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Super Gene - Chapter 2627

Published at 16th of September 2020 11:49:18 AM

Chapter 2627: Killing a Deified Xenogeneic
"Lone Bamboo, if you knew it was a deified xenogeneic with an eight armor talent, why do you not know anything else about it?" The creature had just managed to slash Han Sen's back with a silver sword light. Han Sen's spine was visible through the gaping wound, so it warranted a complaint.

"Didn't you see the eight words on the gate? That means it has an eight armor talent," Lone Bamboo said as he kept running.

"It works like that then, does it? Those words describe whatever creature emerges? But surely, someone can't be breeding and growing the xenogeneics in here, right?" Han Sen pondered aloud as he surveyed the area. He turned his gaze toward the gate with eight words carved into it. The text was from an ancient language of the geno universe.

"I don't know. Even the Sky elders that discovered this place never figured out the White Jade Jing's origin. And so, no one knows where any of these xenogeneics come from," Lone Bamboo said, as he continued to fight the fiend and fall back whenever necessary.

The two of them fought well together, but the Silver Destroyer was simply too fast. Han Sen tried to predict his enemy's movements, but the creature's attacks were so quick that they were unavoidable, so Han Sen's predictive abilities were of limited use.

Many silver sword lights lit up the skies of White King City like lightning. By the time Han Sen saw these sword lights and tried to dodge, it would already be too late.

Every time he committed to an attack, he would be unable to dodge. Lone Bamboo wasn't faring much better than Han Sen. He was accumulating wounds, as well.

The most depressing thing about this entire situation was the fact that Lone Bamboo's purple godlight, aside from the first time he used it, was unable to land a hit on the Silver Destroyer. The creature moved faster than light itself, and whenever Lone Bamboo fired out some of his killer light, the Silver Destroyer was already gone.

None of their geno arts could land a strike on the Silver Destroyer, and even the ones that came close were broken by their foe's sword light.

Han Sen was starting to miss the presence of Little Uncle, especially when the Silver Destroyer's sword light went through his hand. Han Sen groaned in pain and mumbled to himself, "Little Uncle is good at getting hit! I don't know where he is now, but it would be great if he was here."

Seeing that he was about to get hit again, he couldn't take it anymore. He summoned his peacock king soul robe. Rainbow substance chains gathered up around to wreathe around the feather garment.

Han Sen's Six Core Snake Bow fired an arrow bursting with rainbow light. He had aimed it at the incoming sword light.


The arrow of rainbow light was destroyed by the silver sword light, and the impact melted half of the silver sword light. The remaining half of the attack continued on toward Han Sen, unaffected.

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With the power buff of the peacock king soul robe propelling him forward, Han Sen flitted from side to side like some strange bird. With his increased speed, he was able to finally dodge the Silver Destroyer's silver sword light.

"That is some scary speed!" Now that he was using his peacock king soul robe, Han Sen was moving at deified velocities. It still wasn't quite enough to put him on par with the Silver Destroyer's rate of attack, though. He had to use his abilities of judgment and movement to successfully evade the sword light.

"That's it! If you keep doing this for a while, I'll find a chance eventually!" Lone Bamboo kept trying to shoot the Silver Destroyer with the purple-eye godlight.

"Seriously? You want to keep using me as bait for this monster? Why don't you give it a try?" Han Sen grumbled, but he still tried his best to lead the Silver Destroyer around.

The Silver Destroyer was stronger than any xenogeneic in the core area. Han Sen used his peacock king soul robe and the Six Core Snake Bow to harass his enemy, but he did little to fight the Silver Destroyer directly. The creature was simply too fast for Han Sen to hurt it. If he fired an arrow at close range, the creature's sword would effortlessly slash the projectile out of the air.

Even the space-traveling arrows with Drillhead were unable to hit his foe. Han Sen and Lone Bamboo were double-teaming the Silver Destroyer, yet the monster clearly still had an advantage over them both. Han Sen was doing well, though. Now that he had summoned his peacock king soul robe, he was able to block the enemy's sword light. Lone Bamboo's wounds, however, kept increasing.

Han Sen tried his best to lead the Silver Destroyer around the arena. More than anything, he wanted to stop it from dealing more damage to Lone Bamboo.

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Although Han Sen and Lone Bamboo were working together to take down the Silver Destroyer, their cooperation was far from flawless. Their powers and thought processes were different, and on an instinctual level, they didn't approach the fight in exactly the same manner. Because of this, they missed more than a few chances.

"Ning Yue is very good at helping others coordinate. If he was here to be our commander, it would save us a lot of trouble. It is a shame..." When Han Sen thought of Ning Yue and the state that the man was currently in, it left him shaking his head.

As the fight went on, Han Sen and Lone Bamboo's cohesion seemed to improve. Although their personalities and powers were different, they were both very talented in the field of combat. They quickly became familiar with each other's strengths and managed to meld their styles.

Before long, they were each able to guess what the other's next move was going to be. Their cooperation became more synergetic.

Finally, Han Sen was able to restrain the Silver Destroyer for a moment, and Lone Bamboo was able to use his purple godlight on the creature. At that pivotal moment of combat, the light shone across the Silver Destroyer's body.

While the Silver Destroyer was incapacitated, Han Sen pulled back the Snake Core Snake Bow as far as he could. The arrow of rainbow light flew forward, punching into one of the empty eye sockets of the Silver Destroyer.


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The sound of metal striking metal rang out. Han Sen's arrow exploded from inside the Silver Destroyer's eye. The explosion ripped that chunk of the helmet off, connecting one empty eye socket with the other.

The Silver Destroyer behaved as if it didn't feel any pain, and it kept swinging its sword at Han Sen.

As Han Sen and Lone Bamboo's cooperation became more in-sync, they began to land more and more strikes on the Silver Destroyer. After fighting for seven hours, Han Sen had managed to unleash 23 arrows. Each one pierced through the Silver Destroyer's helmet.

Han Sen watched the Silver Destroyer drop to the ground, then he heard the announcement.

"Deified Xenogeneic Hunted: Silver Destroyer. Obtained deified gene."

"No dice. That is fairly unfortunate." Han Sen was disappointed that he hadn't received a beast soul. He was going to pick up the Silver Destroyer's body when a beam of light suddenly beat him to it. And then, the Silver Destroyer's body vanished.

When that beam of light shut off, a silvery egg appeared in the body's place. Many strange symbols became visible across its surface.

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