Super Gene - Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Same Price

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Xu Ruyan was a bit worried that Han Sen might know about the life lotus . Although few people had seen a nest, all the information was readily available on the Skynet . If Han Sen could tell that there was a nest here, that would be horrible news to her .

Not seeing Han Sen all day, Xu Ruyan became a bit uneasy . She quickly consulted with Fu Shan and went to find Han Sen along with him and some other guys .

They found Han Sen rather easily . Han Sen did not plan to hide anyway, since he did not want to make her overly suspicious .

Xu Ruyan and the Green Special Squad were not weak at all . If they were willing to sacrifice some lives, they might be able to enter the nest as well .

At this point, they were not willing to take that kind of risk, and Han Sen did not want to push them .

Han Sen was not sure how strong Xu Ruyan's followers were, but he could tell that the Green Special Squad had strong members . Based on the criteria of a special squad, Han Sen assumed that all of them might be as strong as Gambler .

When Xu Ruyan and the rest came to find Han Sen, he was sitting on the lee side of the hill, enjoying delicious ghost-eyed bear barbecue . On the fire there was more meat sizzling with grease . In fact, they had followed the fragrance to find him .

It seemed that Han Sen had gotten another ghost-eyed bear . Others could not tell the level of the ghost-eyed bear anymore, since it was already cut into pieces .

"Welcome! What brought you here?" Han Sen did not mean to stand up . He continued to chew on the BBQ meat and licked his fingers once in awhile .

Others were very much tempted by the barbeque . Although they each got some meat from the mutant ghost-eyed bear purchased by Xu Ruyan, it was only a small piece . Most of the meat was kept as their food reserve .

For people who had not tasted meat for a year, the small piece only triggered more greediness .

Seeing Han Sen eating away, they all could not help swallowing .

Xu Ruyan saw that Han Sen was still here and felt much more relaxed . Everything would be fine if Han Sen did not enter the nest .

"Han Sen, we came to talk about buying more ghost-eyed bear meat . You should know that the ghost-eyed bear would not last very long with so many people in the group," Xu Ruyan smiled and said .

She was only trying to tempt Han Sen to kill more mutant ghost-eyed bears .

Han Sen pondered and replied, "That is not easy . I hunted again today and did not find any chance to kill a mutant ghost-eyed bear, so I had to kill a primitive ghost-eyed bear . How much will you pay for a primitive one?"

Xu Ruyan did not really need the meat, and a primitive ghost-eyed bear would be useless to her .

She smiled and said, "We've all witnessed your ability . It is so easy for you to kill a mutant ghost-eyed bear . Now don't be humble . "

"Yes, we maxed out on our primitive geno points a long time ago . We hope that you could get us a few more mutant ghost-eyed bears, and we would pay you well," one of the guys working for Xu Ruyan said .

Han Sen smirked inwardly, but pretended to be ignorant, "It's not that I do not want to earn more beast souls . The mutant ghost-eyed bears were not that easy to kill . If they keep moving in groups, there is nothing I can do . I am even eating primitive ghost-eyed bear myself . If I could hunt a mutant one, why would I eat this?"

The rest believed Han Sen's words, since they did not believe that mutant creatures were convenient to kill either .

After all, ghost-eyed bear was a strong creature . As an unevolved person, Han Sen could not be that strong .

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Xu Ruyan suddenly smiled and said to Han Sen, "So how much do you want for a primitive ghost-eyed bear?"

"Same price," Han Sen said, not even thinking .

The group of people were dazed and did not understand what Han Sen meant .

Xu Ruyan looked at Han Sen and asked, "Sen, you did not mean that you want a mutant beast soul for this primitive ghost-eyed bear?"

"Exactly," said Han Sen, nodding .

"That makes absolutely no sense . A mutant ghost-eyed bear for a mutant beast soul, so why is a primitive ghost-eyed bear also worth a mutant beast soul?" asked Liu Zhi .

Liu Zhi was planning to exchange one of his less advanced beast souls for a primitive ghost-eyed bear so that he could eat better . Who knew that Han Sen would ask for a mutant beast soul?

Those who worked for Xu Ruyan immediately protested and wanted to bargain with Han Sen .

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Han Sen insisted on the price . "What I'm selling is meat, so it does not matter whether it is primitive or mutant . Same price, take it or leave it . I am trapped here anyways and have no use of your beast souls . As long as I can fill my own stomach, I would rather not to take any risks . "

None of them was willing to trade a mutant beast soul for a primitive ghost-eyed bear, so they all had to go back to the cave empty-handed .

Han Sen did not mind that . Every day at lunch time, he would go to the windward side of the cave and start a barbecue, trying to tempt the group .

In the beginning, they could still hold it back and just eat pieces of the first ghost-eyed bear they bought .

However, the taste of meat is addictive . After eating meat, they could hardly swallow the plants anymore . In addition, that first ghost-eyed bear did not last very long . Smelling the delicious barbecue every day, all of them wanted to kill Han Sen and take the meat for themselves .

Han Sen was doing that every day both to keep them hooked and to reassure Xu Ruyan that he had no idea about the existence of the nest .

In fact, Han Sen would enter the nest every evening to fight the white jade skeleton . However, the white jade skeleton was so powerful that Han Sen could not get rid of it anytime soon .

In the process of fighting the skeleton, Han Sen gradually became familiarized with its dagger skills in footwork . He was obsessed with finding a way to beat the skeleton .