Super Gene - Chapter 2660

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Chapter 2660: Chapter 2660 - Physiognomy

“I guess I’m on my own . ” Han Sen looked around . He saw a star fruit that looked fairly pretty, and so he flew up to it .

“This fruit is very puffed and full . It does seem very rich . It is obviously a sign of happiness . It must surely have generated a deified xenogeneic . ” Those who studied physiognomy believed they could judge the personality of a person merely by studying that person’s facial features . Han Sen attempted to apply the same principle to the fruit, running his hands over its surface .

“Ha! Are you trying to read the fruit’s physiognomy?” Exquisite couldn’t help but laugh . The Very High had physiognomy skills, as well . But they had never thought about trying something like that on a star fruit, of all things .

“Humans have faces . Fruits have faces, too . If humans can receive physiognomies, then why can’t fruit have a physiognomy?” Han Sen replied in a dignified manner .

He actually didn’t understand physiognomy; he had merely seen a reference to it in the texts of the Xuan Men . Han Sen had barely glanced over the topic . He couldn’t even be called a beginner . He couldn’t actually read the face of a human, let alone of a fruit .

Right now, he just needed something to reassure him that he wasn’t making another blind choice . He desperately hoped to receive a deified xenogeneic .

But God didn’t give people what they wanted very often, and Han Sen had thus far only been able to receive King class xenogeneics . He had selected many fruits, but they all turned out to be Kings . He could only use them for grunt work . So, overall, they wouldn’t be very useful .

After choosing more fruit, Han Sen realized he only had two left . Upset by his disappointing results, he grabbed the two nearest to him and slammed them down .

Bao’er was useless now . Han Sen could only depend on his own luck, and that wasn’t working out well for him .

The two fruits dissolved quickly, revealing the xenogeneics inside them .

One of them was a wolf . Han Sen immediately recognized that its presence was King class, but the other one made him quite happy for a change .

It was a rock giant . It was in a sitting position, holding its knees . It was ten meters tall, and its body was entirely composed of black rock . It seemed to radiate strength . It looked like a little mountain, in many ways .

“A deified xenogeneic, can you believe it? Finally, I have received a deified xenogeneic . ” Feeling the mammoth presence of the rock giant, Han Sen was thrilled .

Exquisite felt relieved . One deified xenogeneic out of 50 fruits was an ordinary shake of luck . While the rock giant was still sleeping, Han Sen quickly signed a contract with it . Outer Sky was full of deified creatures, and having a deified fighter by his side would make life much easier for Han Sen .

Especially if he wanted to kill star beetles in the future, having a deified xenogeneic to help would save him a lot of trouble .

Han Sen brought his group of xenogeneics over to the old man . The old man didn’t say much . When his gaze passed over the little pigs around Bao’er, he seemed surprised .

“Uncle, I wonder what these little pigs are . Why did xenogeneics that are so similar come out of so many fruit?” Exquisite asked .

“The star tree is a true god plant,” the old man said simply . “It possesses the energy of the universe . It isn’t something that I fully understand . It has its reasons for existing, however . ”

After that, the old man brought out another item to present to Han Sen .

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“This is my token . You need to use it when you clear out beetles in the future . Every ten days, come back and take care of the star tree . Whenever a swarm of bugs arrives, you must make sure that you clear out each and every one . None of them can be allowed to live . ”

Han Sen bowed and accepted the item . It was a small stick . It was aqua colored, and it looked like it was made from jade .

The item had a very strong presence . It looked like a deified treasure .

Han Sen hadn’t expected to receive a powerful item out of this deal, but he quickly took the jade stick and bowed before the old man . “Do not worry, uncle . I will do my best to take care of the star tree until you return . ”

“You may leave now . Come back again in 10 days,” the old man said dismissively .

Bao’er and Exquisite joined Han Sen as he turned to depart, but Exquisite was unable to teleport so many creatures with her . Even if she had used her small ship, there wouldn’t have been enough room for all of those xenogeneics .

So, for now, Han Sen left the creatures there . He would be returning to the tree in 10 days, anyway .

Bao’er’s small pigs were only a fist-size, so transporting them wasn’t difficult . Han Sen pulled out a bag and stuffed all of the pigs inside it . He carried them to the small ship .

“You should let them out . They won’t take up much space, anyway,” Exquisite said . She could see the pigs writhing around in the bag in an obvious state of discomfort .

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Han Sen realized that she was right . He released the little pigs and allowed them all to happily run toward Bao’er, who was standing in the front of the ship . Altogether, they watched the majestic scenery go by .

“Do you want to go back to Underworld Lake, or would you rather hunt some xenogeneics?” Exquisite asked Han Sen as both of them rested in the back of the ship .

“Let’s go back to Underworld Lake . I think it will be safer if I practice more with God’s Wander before I begin hunting xenogeneics,” Han Sen said .

“Sure . ” Exquisite nodded and delivered Han Sen to Underworld Lake .

Unless someone had space teleportation, they would have to use a ship like Exquisite’s to travel around Outer Sky . The ship had a special power buff that deterred the creatures in Outer Sky from attempting to break it . Not even deified elites could travel through Outer Sky on foot without trouble . And Han Sen wasn’t even deified yet .

So, Han Sen wanted to practice space teleportation so he could travel around Outer Sky with greater ease . He didn’t plan on hunting down xenogeneics yet .

And of course, Han Sen also wanted to fish-up the rest of the yellow papers he had been in the process of collecting . That was the main reason he had asked her to take him to Underworld Lake rather than the wooden house .

Exquisite could feel what Han Sen was thinking, and it made her blush . She thought Han Sen wanted to see more of the pictures on the yellow papers . She didn’t know the yellow papers actually seemed to represent some sort of geno art .

They soon arrived back on the shores of Underworld Lake, but this time, Exquisite didn’t leave . Instead, she remained to fish alongside him . That was quite frustrating .

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With Exquisite there, he had to control his thoughts . And that was no easy task . Even Han Sen struggled to keep his thoughts in check .

Han Sen enjoyed practicing his geno arts, and Exquisite got to experience everything that he learned as well . Although Exquisite had already learned God’s Wander, watching Han Sen practice allowed her to learn some new things at times .

But Exquisite was caught off guard by Han Sen’s fishing success . Before she pulled out a single thing, Han Sen had already managed to reel in a few items .

But Han Sen only seemed to be retrieving those yellow papers . Whenever Han Sen looked at them, she could feel it . And every time he did, her face blushed .

Bao’er was now close friends with the small pigs, and she played with them nearby as Han Sen and Exquisite fished . The pigs kept Bao’er occupied; otherwise, she would have been bored out of her mind . The little pigs continued to look passive, and they didn’t exhibit an ounce of aggression . While they made for nice pets, they were useless . Han Sen felt a little disheartened every time he looked at them .

After a few days, Han Sen couldn’t stand being watched by Exquisite anymore . So, he told her that he wanted to go to the core area .

But Exquisite told him that Outer Sky was between the real world and the anti-material world . Due to the presence of space barriers, he couldn’t enter the core area .

Han Sen tried it anyway, and he really couldn’t enter the core hall’s door anymore .

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