Super Gene - Chapter 2427

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Chapter 2427: Chapter 2427 Six Pictures

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Chapter 2427 Six Pictures

There were pictures of the wall, and to Han Sen’s surprise, they all looked humanoid.

The figures had hands, legs, and heads, just like humans. Oddly, though, they didn’t have faces.

Where there should have been noses, eyes, and mouths, there was empty space instead. They were blank and faceless men.

Han Sen wasn’t weirded out by the sight. After all, he had seen many kinds of weird creatures before, so a few carvings of faceless people wasn’t enough to shake him up.

The disturbing thing about the pictures was the scenes that they depicted.

The one-hundred-meter screen held six pictures. The first picture showed a broken city tower. In front of that tower stood a few men without faces. One of the faceless men was using a sword to attack the tower.

That picture showed the backs of the faceless men. Their faces weren’t visible, but when he thought about it some more and took it all in as a whole, Han Sen’s gut clenched and goosebumps flared up across his skin.

“Oh, sh*t! These faceless people in the painting cannot be us, right?” Han Sen stared at the first picture.

He could only see the back of the faceless man who was cutting down the tower, but the scene reminded him strongly of when Night Wind had been clearing rocks from around the city tower.

There were another two faceless men watching, and a fourth man was lying on the floor. That was obviously Han Sen, Miss Mirror, and the Duke they had brought with them.

No matter how Han Sen looked at it, the picture seemed to represent their attempt to enter through the stone door. The people inside the carving were faceless and their figures weren’t terribly distinct, which was the only thing keeping Han Sen from fully confirming that his theory was correct.

Han Sen and Miss Mirror looked at each other, then turned their attention to the second picture. The carving still featured four faceless figures with their backs turned. Not far from the figures, a sword was lodged in the ground.

Han Sen didn’t think that this picture required much interpretation. It was clearly depicting the moment that they had discovered the gigantic, rusty sword that had been stabbed into the ground.

But the third picture, without a doubt, was them standing in front of the screen. Three faceless men were examining the drawing on the screen. Only one faceless man was lying on the ground, and it really did look just like them.

“Hum! Who’s playing this trick? Come on out!” Night Wind shouted. His sword of darkness slashed repeatedly at the screen.

Obviously, unless the person who created the pictures on the screen was a prophet, there was no way those carvings could have been drawn before their arrival.

The only possibility was that someone had imbued that screen with some sort of power, and when they arrived there, it generated the scenes that were visible across the carving.

Night Wind’s dark substance chains struck the screen and shattered again, leaving no trace of their attack on the screen’s surface. The screen was as hard as a deified treasure.

“Don’t waste your energy. Let’s look at the rest of the picture for now,” Miss Mirror said.

Night Wind’s attacks were useless. He lowered his hands and joined them in examining the carvings.

Han Sen understood what Miss Mirror meant. The third picture represented their current situation in front of the screen, but there were another three pictures. If the carvings were already carved prior to their arrival, then those three pictures might predict what would happen next.

If the pictures failed to predict what was to happen or if their predictions weren’t accurate, it would prove that someone had been playing a trick on them. That would mean that the screen held no prophetic power, and they didn’t have to be afraid of its contents.

Han Sen looked at the fourth picture. The fourth picture still featured four faceless men, but they were now facing a tree. And this time, they didn’t all have their backs turned.

A faceless man lay on the floor, and two of the others had their backs turned, but the last faceless man was showing his faceless face.

One of the faceless men with their backs turned clutched a sword. The sword was pierced through the faceless man that was facing the front of the picture. Blood ran down the blade.

“Is this predicting that we will kill each other?” Han Sen wondered.

Night Wind looked at the fourth picture and frowned. Miss Mirror had no reaction, and she merely moved on to look at the fifth carving.

The fifth picture didn’t contain four faceless men. There were only three. One of them was lying on the ground, and the other two were in the process of strangling each other. From the picture, it seemed as if the faceless man on top was succeeding in suffocating the man below.

“That is rubbish!” Night River grunted.

This was a prediction that they would kill each other. Night Wind really thought someone had to be doing playing tricks on them, attempting to give them a scare.

Again, Miss Mirror showed no reaction. She moved on to look at the final, sixth picture.

The sixth picture was even weirder. There were only two faceless men left. One of them was on the ground, and the other knelt with their hands folded as if in prayer.

In front of the praying man, there was a statue with one thousand hands and one thousand eyes. It looked just like the statue they had seen before upon the stone path.

“Something must still be alive here. It’s changing the pictures to mess with us,” Night Wind growled, giving the pictures a look of disdain.

Han Sen knew why Night Wind was having such a strong reaction. He wasn’t trying to point out how ridiculous the pictures were; he was just trying to prove his loyalty.

Those four faceless men had no faces, and they couldn’t be identified by their body shapes, either. It was impossible to tell who was who.

But the faceless man who held a sword had clearly attacked the others, and the Duke they had brought with them was clearly the man lying on the ground in all the pictures.

Only one of the figures in the pictures used a sword. Night Wind also used a sword, and he was good at sword skills. The faceless man who held the sword had to be him, and that was why he was dying to prove his loyalty to Miss Mirror.

If what happened in the pictures came true, no matter who Night Wind attacked, things would go very badly for him.

He didn’t know that Han Sen was a fake Prince Sixteen. Killing Prince Sixteen or Miss Mirror, who was the King’s right-hand and sister, would have consequences that he didn’t even want to consider.

Deified beings were very strong, but compared to the combined might of the Extreme King, a sole deified criminal was nothing.

“It doesn’t matter if the person doing this is a god or a ghost. If he cannot come out, then that means he is scared of us. Night Wind, let’s keep going,” Miss Mirror said smoothly. Her pretty face was still serene. She didn’t seem to care about the contents of the carving one bit.

Han Sen wasn’t very concerned about it, either. Just like Miss Mirror said, even if someone alive was actively altering the carvings, that person wasn’t daring to attack them outright. Their unseen enemy had to be scared of something, and that made them feel a little safer.

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