Super Gene - Chapter 2293

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Chapter 2293: 2293

Chapter 2293 Passing the Tes

“Dad, the woman has no more blood . Dad… he cracked open the woman’s brain…” Bao’er kept reporting what was happening .

“Bao’er, stop looking!” Han Sen called Bao’er back into his arms . He didn’t want her to see such a bloody scene .

Bao’er was actually quite old at this point, but in Han Sen’s eyes, she’d be a little girl forever .

Bao’er jumped off of Han Sen’s shoulder to sit on his chest . She looked curiously at the Four Symbols Seal and the trapped xenogeneic that was still struggling inside .

Han Sen still couldn’t feel anything behind him, but after hearing what Bao’er had said, he felt sick with worry . The images of what she had described kept repeating inside his mind, and nothing he tried to think about could scrub them away .

“Jade Cat, what are you doing!” Han Sen finally shouted at the statue of the jade cat .

The jade cat already seemed to be sleeping again, and it showed no reaction to Han Sen’s call .

After a while, the prisoner’s chains began to rattle again . As it left the space behind Han Sen’s back, it slowly entered his field of vision . The prisoner left in pretty much the same manner that he arrived, slowly and seemingly vacant-minded .

There was one small difference, however . He was dragging the corpse of a woman behind him .

To be more accurate, that was not the body of a woman . It was a female creature’s body .

Han Sen couldn’t see what the female creature’s facial features had been, because a large hole had been punched into the creature’s head . There was a gaping cavity where the face had been . The upper part of her body was humanoid, though, and the lower body was like a snake . She looked like one of the Ghana, but unlike the Ghana, there was a spiraling horn on her head . It was silver and around one foot long, and it was reminiscent of a unicorn’s horn .

The snake scales of her lower body were silver, as well . They were so bright that they made her form seem a little transparent . Holes had been torn through her head and chest, but there was no blood oozing out . It was just as Bao’er had originally said, in that the blood of the woman had run dry .

“What is that weirdo’s presence here supposed to mean? Why would he draw a woman on my back?” Han Sen wondered, somewhat shaken .

But Han Sen didn’t seem to be injured or impaired . His body was fine, his Galactic Lobster Armor was fine, and it looked like the creepy prisoner guy was leaving now that he had drawn his picture .

Although the whole experience had been rather disturbing, the creature hadn’t actually hurt him . So, Han Sen knew he’d just have to stop thinking about it .

“Bao’er! Could you use some water to wash your dad’s armor? Wash away the mess he made,” Han Sen said to Bao’er . While the paint hadn’t been harmful, he was still unhappy to have it on him .

Bao’er jumped off of Han Sen’s chest and walked behind him to do as he asked . Then her surprised voice said, “She is gone!”

“What is gone?” Han Sen’s heart jumped into his throat .

“The picture he drew is now gone,” Bao’er said .

“How could it be gone?” Han Sen was very confused about this, and so he proceeded to ask, “Did the picture just get smeared?”

Bao’er shook her head . “Dad, there’s nothing on your back . It is very clean, and there is not even the smallest semblance of a bloodstain . The ugly woman drawing is all gone . ”

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Han Sen had no idea what to make of this, so he asked Mister White, “Mister White, what is going on?”

Mister White shook his head . “I don’t understand any of this, either . We couldn’t see your back, and we were only able to see that he was drawing something on you . I don’t know what it was that he actually drew . ”

Han Sen didn’t like not knowing, but there was little that he could do about it . He checked his body and noted how nothing seemed to have happened, so for now, he shelved all thoughts about it .

Nothing strange happened after that . The four of them kept sending power into the Four Symbols Seal . It maintained a firm hold on the snared xenogeneic clone . Days passed, and after what felt like forever, they reached the ten-day deadline .

Although the four of them were quite exhausted by this point, they had at least managed to survive the ten days .

When the xenogeneics returned to their palace lairs and the doors of their palaces closed, the four of them almost collapsed .

The jade cat statue smiled and began speaking again . “Congratulations! You have passed the Sacred Leader’s test . You can now receive the relic left behind by the Sacred Leader . ”

“Where is the treasure?” Han Sen asked, forcing himself to ignore his exhaustion .

“Right here,” the jade cat statue said . The jade pillar below its feet then suddenly opened up, revealing a small jade box . It was impossible to guess what might lay inside .

Han Sen started forward to pick up the box, but then, his heart jumped up . He saw that Crime was holding a broken sword, slashing towards Han Sen .

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The blood kirin was angered by this, and so it roared and leaped towards Crime .

But Crime’s darkness covered everything, and Han Sen’s eyes were unable to pierce it .

Han Sen didn’t move his eyes, though . The bird’s nest was still on his head, and he leaped towards where the box had been before everything went black .

In Crime’s area-of-effect, all seven of Han Sen’s senses were blocked . But because he had the protection of the bird’s nest, he wasn’t concerned about any attacks that Crime might launch .

But the next second, Han Sen’s face changed . A weird power came down to strike the bird’s nest . The power locked onto the bird’s nest and pulled it away from Han Sen’s head .

Then, he and Bao’er were tied up by something like a rope . The rope jerked them roughly to the side .

The darkness faded . Han Sen noticed that he and Bao’er were now bound by loop upon loop of white rope . Next to them, there was a net with Han Sen’s bird’s nest inside it . The net must have been quite special if it was able to bind a deified bird’s nest .

Crime held the net in one hand and the jade box in the other .

“Thank you for helping me obtain the Sacred Leader’s treasure,” Crime said coldly to Han Sen, holding the box casually under one arm .

“Who are you?” Mister White frowned at Crime .

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Crime smiled and said, “Mister White, I am your faithful guard Crime . ”

“You look like Crime, but Crime is just a King-class guard . You most certainly aren’t . Crime wouldn’t possess Prince Fourteen’s Sky Net,” Mister White stated flatly, his frown deepening .

Crime slid the box into his chest pocket . Then, he lifted his broken knife and spoke to Mister White . “You think too much . Although I am half-deified, I am still your guard . But aside from you, I have a duty to Prince Fourteen, as well . Prince Fourteen wants this item, so I will have to take this back with me . ”

“Mister White, we both work for Prince Fourteen . You have helped me a great deal, and I will tell Prince Fourteen of your involvement . But this is not where this should be discussed… We need to get rid of him first,” Crime said . Then his broken knife came swinging towards Han Sen .

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