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Super Gene - Chapter 2631

Published at 16th of September 2020 11:49:13 AM

Chapter 2631: Random Punch
"I am the greatest of my level." Suddenly, everyone felt very differently about the words that Han Sen had just spoken.

Exquisite's body hit the ground with a thump. When she rose to her feet, she did so like a shambling zombie. Her bloody face and broken nose had instantly returned to normal. She was as pretty as she had been before Han Sen's punch, and it didn't look as if she had sustained any injuries.

"What kind of geno art is that?" Exquisite asked Han Sen.

Han Sen had been able to increase his speed until he was faster than the manipulated universe. He had moved too quickly for her to even react. That wasn't something a ninth-tier King should have been able to achieve. Only a handful of half-deifieds could reach such a speed. Exquisite knew a few people who could accomplish this, but Han Sen wasn't on that short list. The ones she knew were all half-deified.

Yu Shanxin of Sky Palace was one such individual. He could move that quickly, but he used his Sky Eye and the Extreme Evil Path. Han Sen was just a crystallizer that couldn't use a Sky Eye.

"That wasn't a geno art. It was just a simple punch." Han Sen smiled.

"Son of a b*tch. I am now buying into Han Sen's bluffing."

"Haha! A random punch. Well said, Brother Han."

"This Very High is actually quite lame. She couldn't even withstand one of Brother Han's punches."

Many of the students at Sky Palace were excited. None of them liked Exquisite much. They were all happy to insult her.

Yun Suyi couldn't help but smile. "What is wrong with Brother Han? Is he not capable of behaving humbly?"

"He has done what he should have. I never liked these Very High, anyway," Yun Sushang said.

Lone Bamboo didn't say anything. He merely smiled. The audience thought Han Sen was just trying to make Exquisite mad, but he knew Han Sen was speaking the truth. It really was just a simple punch.

Lone Bamboo had fought against Han Sen once before. Han Sen really was that fast. His fitness was so high, it would be difficult to find a half-deified that could equal him.

Lone Bamboo had become one with the Purple-Eye Butterfly, which was how his own fitness had increased to unbelievable levels. But if he was compared to Han Sen, he still fell far short.

Four of Han Sen's geno arts had reached the ninth tier. His fitness had been reinforced four times. Ordinary ninth-tier Kings simply couldn't compete.

Even if Han Sen didn't use his super god spirit body, his fitness was still better than others of the same level. By a wide margin, too. Against other Kings, Han Sen really did reign supreme. His talk about being the best of his league wasn't some baseless boast. After all, there were no other creatures that could experience the reinforcement of four geno arts the way Han Sen had. In addition, the geno arts he had focused on were amongst the best ever.

With the fitness he wielded, he was still a bit weak against deified creatures, but Kings and half-deifieds were no longer a serious threat.

"That was a simple punch? Then let me see how many simple punches you can throw." Although Exquisite was using her Very High Eye, she couldn't help but look a little angry.

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Exquisite lifted her right arm and used the edge of her hand like a knife. With it, she tried slashing toward Han Sen. Everyone immediately realized that she was using Han Sen's own skill; this was Fang.

The students of Sky Palace were in shock. Teeth Knife wasn't an insanely good skill, but it was the Rebate's secret geno art. Practicing it required the body of a Rebate.

It was remarkable that Han Sen was able to use it, but after all, he was Yisha's only student. Somehow, Exquisite was able to use Teeth Knife, too. When she used it, the purple Teeth air shredded space. She was wielding the skill with more power than Han Sen's usage had possessed.

Exquisite had been in Sky Palace for a year. She hadn't been lazy during that time. Teeth Knife wasn't a secret to the Very High, and she had spent time practicing it to achieve a very high proficiency with it.

When Exquisite used her Very High Eye, the entire universe would work to help her. Her knifemind wasn't as good as Han Sen's, but the power in her strikes was above the Teeth Knife Han Sen had used earlier.

Han Sen saw the tearing space power coming toward him. The knife air was like the real, raging purple air of a dragon's maw. Still, his expression didn't change. Running The Story of Genes at maximum, he used his own body to throw a punch toward the purple knife air.

As everyone gaped in astonishment, Han Sen's punch broke the knife air that was raging toward him. His counterattack didn't stop there, though. It flew all the way back to Exquisite and pounded her knife-hand.


The sound of breaking bones crunched audibly throughout the arena. The thin bones in Exquisite's hand were shattered by Han Sen's fist. His punch was still unstoppable, and it continued toward Exquisite's chest.

Exquisite's face had turned white, but she was able to react instantly. She used God's Wander to disappear from in front of Han Sen.

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But Han Sen was waiting for her to appear again. When she reappeared, Han Sen's fist was still heading straight toward her.

Everyone's mouths opened wide. They couldn't believe their eyes.

Even Sky Palace Leader looked stunned. After a while, he said, "Not bad. He is as good as I was when I was younger."

"He's much stronger than you when you were young," the woman said. She didn't feel bad about the critique.

"When I was young, I was stronger than a tiger. I was crueler than a wolf," Sky Palace Leader tried to explain.

Before he was finished, the woman cut him off. "Could you bully a student of the Very High like this when you were younger?"

"Um... I did beat them..." Sky Palace Leader coughed.

"There is a big difference between 'beating' and 'bullying,'" the woman said with a roll of her eyes.

Han Sen was playing with Exquisite like a cat with a mouse.

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In front of that absolute power and speed, Exquisite—who had previously looked like some sort of god—was being used as a punching bag. Her bones were breaking one by one, and she couldn't maintain her regal appearance.

Exquisite used all kinds of geno arts as she tried to fight back, but her efforts were wasted. Han Sen's speed and power completely suppressed her. She couldn't dodge. She couldn't counterattack. Aside from getting pummeled, there was nothing she could do.

Han Sen was like an enraged tyrannosaurus rex right now. He ignored Exquisite's attacks and allowed her powers to come down on him. Her attacks made slight marks on Spell's armor, but they disappeared quickly after.

Every one of Han Sen's punches hit Exquisite, though. Every bone in her body broke under the onslaught. Blood gushed out of her mouth uncontrollably.

If she had been fighting someone ordinary, she could have used God's Wander to protect her body. Things would have gone much better for her.

But Han Sen's alter ego had already learned God's Wander. Each time she disappeared, he just needed to calculate and predict where Exquisite was going to pop back into reality.

Plus, the arena was quite small. There wasn't much room for her to teleport around. Han Sen could easily determine where she was going to show up next.


Exquisite's body hit the dome of the arena again, and the shield flickered and shimmered under the impact. When she landed on the ground in a heap, Exquisite remained where she was and didn't try to get back up again. She looked at Han Sen with astonishment.

She couldn't believe it. Her Very High Eye was active, but she was completely suppressed by another of the same level. Try as she might, she couldn't fight back.

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