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Super Gene - Chapter 2294

Published at 14th of June 2020 05:45:06 AM

Chapter 2294: 2294

Chapter 2294 Getting the Treasure

Crime swung his weapon, and the substance chain on his knife became a black snake king that looked as if it could swallow the sky . It suddenly lashed towards Han Sen .

Han Sen’s body surged with power, but the white rope tightened around him . The mysterious substance chain tangled him up, and it made it difficult for Han Sen to gather up any semblance of defense . That knife was going to slice him to ribbons .

Han Sen gritted his teeth . He was preparing to activate his super god spirit mode when the roaring knifelight was broken .

Han Sen was shocked . He looked at Crime . A hand that looked like jade had wrapped around Crime’s wrist . The fingers were very long and pretty .

“Mister White!” Han Sen could not believe what his own eyes were seeing . Mister White was standing behind Crime, pulling his hand back through Crime’s chest .

But Mister White’s hand emerged perfectly clean, without a speck of blood dirtying it .

Crime’s broken knife fell to the ground . He looked at the bloody hole in his chest and then looked at Mister White with disbelief . He said, “Your power was said to be useless in a fight… How… How were you able to destroy my black lion body?”

“Life is full of surprises . You should have gotten used to that by now . ” A beautiful white shell appeared in Mister White’s hand . He opened it and held it out toward Crime . The injured Crime was sucked into the shell . Visit website our Listnovel . com

When the shell closed up, Mister White pocketed it . He grabbed the Sky Net and the little box . He looked as if he was smiling, but he wasn’t . And to Han Sen, he said, “Han Sen, it looks like you have lost completely . ”

Han Sen was still bound by the Sky Net . He gave Mister White a wry smile . “You won . So, what are you going to do with me?”

“Kill you, of course . Do you really think I’d let a scary enemy like you continue to live and grow in this world?” Mister White looked at Han Sen emotionlessly .

“Mister White, you overestimate me . I am just a nameless soldier . ” Han Sen didn’t move . He summoned all his power as he continued to stare at Mister White . He was going to take a risk .

Mister White turned to the cat statue as he gripped the Sky Net, ignoring Han Sen and Bao’er . “Nine-Life Cat, can we go now?”

Han Sen was shocked . Mister White knew the jade cat statue was a Nine-Life Cat .

The Nine-Life Cat statue stared at Mister White . It remained unmoving as it coldly said, “If you guys passed the test, so it is entirely up to you whether you come or go . There is no need to ask for my permission . ”

“Goodbye . ” Mister White tugged the Sky Net and dragged Han Sen and Bao’er out of Holy Town .

This time, the power of the town didn’t prevent them from leaving . Mister White pulled Han Sen and Bao’er out of the town with ease and returned to that area of dark water .

Mister White’s other hand glowed with holy light as it held the jade stone box . The light was able to keep the darkness at bay, at a distance of around three meters from them . He eventually pulled Bao’er and Han Sen safely out of the trench .

Han Sen had thought Mister White would kill them in Holy Town, but he didn’t . And after he left that place, he didn’t try to make a quick getaway . He took Han Sen and Bao’er into the big white whale, instead .

Fox Queen and Yisha’s fight seemed to have ended, since there was no more movement in the sea . It was unclear which of the two might have emerged victorious, though . There was no sign of either of them .

Mister White brought Han Sen and Bao’er into the big white whale . He smiled and looked at Han Sen . “Now I can kill you without any worries . Have you thought up any escape ideas?”

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“Why didn’t you kill me in Holy Town?” Han Sen asked with confusion .

“You really think that town hid the real treasure?” Mister White asked in an amused tone .

“It didn’t?” Han Sen asked .

“It could have, but only if the Sacred Leader went mad . It would have taken utter insanity to spend so much power and effort constructing a place to hide his own treasure . ” Mister White smiled . “This place must have a secret that you haven’t even imagined yet . Aside from that, the picture on your back looks pretty special . ”

“I thought the drawing was gone . ” Han Sen was shocked .

Mister White laughed and said, “You are too naive . Just because something disappears, that doesn’t mean it is gone . I didn’t recognize the person who drew on you, but I do know that he was drawing a creature known as Ancient Blood Dragon Lady . It is a mutant, deified xenogeneic . Her blood is her mutant xenogeneic gene . I don’t think such powerful blood could disappear so easily . ”

Han Sen heard this and was shocked . He had never thought that thing might have been a mutant deified creature .

“Why? Why did he draw on me?” Han Sen asked in confusion .

“I do not know . Perhaps ever since the beginning, you were the chosen one . ” Mister White’s expression hardened . “But it doesn’t matter anymore . I am going to kill you, so everything will end . ”

After that, Mister White looked angry . He yanked the Sky Net, and Han Sen and Bao’er were pulled in front of him . His hand reached out to grab Han Sen .

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Han Sen remembered how Crime’s body was easily perforated by Mister White’s hand . He was shocked, and he was about to activate his super god body .

But when Mister White waved his hand, the Sky Net loosened enough to release the bird’s nest . The bird’s nest returned to Han Sen .

“Mister White, this is…” Han Sen caught the bird’s nest, and he looked at Mister White with confusion .

Mister White put away the Sky Net, and he tossed the jade box towards Han Sen .

Han Sen caught the little jade box, his confusion growing . He had no idea what was going on .

Mister White smiled at Han Sen . His muscles and bones began to shift and writhe, and so too did his face .

Not long after, Mister White became someone else . His presence was greatly changed .

Mister White now looked younger . He looked no more than twenty years old, but his body carried a special sort of presence . It gave Han Sen the feeling that this man had seen and lived through everything . He was like a person that oversaw a match of chess . Han Sen’s mouth opened wide .

“You! How is it you!” Han Sen screamed, pointing at him .

“Why would it not be me?” Mister White looked at Han Sen with interest .

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“Aren’t you in the sanctuaries? How… how did you get out…” Han Sen spoke only half of what he wished to . He then suddenly thought of Blood Legion and the shura, who both had a way to leave . It now didn’t seem so strange that this person had been able to leave the sanctuaries .

“It is a long story . To summarize, I thought I’d be able to break the vacuum and become a god in this world . But who knew that this was the place I would actually come to . It was quite a disappointment, all-in-all . ” Mister White shrugged, looking regretful .

“You… I cannot believe it…” Han Sen mumbled, still frozen .

Han Sen knew this man . They hadn’t spent much time together, but Han Sen remembered him . That was because this man was the real heir of the Xuan Men . But Han Sen had only learned the Dongxuan Sutra from Dongxuan Zi . That counted for half of the Xuan Men students .

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