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Super Gene - Chapter 2635

Published at 16th of September 2020 11:49:08 AM

Chapter 2635: Difficult Decision
"You don't want to offend people, so you want me to do it for you? You are quite smart," Sky Palace Leader said to Han Sen with a smile.

Han Sen hadn't explained his true purpose, but Sky Palace Leader immediately recognized what he was doing.

"Sky Palace Leader is so smart. I want to do everything I can for Sky Palace, but sadly, my body is unable to keep up. I cannot bless a student every day." Han Sen feigned complete sincerity. He looked as if he wanted nothing more than to serve Sky Palace Leader.

"Fine. I'll be the bad guy, but in return, you will have to do something for me," Sky Palace Leader said to Han Sen with a smile.

"Old Fox," Han Sen muttered to himself. He had expected that if he agreed to give out blessings, he would receive something valuable in return. But it now looked as if he wouldn't earn anything extra, and he would have to do an additional task on the leader's behalf.

"You can ask me to do anything, Sky Palace Leader. Even if it means I will end up destroyed and dead, I will do my best in such a task. I would never ask for anything in return." Han Sen lowered his head and bowed.

"Is that so? You really won't try to take advantage of the situation?" If Han Sen hadn't said the last few words, Sky Palace Leader would have probably believed him. However, it was obvious from what Han Sen said that he had been looking for some goodies.

"If you are willing to do this, I will deal with all the people who come to seek your blessing. You can decide when you want to bless them, or if you want to at all. But if you can do this well, I will still reward you," Sky Palace Leader said dispassionately.

"What is it that you want me to do?" Han Sen had started to grow worried as Sky Palace Leader spoke.

If Sky Palace Leader was establishing terms like this, whatever task he wanted to give Han Sen had to be complicated.

"Go to the Very High," Sky Palace Leader said simply.

"Why?" Han Sen was shocked. He looked at Sky Palace Leader with confusion. He remembered Sky Palace Leader saying that he didn't want Han Sen to go to the Very High.

Sky Palace Leader smiled and said, "We need a spy amongst them. I think you are up to the task, too."

Han Sen almost thought his ears were broken. Going to the Very High as a spy? Han Sen couldn't think of anything that posed a greater risk.

The Very High could see into a person's mind. If he was attempting to steal their secrets, it would only take them a split second to discover that. Espionage among the Very High would be suicide.

If anyone other than Sky Palace Leader had suggested this, Han Sen would have assumed that they were simply an idiot. The idea seemed like either pure stupidity or an elaborate way of getting himself killed.

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Sky Palace Leader knew what Han Sen was thinking, and so he said, "Don't worry. If I let you go, I have a way to safeguard your mind that will keep them from peering into it. You are no good to me dead."

"But why would you even want me to go and spy on the Very High?" Han Sen asked carefully.

If he was even going to consider doing this, he had to know more. He needed the details because going to the Very High for ulterior motives was a very dangerous game to play.

"It is very important to me. I need you to find someone within the Very High. If you hear news of this person, you need to relay it back to me. You don't have to do anything more dangerous than that," Sky Palace Leader said.

"I'm not very good at looking for people, and I'm not very skilled at socializing. I'm afraid I might fail your task." Han Sen didn't want to go, so this was his way of rejecting the offer.

Sky Palace Leader looked at Han Sen and coldly said, "When you finished this mission, I planned to give you the Constellation Sea for you and your family. It looks like you aren't interested, though. So, never mind. It is fine."

"Leader, the Constellation Sea you reference: is it the xenogeneic space outside the Shining Star System?" Han Sen's eyes opened wide as he asked Sky Palace Leader.

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The Constellation Sea was a xenogeneic space that had been discovered some time ago. It was in a part of the universe that belonged to Sky Palace. It was practically in Sky Palace's backyard, so the only way to enter it was through Sky Palace.

The Constellation Sea was connected to the Shining Star System and an underdeveloped, barren system. It was a very unique place, and it showed great promise if anyone ever developed it. Plus, the Constellation Sea was very rich in resources and raw materials. Many elders within Sky Palace wished to take control of the Constellation Sea, and they had begun to fight over it. But because the fights had grown too violent, Sky Palace Leader decided to seal up the Constellation Sea and not give it to anyone.

Now, Sky Palace Leader said he was going to open up the Constellation Sea exclusively for Han Sen. He could build a family there. He wouldn't just be permitted to use it; the leader was going to let Han Sen govern the Constellation Sea. It would become Han Sen's territory. If he wanted to, it might even be possible to build a human empire there. Other factions wouldn't be able to meddle or interfere in Han Sen's affairs.

Unless Han Sen opened the Constellation Sea's borders to travel, no one would be able to wander in. Plus, the Constellation Sea still had Sky Palace as a shield. It wouldn't end up besieged unless the whole of Sky Palace fell first.

"Good memory. It is the Constellation Sea near the Shining Star System, yes," Sky Palace Leader answered.

Han Sen's eyes narrowed in thought. Sky Palace Leader was offering him a ludicrously valuable reward. But that suggested the task wouldn't be simple. Simply relaying information wouldn't be hard, and if Han Sen could truly be taught to protect his mind, the danger level didn't warrant such a reward. Why would Sky Palace Leader be willing to give him something so precious for fulfilling a task that was so easy?

"May I ask what kind of person you are looking for?" Han Sen asked with hesitation. The Constellation Sea was a good place. He wanted it, but he wouldn't be able to enjoy owning it if he died at the hands of the Very High.

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"I'm looking for a Very High woman. I don't know her name, and I'm afraid her appearance might have changed from what I remember," Sky Palace Leader said thoughtfully.

"No name? No appearance? How am I supposed to find someone like that?" Han Sen was shocked to hear that.

"Don't worry. There is a way to find her. Otherwise, why would I ask you to look for her?" Sky Palace Leader paused. Then, he said seriously, "There is a birthmark on her chest that looks like a red heart. You will be able to see it. It is very obvious."

"Her chest has a birthmark that resembles a red heart? That is quite obvious, you would think... Wait... Chest..." Han Sen glanced down at his own chest. He looked strange as he asked Sky Palace Leader, "You say you are looking for a Very High woman?"

"Yes," Sky Palace Leader said with a nod of his head.

"Do you think I'll have the chance to check out the chests of various women for that birthmark?" Han Sen felt that Sky Palace Leader might be tricking him. If he went to the Very High just to check out their women, it would be a f*cking deathwish.

"If it was an easy task, why would I give you the Constellation Sea?" Sky Palace Leader looked at Han Sen and said, "You don't even have to look at them yourself, anyway. You can just ask around. Exquisite is a woman, for instance. She is more likely to have seen it. And if you can get her to tell you, then you will have no trouble. Come back in four years, and you can take your family to the Constellation Sea. I will give you all the support you can ask for. I will give you people, if you want. Do you want a boat? I can give you a boat. You won't have to pay taxes for three hundred years, either."

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