Super Gene - Chapter 2622

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Chapter 2622: Chapter 2622 - Healing

Chapter 2622 Healing

“Motherf*cker… If you don’t get lost, I’m going to clobber you to death with my hammer!” The blacksmith spoke the common tongue with a heavy accent . He swung his hammer wildly as he ordered Han Sen out of his shop .

After Han Sen got tossed out of the smithy, a bucketful of water followed him out, drenching him . His fox ears flopped downward when they were wet, and the sight made Exquisite laugh .

Han Sen noticed the smile on Exquisite’s face, and he said, “You should smile more . You look much better like that . ”

Exquisite’s smile quickly vanished, and she returned to looking like a statue once again .

“At this point, most of the populace of Black King City is like the blacksmith you just met . Taking a treasure from here might be a little harder than it used to be . You should think about my offer . If you come with me to the Very High, I can guarantee you at least one deified treasure,” Exquisite said emotionlessly .

Han Sen started to wipe away the water beaded across his face .

He walked back over to the same blacksmith and asked if the man was willing to sell the anvil . The well-muscled blacksmith threw another bucket of water at Han Sen and swung his hammer . Han Sen narrowly evaded the strike .

Han Sen wasn’t angered by this, though . If someone had tried to lay claim to his treasures, he probably would have behaved the same way . He might have done far worse, in fact .



Han Sen walked around Black King City and came up with nothing . When night-time came, Han Sen had to depart Black King City .

Everyone had told him that Black King City wasn’t dangerous as long as he followed the rules, but that was only true during the day . If he and Exquisite remained in Black King City at night, they would probably end up dead .

A long time ago, when White Jade Jing was first discovered, a few students had spent the night in Black King City . The next day, they were nowhere to be found . They had vanished . A deified investigator was sent after them, but he disappeared as well . Ever since then, students had been forbidden from staying overnight in Black King City . They had to leave before the sun descended past the horizon .

Han Sen walked away empty-handed . Exquisite didn’t seem upset to have found nothing, but she hadn’t gone there for treasure, anyway . She was happy moseying around with Han Sen .

After that first trip, Han Sen wasn’t very interested in returning to Black King City . He preferred to spend his time studying the geno arts that appeared in the seventh tower . He made no plans to go to Black King City again .

Han Sen had been studying those texts for a while now, but their volume and variety were impressive . There was a new text every day, and there was never a duplicate . There was always something new available for him to study .

The words on the books were like the Kingese on the King Tree’s leaves in the Extreme King . Han Sen had never seen the symbols before in his life, but for some reason, he could still understand what they meant .

However, if he copied the texts down, the meaning would be lost . It was a strange sort of magic .

A year passed . It was the calmest year of Han Sen’s life . He read books, he healed, and his body started to recover . Occasionally, he even went to Black King City . There was no fighting there . There was no bloodshed . Han Sen felt as if he had become quite the lazy boy .

After that year of recovery was done, his damaged body was halfway healed . He read all the books in the seventh tower .

What annoyed Han Sen was that the effects of the Charming God’s Jian were becoming stronger . It was changing more aspects of Han Sen’s body .

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His appearance didn’t change much . He still had his fox-like ears and tail, but the rest of him was human .

However, Han Sen could feel that something was changing within his eyes . He didn’t know how to describe it . He wasn’t trying to be flirtatious, but when he met peoples’ eyesespecially women’s—they would feel as if he was hitting on them .

When he spoke with the Yun sisters, Yun Suyi would blush and hang her head low for the longest time whenever he happened to glance at her .

Yun Sushang didn’t have much of a reaction, but she rarely visited him now .

“If this keeps going on, people are going to think I’m some player who is unfaithful to his true love . ” Han Sen found the situation to be incredibly disheartening . Women didn’t seem to want to get close to him anymore . Not even Exquisite .

“Are you the Charming God’s Jian or the Repulsive God’s Jian? If this keeps going on, aside from my wife, no woman will be willing to talk to me . ” Han Sen lift the Charming God’s Jian and shook it a little as he lectured it .

Fortunately, Han Sen wasn’t very worried about the opinions of women . That made the weird changes a little easier to deal with .

Han Sen was bored at home one day, so he decided to return to Black King City .

“Big Brother Bull, how goes the blacksmithing today?” Han Sen went to the smithy and smiled at the blacksmith .

“None of your godd*mned business!” grunted the blacksmith that Han Sen had called a “bull . ”

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“Tell me when you want to sell that anvil of yours, yeah? We can talk about the price,” Han Sen said with a smile . He wasn’t put off by the harsh welcome .

“Maybe in your next lifetime,” the bull-man said .

Over the course of that year, Han Sen had gone to the smithy every few days . He wasn’t in a rush to get the anvil . He just wanted to forge a good bond with the people of the city . It would be great if he could get his hands on a piece of treasure, but he wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t . His trips to the city had become a sort of vacation .

In the beginning, the people despised Han Sen and shied away from him . After his repeated trips, however, the people got used to seeing him around . Although they were still wary of his motives, they didn’t scurry away from him as they once had . The blacksmith bull-man even spoke to him occasionally .

Although the man was grumpy whenever he spoke, a conversation was a conversation .

Like usual, Han Sen began to meander through the city .

Han Sen knew the place like the back of his hand, but he hadn’t found anything valuable within it . The legends claimed that when Black King City was first discovered, there were treasures everywhere . Even a random brick might contain untold power .

But there were too many people in Sky Palace, and over the years, all of the city’s treasures had been plundered . The items that remained, like the anvil, would be very difficult to take away .

“Brother Han, come over here . ” Han Sen was walking down the street when a wooden door near him suddenly opened . A thirty-year-old woman with a bun on her head appeared in the doorway wearing a flower dress . She waved at him quickly .

Han Sen recognized her . She was the daughter-in-law of the Liu family . She hadn’t been married for long when her husband died, and she had been single ever since . Everyone referred to her as the Liu Widow .

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“You need something?” Han Sen stepped over toward her . He carefully kept his ears from pricking up . He had once heard a story about the Liu Widow’s house containing a treasure .

Many of Sky Palace’s students had wanted to claim the Liu family’s treasure for themselves, but none of them had been successful .

Han Sen knew that the Liu Widow was the only remaining member . Perhaps he would be able to buy that treasure now .

As soon as Han Sen walked inside, the Liu Widow slammed the door shut with great force . She leaped onto Han Sen with wolf-like hunger in her eyes, and she clung to him lecherously, her arms wrapped around him like an octopus .

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