Super Gene - Chapter 2717

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Chapter 2717: 2717

Chapter 2717 Scary Ice Geno Art

The godlights that came from the wolf’s eyes shot toward Gru like four bolts of lightning . Gru remained stalwart, though . He had already prepared his defense, and when the four-eyed wolf unleashed the attack, Gru lifted his mirror shield .

The green godlights slammed straight into the mirror shield, but they were reflected away . The attack was unable to damage the shield, and as he watched, Han Sen felt a little bit jealous .

Before the four-eyed wolf could gather its power to attack again, Han Sen made his move . He immediately activated the ice geno art that he had recently received . Snowflakes crusted over his body, and he unleashed snow substance chains that headed straight for the four-eyed wolf .

The four-eyed wolf had just used its eye skills, so it didn’t have much of a chance of avoiding the snowy substance chains . A new light flashed across its body as it tried to block the attack . The snowy air didn’t seem to be affected, though . Han Sen’s icy power wrapped around the four-eyed wolf . If seen from afar, it would have looked like a half-transparent snow lady covering up the giant wolf .

The snow power didn’t immediately freeze the four-eyed wolf . The green light still shone around the wolf’s body, and its substance chains fought against the snow power .

“Is that all the strength that this ice geno art can unleash?” Han Sen was disappointed . This was similar to what he could do when he had his Apollo Set . The attack was nothing special, and the ice power wasn’t very strong . It fell far short of his expectations, that was for sure .

He had only attacked once, and the ice geno core’s power was already exhausted . He would have to wait a long time before he could even use it again, anyway . It wasn’t as good as the Apollo Set, which was far more convenient . If this was all the ice geno core could accomplish, then there was no reason for him to continue practicing with the ice geno core . He could just keep on using his Apollo Set .

The snow air seemed to be growing a little more intense as time went on, but overall, the strike was unable to freeze the four-eyed wolf . Han Sen thought it was all over .

After all, the four-eyed wolf had easily held off the attack . When the wolf summoned more of its strength, it would obliterate the snow power .

But things developed in an unexpected way . The four-eyed wolf’s attempts to fight off the snow power did not increase . Instead, they weakened . And Han Sen’s icy power affected the creature more and more .

Han Sen was shocked . As he watched, the wolf’s four eyes seemed to flutter . It looked very sleepy . The creature was going to fall asleep any second .

“Does the ice power have a tranquilizing effect as well?” Han Sen was happy about this .

The four-eyed wolf could block the ice, but it couldn’t resist the lulling power . Its will began to fade . The green light became dimmer and dimmer . The creature couldn’t break the ice power that held it captive .

The ice power wasn’t a raging, destructive attack . It just lowered the target’s body temperature . The wolf grew chillier, bit by bit . Not long after, the four-eyed wolf succumbed entirely to the sedative . It closed its eyes, went to sleep, and froze like an ice statue .

Gru was staring at the wolf in undisguised shock . He turned and looked at Han Sen for a long while before saying in an odd tone, “This is a very powerful ice geno art . It has already generated substance chains, too . Has that geno art reached a deified level

Han Sen nodded . “I got lucky when I received it . I managed to get my hands on a deified geno core, and fortunately, I was able to refine it and receive this ice geno art . ”

Gru was more interested . And he said, “So the power came from a deified geno core? Deified geno cores are so rare . Even the Extreme King count themselves incredibly lucky to lay claim to one, and even then, only deified elites can learn the deified geno arts that the cores offer . Your luck is too much . ”

“This is nothing . With the powers of the Extreme King, I am sure Brother Gru will be able to get deified geno cores easily, right?” Han Sen responded coldly .

“I would have trouble getting a deified geno care . And even if I somehow got one, I wouldn’t be able to absorb it before becoming deified . ” After saying that, Gru fell silent . Then, he walked to the four-eyed wolf .

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Now that it was solidly encased in ice, the four-eyed wolf was soundly asleep . However, the freezing power hadn’t actually killed the creature . It still had a lifeforce .

“It looks like I will have to ask Brother Han to kill it,” Gru said .

Han Sen had no reason to refuse . If he used his Apollo Set, he should have a sufficient amount of power to strike down the four-eyed wolf . Plus, the creature could no longer move . It couldn’t even generate a power to block Han Sen’s attack .

The power of the Apollo Set was unleashed . Han Sen slashed toward the sleeping four-eyed wolf, cutting deeply into the side of the creature’s neck .

No blood leaked from the wound, however . The blood was all frozen . Despite being attacked and badly injured, the four-eyed wolf didn’t even wake up . Rather than howling in pain, it remained in a deep slumber .

It took Han Sen four slashes to cut the wolf’s head off . Then, the four-eyed wolf’s lifeforce disappeared .

“Deified xenogeneic killed: Four-Eyed Wolf . Xenogeneic gene found . ”

“This ice geno art is so powerful . It has both ice and sedative powers? It is very good . ” Han Sen was happy with its performance . He was now thinking about refining the two fire geno cores he had received .

Gru complimented Han Sen’s good luck in obtaining a new, powerful deified geno art . But he also looked annoyed, and he said . “I wanted to see more of your knife skills, but it seems that I didn’t get the chance . ”

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“You can see the knife skills whenever . Killing the xenogeneic is what matters . According to our deal, I’m getting half of this four-eyed wolf’s xenogeneic gene, right?” Han Sen said .

“Of course,” Gru said with a nod .

Han Sen used his power to cut the four-eyed wolf in half . Each of them had half of the wolf’s body to take home with them .

Once their hunt was finished, Han Sen went back to where the Immortal Dragon was trapped . He found it still lying there, unmoving . It was very afraid of the knife silks . Han Sen’s silks seemed to have caused the creature a great deal of pain .

Han Sen removed the knife silks . After Gru said his goodbyes, Han Sen took the Immortal Dragon back to the Star Tree . While there was no one around, Han Sen brought out the black crystal and fed it to the Immortal Dragon .

The Immortal Dragon didn’t want to open its mouth, so Han Sen summoned more knife silks and cinched them tight around the creature . The knife silks dug painfully into the Immortal Dragon’s body, and the beast couldn’t help but scream . In doing so, it opened its mouth .

Han Sen tossed the black crystal into the dragon’s mouth . As soon as he saw the beast swallow, he released the knife silks .

“If this doesn’t work on a xenogeneic, I will have to use it on a creature from the sanctuaries . ” Han Sen watched the beast lying flat on the ground . The creature seemed to have been utterly beaten down, body and soul .

After two days, Han Sen saw something surprising happen . The scales of the Immortal Dragon began to fall off . And then, new scales appeared across its flesh . These scales were made of crystal . And, more importantly, substance chains began to rise from the scales .

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Although the substance chains weren’t complete yet, it was a very clear sign .

“The black crystal can really make the Immortal Dragon deified?” Han Sen was as shocked as he was happy .

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