Super Gene - Chapter 240

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:24:03 PM

Chapter 240

Lu Weinan was indeed great at escaping . Using his incredible footwork, he was able to take back his hand and run from the tiger .

Meowth had already thrown itself at Lu Weinan and was ready to launch another attack .

"Meowth, come back to eat . " Han Sen called . He was counting on Lu Weinan to lead the way and did not want him to be killed .

Lu Weinan pointed at Meowth and shouted, "Isn't it mutant beast soul pet? How come…"

Han Sen did not reply and continued to eat . Lu Weinan suddenly understood, "It evolved!"

Lu Weinan shot an envious glance at Meowth, and said, "Brother, you are so lucky . Even your mutant pet has evolved . Now it must be more valuable than any other sacred-blood beast soul . "

"Yes, I was lucky . "

Han Sen thought to himself, "If you see holy angel, you would know what a truly valuable pet looks like . "

Thinking of holy angel, Han Sen was a little upset . He had tried to feed her mutant meat, and she would not even look at it .

When Han Sen was eating sacred-blood meat, she became very interested . Unfortunately, Han Sen couldn't afford to feed her sacred-blood meat yet .

After the two persons and one cat were fed, they continued their trip . Because the centipede was too large, Han Sen was not able to gain a single mutant geno point with his full meal .

After flying for several days in the Dark Swamp, they reached the destination . Unfortunately, all the mutant creatures they saw were too large, and Han Sen only gained one mutant geno point .

They were at a water meadow . In the green grass stood a unicorn horse, on the back of which sat a knight covered in shiny black armor, with the black spear in his hand .

Only by looking at it from afar, Han Sen was certain that it was not a human being, like Lu Weinan had said .

The armor of the knight's was neither metal nor stone, it was more like shell of the turtle or some kind of beetle . And there was no gap between the parts of the armor .

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It was very odd . Han Sen was sure that this was a sacred-blood creature, and one that was very hard to deal with .

It was much stronger than the stone man that Helen showed him . Just by looking at its spear and mount, Han Sen was sure that it was not an ordinary sacred-blood creature .

Humanoid creatures were already very strong, and this one even had a mount, which was something that Han Sen had not even heard of before .

"Brother, am I right? Is it a sacred-blood creature?" Hiding in the grass, Lu Weinan whispered to Han Sen .

"Yes, it is indeed a sacred-blood creature . However, it looks very strong and I am not very confident that I could take care of it . " Han Sen told him the truth .

The sacred-blood creature was so strange . Han Sen did not think it would be weaker than the holy angel from the mystery Island . However, he did not have a second sacred-blood ghost butterfly at this point .

Luckily, he had the diamond sword . Even if this creature was as strong as holy angel, he would still stand a chance .

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"Brother, I'll let you decide how to divide our gains . " Lu Weinan thought Han Sen was expressing his dissatisfaction with his proposal and added .

"I am afraid that the two of us will not be able to beat it . " Han Sen believed that the black unicorn horse must have some special functions other than just a mount .

Lu Weinan was very positive and said, "we have to try first . This kind of rare sacred-blood creature must be worth a lot of money . If we happen to get its beast soul, then we will be able to make a fortune . "

"All right . So, let's talk about how to divide our gains first . I'm afraid that your proposal will not do," said Han Sen .

"What do you suggest?" Lu Weinan looked at Han Sen and said carefully .

"Since you have provided the information, you could take 20% of our profits . The remaining 80% will be divided according to our contribution in the hunting . What do you think?" Han Sen thought about it and suggested .

"Okay . " Lu Weinan agreed to Han Sen's terms . This way, he could at least get 20%, while the large gangs would probably only give him a 10% cut .

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Also, if Lu Weinan made some contribution, he could get more . Lu Weinan had wanted to make some effort originally, because he might be able to gain the beast soul if he had a chance to make the last attack .

After the two had finished the discussion, they sneaked up on the sacred-blood creature hidden in grass . Han Sen thought, no matter how strong the sacred-blood creature was, as long as it could not fly, it will not be too risky for the two of them .

When they were 500 feet from the sacred-blood creature, it suddenly looked to their direction .

Han Sen saw very clear that behind the helmet of the sacred-blood creature were a pair of red eyes, as red as the flames in the hell .

Before Han Sen and Lu Weinan could react, the sacred-blood creature quickly urged the black unicorn horse to charge them and raised his black spear .

"Watch out! This guy is too strong . " Han Sen grabbed the diamond sword with both his hands and used Jadeskin to its full .

The unicorn horse had an incredible speed . It could also float above the water and did not sink .

Almost immediately, the sacred-blood creature was merely a dozen feet from Han Sen . With its high speed, it quickly used its spear to stab Han Sen in the chest .