Super Gene - Chapter 239

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:24:02 PM

Chapter 239

Han Sen: unevolved

Status: none

Lifespan: 200

Geno points needed for evolution: 100

Geno points gained: 100 ordinary geno points; 100 primitive geno points; 64 mutant geno points; 50 sacred geno points .

Han Sen came to the Steel Armor Shelter and checked his data . He still needed some mutant geno points . Since sacred geno points were hard to come by, he thought he would hunt for some mutant creatures first .

As for Huangfu Pingqing's invite, Han Sen was not that interested . Queen was indeed outstanding, but he did not believe that it was the result of the cultivation from the Ares Martial Hall . What made her different was her own personality .

"Was a strong woman . In the entire Alliance, I am still too weak and must go to Second God's Sanctuary as soon as possible," thought Han Sen as he walked out the shelter, ready to hunt some mutant creatures .

After leaving the shelter, he looked around and suddenly saw a red rope tied on a crooked tree .

This was the signal he told Lu Weinan . At the time, he was only saying it casually and did not really want to cooperate with Lu Weinan . After all, they had fought each other, and Han Sen could not be sure that Lu Weinan would not hold a grudge .

Han Sen had almost forgotten about it, but was reminded by the sight of the red rope . It was supposed to be Han Sen who left the signal, so Lu Weinan's behavior alerted Han Sen .

Han Sen was interested to know what Lu Weinan was up to . He waited until nightfall and used the color shifter beast soul to approach the tree . Surprisingly, there were no traps .

Han Sen saw that a note was tied to the tree . He took it out and saw a location written on it, which was in a mountain not far from the shelter .

Han Sen paused for a while and still went to the said location . Even if Lu Weinan was trying to harm him, he needed to figure out why . If he was watched but did not know the reason, he would not feel comfortable .

Luckily, he had the color shifter beast soul . At the said location, he hid himself and walked around . There was no trap, but Lu Weinan was under a tree . It looked like Lu was quite anxious .

"Why are you looking for me?" Han Sen turned into Dollar and walked to Lu Weinan .

"Brother, you have come finally . I've waited for you for so long!" Lu Weinan came over excitedly .

"What do you need?" Han Sen frowned .

"Brother, I found a sacred-blood creature in Dark Swamp, but I was not able to kill it, so I want your help…" Lu Weinan explained everything .

Lu Weinan had been waiting for Han Sen for several days . He could not take care of the sacred-blood creature, but he did not want to seek the gangs' help either, because the gangs would take a big cut .

That's when he thought of Han Sen and left the signal . When he was about to give up, Han Sen really came .

"What? You found a humanoid sacred-blood creature?" Han Sen stared, his eyes wide .

"Yes, it was covered in black armor and was holding a black spear in its hand . It was riding a black unicorn horse, which could float above the swamp," Lu Weinan described .

"A spear and a mount, what kind of creature is that? Are you sure you did not see a human?" Han Sen looked at Lu Weinan incredulously .

"Brother, I kid you not . Although it looks like a person, you will see that it is definitely a sacred-blood creature . "

"So did you fight it? What's the outcome?" Han Sen asked Lu Weinan .

Lu Weinan blushed, "It was too strong and its mount too fast . I had to use my iron-feathered bird to escape . "

Han Sen suddenly understood that Lu Weinan must have been completely beaten, and that was why he had come to Han Sen .

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"So if I could kill the sacred-blood creature, how do you suggest we divide the gains?" asked Han Sen .

"Whoever gains the beast soul gets to keep it . As for others, I think that humanoid would be inedible . And all there is to share are its spear and mount . What do you say we each pick one, and I will let you pick first?" Lu Weinan asked .

"Take me to check it out first . If I could kill it, then we can talk about how to divide . If not, then it doesn't even matter," Han Sen thought about it and said .

"Okay," Lu Weinan gritted his teeth and agreed .

Han Sen did not kill him last time, which gave him some faith in Han Sen's character . If he were talking to another person, he would not show that person the creature first, as the information was his value in the deal .

Han Sen carried the diamond sword from holy angel and followed Lu Weinan to Dark Swamp .

Lu Weinan was leading the way on his flying mount, and Han Sen was flying using his wings . Half a day into the swamp, Han Sen found a mutant centipede more than 6 feet long .

He cut the centipede in half with the diamond sword, and cooked the insect for some mutant geno points . The tough shell of the centipede was like tofu under the diamond sword .

Lu Weinan saw the sword and his eyes lit up . "Brother, this must be the sacred-blood gear from that creature on Mystery Island? Did you manage to get its beast soul?"

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"You know your stuff . I did not get the beast soul," replied Han Sen casually and summoned Meowth to share the meat .

Han Sen did not turn Meowth into its transformed state . It still looked like a kitty cat, eating meat at Han Sen's feet .

"Such a pity that I cannot summon the golden rock worm king," thought Han Sen . The worm king was always with Han Sen instead of Dollar, so he did not want to blow his own cover .

"Brother, you're still feeding it?" Lu Weinan thought the cat was harmless as before and reached out to touch its head .


Before his hand could touch Meowth, the cat suddenly turned into the transformed state—a black tiger, biting at Lu Weinan .