Super Gene - Chapter 2322

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Chapter 2322: 2322

Chapter 2322 Pretending to be a Prince

On his way to Planet Wind Zone, Han Sen sent a coded message .

Han Sen took a deep breath before typing in the number that he wanted to send the message to . It was the number that Mister White had given him .

Mister White had told him that if there was an emergency, he could send a coded message to that number . Then, he would find a way to contact Han Sen back .

The code was simple . Rather than explaining exactly what had happened, Han Sen simply said that there was an emergency .

After sending the message, Han Sen waited patiently . Half an hour later, his communicator came to life . An unknown number had sent him a message .

Han Sen opened it . Again, this message was written in code . Han Sen read it and understood what he was being told .

“Go along with it . The information you need is in his house, and you must go there tonight,” Han Sen read, and his jaw hit the floor . Mister White knew that Han Sen had killed Bai Yi, and on top of that, he knew that Han Sen was currently disguising himself as Bai Yi . When the message said “his house,” it must have been referring to Bai Yi’s home .

Even with his coded message translated, no one would know what the message was referring to .

Although he didn’t know how Mister White had found out, Mister White wanted him to keep pretending . And that meant he might succeed with the ruse .

The information Mister White was alluding to had to be information concerning Bai Yi . If Han Sen managed to get that information, he might learn more about Bai Yi . And that would make the charade easier for him .

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The major problem at the moment was that he didn’t know anything about Bai Yi . He currently didn’t even know where the man lived . He didn’t know if anyone else lived in the man’s home or if he had any friends . He didn’t have a single clue . If he just went there boldly, Han Sen feared his identity would be exposed .

And as for the information Mister White was talking about, Han Sen didn’t know where to find it .

When Han Sen arrived back at Planet Wind Zone, Mister White hadn’t sent any more follow-up messages . He had already given Han Sen all the help he would be able to . Now, Han Sen just had to do whatever he could .

Han Sen looked up some information on Bai Yi, but what he found wasn’t very detailed . He was King Bai’s sixteenth son . He was good at manipulating water, and he was a very arrogant man . His mother was a Siren, but she had died many years ago .

Han Sen felt relieved . If Bai Yi’s mother was still around, she would probably have exposed Han Sen the moment he met her .

And in regards to King Bai, Han Sen wasn’t really worried . King Bai had many children and grandchildren . Aside from the ones that he truly cherished, few ever saw him .

Bai Yi wasn’t one of the favored children . The Siren civilization had been destroyed, and Bai Yi’s mother had run to the Extreme King afterward . King Bai made her one of his wives . Bai Yi had no one living to support him, so he was just a run-of-the-mill prince .

Bai Yi’s talent wasn’t too shabby, but he wasn’t very famous amongst the princes . His temper was foul, and he was a very arrogant individual . He was greedy, too . He didn’t have much, and he wasn’t fond of his father, either . Because of that, his development was stunted .

Although Bai Yi was older than Bai Wei, he hadn’t actually gone much farther than she had . His planet had helped him become King class, but that was about it . There were no more resources that would allow him to get better .

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That was all Han Sen was able to learn . As for who was on Bai Yi’s planet and what friends he might have had, that was information he couldn’t learn on the internet .

And as for what the planet looked like and what sort of buildings were there, Han Sen hadn’t a clue . He hadn’t seen a single image of the place .

When he arrived on Planet Wind Zone, Han Sen ran to where the blood kirin was living . Bai Wei was currently still practicing in King’s Garden, so she wasn’t on Planet Wind Zone right then . Han Sen gathered Bao’er, the blood kirin, and the little red bird, then they left the planet and took a ship to Bai Yi’s Planet Water Zone .

Planet Water Zone lived up to its name . The whole planet was covered in water, or at least most of it was . A few islands were visible, but they were easy to overlook .

There were many creatures living in its sea, and Bai Yi’s water element body was a good match for practicing there . Overall, it was a pretty nice planet .

But Han Sen didn’t see any towns on the planet’s surface . He surmised that it must have been underwater .

Han Sen was growing nervous . He didn’t know where to find Bai Yi’s underwater city . If he just randomly started poking around, he’d look like a pretty shady character .

If he was Bai Yi, there was no way he would have forgotten the way home . He wouldn’t just dive into the sea and swim around aimlessly .

Han Sen entered Planet Water Zone’s atmosphere, trying to figure out what he should do . Suddenly, someone jumped out of the water to greet Han Sen .

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“Who are you? Why have you come to Planet Water Zone?” the person shouted at Han Sen .

Han Sen looked at the woman, taking in her blue hair and unusual body . The lady didn’t look like one of the Extreme King . Her ears were like the blue gills of a fish . She had no proper legs, either . Her lower body was the tail of a fish . She looked like one of the Ghana, but just a bit different .

“This must be one of the Siren,” Han Sen thought to himself .

“You don’t remember your prince?” Han Sen shouted coldly . He used his Original Water King Body and cast a water area-of-effect to bind the Siren lady and pull her towards him .

“My prince… is that you?” The Siren lady’s eyes opened wide . She looked at Han Sen in shock . “My prince! You used Return to Origin?”

“If you know that I have, then do not waste my time . Hurry down and tidy up . I’m going to need some privacy for a while as I take over the body,” Han Sen said . Then, he released the water AoE and let the Siren lady go free .

The Siren lady looked frightened, and she said, “Yes, I will do it . ”

After that, she flicked her tail and went swimming back into the depths of the sea .

Han Sen silently followed her . He swam into the ocean and soon saw an underwater city residing beneath the waves . It was like something out of a fairytale .

The entire city was wrapped in a holy blue light that separated it from the water . It looked rather amazing .

“Of course . The environment here is far better than the environment of Planet Wind Zone,” Han Sen thought to himself . He followed the girl into the underwater city .

Surprisingly, when he entered, he found that the pretty underwater city was actually dirty and full of garbage . Many buildings were run-down and dilapidated .

Millions could have lived in that underwater city, but when he entered the city proper, there was no one living there aside from the Siren lady, whose name was Lilly .

“It looks like this Prince Sixteen wasn’t living a good life, either,” Han Sen thought to himself .

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