .

Bai Yishan had never seen a young men like Han Sen . All other young man he met were respectful and never asked for anything .

After signing the contract with Han Sen, Bai Yishan gave the five S-Class Saint Hall licenses to Han Sen . These universal S-Class licenses would only be given to people on his level . An average professor would not even be able to have one .

Giving all five licenses he had to Han Sen, Bai Yishan felt a bit upset .

Fortunately, after receiving the licenses, Han Sen drank the geno solution of Yin Yang Blast in front of Bai Yishan and finished the first practice, making Bai Yishan feel a little better .

"Although he is greedy, he did fulfill his promise . I hope that he could make Yin Yang Blast shine . Maybe one day Yin Yang Blast could be made public again . " Bai Yishan tried to comfort himself .