Super Gene - Chapter 2654

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Chapter 2654: Chapter 2654 - An Accurate Kill That Is Like a Surgical Incision

Chapter 2654 An Accurate Kill That Is Like a Surgical Incision

Han Sen spent several long minutes in observation before he finally flew forward to strike that bug . When he was close enough to it, he suddenly disappeared . When he reappeared, he was already above the bug’s shell .

“God’s Wander?” Exquisite was shocked to see this . She was intimately familiar with the teleporting method he had used . Although he was only teleporting a short distance, the move was still impressive for a beginner . It was strange, though, considering she had only given him God’s Wander a short while ago . If Han Sen had become this proficient with it already, he was more than brilliant . His talents really were out-of-this-world .

“Does he really have an eleven armor talent?” Exquisite couldn’t help but wonder . Han Sen’s body was unique . If the God Spirit Touch’s result was genuine, it was nuts .

Han Sen teleported behind the star beetle, but the star beetle didn’t react . And then, Han Sen pointed a finger at its brain .


There was a small ringing noise, like a steel needle striking bone . It was barely even audible . And right after, Han Sen pulled his finger away . The star beetle didn’t struggle at all after the strike . It simply gave a tiny shiver . The beetle grew still again as if nothing had happened, but its lifeforce was waning fast . It didn’t take long for its flame to fully extinguish .

The star beetle was in the same position as before . It was lying atop the branch, but if one looked closely, one could see a very small hole in its head that led down to the creature’s brain .

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Star Beetle . Xenogeneic gene found . ”

A hunting announcement rang in Han Sen’s head .

“What excellent powers of observation . That was a very strong ability . His body is evolving fairly well . Exquisite, I think you found yourself a decent silkworm,” the old man said . He looked at Han Sen with a genuine sense of appreciation for the young man’s performance .

Han Sen’s attack had been very good . What the elder admired most about the scene was that Han Sen had taken the time to observe the creature before committing to action . He wasn’t a reckless man whose body operated faster than his brain .

Recklessness wasn’t always a bad thing . If a warrior fought someone of the same tier, the fight was usually a matter of life or death for both combatants . Neither fighter would have the opportunity to spend time deliberating their actions . The body’s first response was usually the most useful .

But taking care of those bugs didn’t require those instantaneous reactions . Han Sen had no idea what the star beetles were before this day . He had only observed them for a moment before killing one in a single hit . He had managed to sever the star beetle’s nervous system . It couldn’t even react before it died . So, the damage dealt to the star tree was minimized . That was why the old man really admired Han Sen .

Liyu Zhen had known all about the star beetles before he even began this test, but his methods of attack were still obscenely rough . He wasn’t dealing much damage to the star tree, but compared to Han Sen, he was leaving a lot of wreckage in his wake .

Han Sen started to attack more of the star beetles . He teleported and used his Under the Sky knife skills . The knife silks he controlled were as accurate as a surgical blade . His strikes would pierce through the beetles’ shells and sever their major nerve pathways . Under such precise attacks, each star beetle died without the chance to fight back .

Star beetles were falling to Han Sen one after another . Han Sen was like a skilled surgeon . Each cut he made had the precision of a razor . He was able to kill a hundred star beetles without missing once . None of the beetles stood a chance of resisting .

The old man was shocked . Exquisite’s eyes were glued to the video . Her mind was also connected to Han Sen’s mind, and it was as if she was with Han Sen, killing those star beetles right then and there .

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That was the benefit of having a silkworm . She could share a bond and feel the same things as her silkworm did, thereby learning and experiencing something that she wasn’t familiar with . It was a learning experience for her, too .

As Han Sen went from King class to deified or even further, Exquisite wouldn’t level up with him . However, she would feel his evolution process as if it was happening to her . So, when she became deified, she would have all that experience . It was like she was being reborn, and there was no need for her to worry about going along the wrong path .

The King class star beetles were nothing compared to Exquisite; she could kill them with ease . Being as accurate as Han Sen and obliterating a beetle’s nerves so that it couldn’t even struggle—in addition to the fact he was killing so many star beetles without making a mistake—Exquisite couldn’t have done the same .

Exquisite could feel Han Sen’s reactions, and that was what shocked her the most .

Han Sen’s simple finger attack looked easy . But before he did it, he used a lot of predictive powers . He calculated everything that could happen while he was performing the strike .

Even a straight strike had many potential ramifications depending on its speed and power . If Exquisite hadn’t been able to feel what Han Sen was thinking, she never would have guessed that there were so many complicated calculations running through his mind .

“This guy’s power is so strong . It is something you rarely see . Even those of us with the Very High Sense aren’t capable of insanity like this . ” Exquisite’s emotions were quite conflicted .

The more she studied Han Sen, the more she believed him to be a scary person .

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Han Sen no longer looked like he was fighting . It was more like he was finishing work that was supposed to have already been finished . He didn’t have to worry about much because everything was under his control .

Sharing Han Sen’s mind allowed Exquisite to learn a lot, but it also made her feel even more conflicted with facing Han Sen now .

The Very High were quite full of themselves, and that carried through strongly in how they treated their silkworms . The masters often acted high and mighty . Right now, Exquisite was feeling the complete opposite .

The more she learned about Han Sen, the more she thought Han Sen was scarier than she was .

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Star Beetle . Xenogeneic gene found . Obtained Star Beetle beast soul . ”

After Han Sen killed a hundred star beetles, he earned a star beetle beast soul . He looked into his Sea of Soul, and he immediately noticed that the star beetle beast soul was an armor-type . That didn’t surprise Han Sen . He had guessed that the star beetles would drop armor beast souls as soon as he saw them .

“Armor beast souls aren’t bad . When I take control of the Constellation Sea, I can build a human army . At that point, beast souls like this will definitely prove their worth . ” Han Sen thought about a human army decked out in beast soul armor . It would be a shocking sight .

“It would be great if there was a deified class star beetle beast soul up for grabs,” Han Sen thought to himself .

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This was merely a random thought, of course . He didn’t think he would actually have to fight a deified star beetle because the old man said he wouldn’t be allowed to use geno treasures . He didn’t have enough power to kill a deified xenogeneic on his own yet .

Han Sen flew around the tree, searching for more star beetles to slay . He eventually heard a buzzing noise in his ear .

The sound seemed to be coming from above . Han Sen raised his head and glanced through the gaps between the leaves . There, he saw a whole bunch of star beetles descending from the sky . They were all coming to the star tree .

The leader of the star beetles had a body that looked like icy jade . It glowed with a blue light, which was a beautiful sight . The scary presence proved its identity, as well . It was a deified star beetle .

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