Super Gene - Chapter 2327

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Chapter 2327: 2327

Chapter 2327 Cannot Keep Pretending

Cher’s beauty would make anyone’s heart jump, but in Han Sen’s eyes, she was completely unappealing .

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Han Sen had seen many beautiful people in the world . There were countless numbers of them, but he was now past the stage in which he took people for their face value . What was inside was better than what was outside .

Cher looked as if she absolutely despised Bai Yi . That attractiveness she displayed was for a specific purpose, and she showed her body to achieve it . Ordinary people might have been drawn to that, but Han Sen thought it was boring .

Cher wasn’t Han Sen’s type . Even if he really liked her, he wouldn’t do anything with a woman so easily .

But right now, if Han Sen didn’t do something, he would raise suspicions about his identity .

The evil, horny Bai Yi wouldn’t think twice about doing something devilish to that pretty woman .

Bai Ling Shuang wouldn’t believe Han Sen’s lie if he showed restraint .

Han Sen picked up Cher by the waist and took her to the bed .

Cher lay against Han Sen’s chest . She looked so shy, and her arms were around Han Sen’s neck .

When Han Sen put Cher down on the bed, her pretty eyes looked into Han Sen’s own at a very close distance . There was only ten centimeters separating the two .

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Han Sen’s eyes shifted away to break the gaze . He wanted to use a geno art, but Cher’s eyes looked very weird . They were magnetic, pulling directly on peoples’ hearts . He was going to get lost in her attractive eyes .

Han Sen’s heart skipped a beat . He gave up on casting a geno art, looking genuinely attracted by her . He had seen these eyes before when he was trapped in Ghost Bone Palace; Fox Queen had tried to trick him the same way . He hadn’t expected Cher to have a command of this ability, as well .

It wasn’t hard to tell that she was one of the Fox . They were two of the same race, and that talent could very well have been a defining ability of the Foxes . It wasn’t too strange that Cher knew how to do this, but compared to Fox Queen, Cher was an amateur .

Cher’s power still surprised Han Sen, though . She was King class for sure, and Han Sen hadn’t been able to tell that before this moment .

The Fox had a skill that hid their strength, and it was very effective .

But thinking about how Fox Queen hid herself as a King class guard amidst the Extreme King despite being deified, this wasn’t half as special .

Han Sen was familiar with this geno art, so he knew what the expected reaction should be . Han Sen’s eyes started to look dazed, as if he was frozen . But he sighed .

A while later, Han Sen looked dazed while lying on Cher . He was like a zombie .

“This Cher is using a luring skill to get me to fall under a spell . She is trying to make me think that I’m going to do something with her . Most people wouldn’t realize what was happening . I wonder if this was her idea, or if it was Bai Ling Shuang who ordered her to do this?” Han Sen wondered . He thought it was more likely to be the second option .

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Cher looked at Han Sen with revulsion as she pushed him away . She sat up on the bed and tidied her clothes . She looked utterly disgusted .

A hidden door in the room opened, and Bai Ling Shuang walked in .

Cher bowed to her and said, “My Princess, I used Fox Eye to attract him . He won’t know what happened . ”

Bai Ling Shuang nodded . “Good job . Take off his clothes and remove everything . I want to get a proper look at him . ”

“My Princess, do you think something is wrong with Prince Sixteen?” Cher asked .

“Not quite… I just feel as if something is amiss with him,” Bai Ling Shuang said .

“It looks like my attempts to imitate Bai Yi are failing,” Han Sen thought as he heard Cher approach him . “Why hasn’t blood kirin reacted?”

Bai Ling Shuang and Cher were there . Han Sen was worried they were going to expose him . He didn’t dare to use his Dongxuan Aura to get a look around the room . He thought the blood kirin was just lying there and not moving . His presence seemed normal, as if he was just sleeping .

But Han Sen knew that the blood kirin couldn’t actually be sleeping . Even if it was, Bai Ling Shuang’s entry surely should have woken it . It was just lying there and not moving . Something must have happened .

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Cher moved calmly over to Han Sen and removed all of his clothes . Han Sen just had to remain still; otherwise, everything would fall apart .

Cher brought Han Sen’s clothes and items over to Bai Ling Shuang . Bai Ling Shuang looked through the stuff and said, “This Ghost Teeth Knife is Han Sen’s . This silver thunder blade thing is also Han Sen’s . It could actually be a half-deified weapon . This Jade Drum looks different from the ordinary Jade Drums . Maybe it is a mutant Jade Drum . These items must be Han Sen’s . He certainly got lucky . ”

“Why does he only carry Han Sen’s items? Could this be a problem?” Cher frowned .

Han Sen’s heart tightened . He had wanted to carry some of Bai Yi’s items, but they had all been eaten by the blue metal wolf . He had nothing, and there was nothing decent in his house . Han Sen only found some accessories to wear, but there were no xenogeneic treasures or King class items .

Bai Ling Shuang coldly said, “Bai Yi is addicted to sex and gambling . His family didn’t lose because he married Lan Haixin . But that Lan Haixin had her own purposes for marrying him . She isn’t really in love with Bai Yi . What she holds onto won’t be given to Bai Yi . Bai Yi should be a prince, but he is little more than a servant . His situation is quite bad . If things weren’t like this, he wouldn’t have been greedy enough to request my Extreme King’s Pavilion Pass . ”

“He got lucky that he was chosen to kill Han Sen . That is a lot to be rewarded with . That Han Sen was special, but he was also so dumb . He went for that b*tch Bai Wei . He deserved to die . ” Bai Ling Shang looked through everything and tossed the items away . She walked to the secret door and went on to say, “Go and find a woman of the Pig race . We need to make it look legit . Don’t let this *sshole wonder about anything after waking up . ”

“F*ck you, lady . Do you have to be this cruel? This is so f*cking cruel!” Han Sen thought . The Pig people had a human body but a pig head . They were so strong, too . They were little more than thralls .

Bai Ling Shuang was going to put a Pig in bed with him . Han Sen wanted to jump up and kill her .

Cher brought Han Sen’s items over to the bed and threw them down . She brought a leg up and kicked Han Sen’s body hard . She hissed angrily, “You dare to touch me? Wait until later . ”

After that, Cher turned around to call for the Pig woman . Han Sen thought quickly, and in the end, he could no longer keep this up . The moment Cher turned around, Han Sen jumped up . He grabbed her back and used his hand to cover her mouth as he threw her on the bed .

Jadeskin’s ice power and Original Water King Body’s King area-of-effect combined and flowed into Cher’s body . She was caught completely off guard, and she was frozen on the spot .

But she was King class, and she tried to fight back . Han Sen’s ice power was melting fast due to her resistance .

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