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Super Gene - Chapter 396

Published at 8th of September 2018 10:04:47 AM

Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Molested by a Pet

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Very soon, Han Sen found out sadly that the meat was as tough as ever . Han Sen chewed the meat and felt as if he was chewing calfskin . There was no way his teeth could tear up the meat .

In the end, Han Sen decided to simply swallow the meat since the slice was quite thin . However, after he swallowed it up, nothing had happened .

Even if this piece of meat did not give him any geno point, Han Sen should still be able to hear the voice telling him no geno point gained . However, after swallowing, Han Sen had heard nothing .

"What the heck?" Han Sen felt quite upset . He hesitated and summoned holy angel, wondering if she would eat it . If she could not eat it, then the meat was useless .

After seeing the meat of golden growler, holy angel was overjoyed and threw itself at the meat . Holding a piece of meat, she gobbled away .

The meat Han Sen could not even chew was easily torn into pieces by holy angel with her teeth .

"All pets would be winners at eating contests!" Han Sen was dumbstruck by the way holy angel ate . Momentarily, the little girl had already swallowed a piece of meat taller than Han Sen . Han Sen wondered where the volume went in the belly of the holy angel .

However, the holy angel did not mean to stop . She quickly went to another piece of meat and started to eat .

Han Sen saw the little girl started to grow as she ate the meat of the golden growler . Her hair became longer and chest fuller . Her legs became longer, and a pair of white wings started to grow on her back .

Han Sen felt the little girl looked more and more like the creature she used to be .

Her wings became bigger and her body more curvaceous . Jade armor started to formulate on her body as well .

"Holy angel! She really had become the holy angel!" Han Sen was dumbstruck and did not know what to say . After eating a small part of the golden growler meat, the little girl had grown into a woman .

However, the change had not stopped . The holy angel was still bearing her face in the meat . As she ate, the figure of holy angel started to shift again .

Her blonde hair became almost transparent, her white armor became golden, and even her eyes and Halo became pure gold . The holy angel turned into an elegant goddess, covered in a sacred aura .

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After eating all the meat of the golden growler, the holy angel turned and walked to Han Sen . She approached Han Sen until their faces met .

Watching the gorgeous yet ice cold face of the beauty, Han Sen was wondering what she wanted to do . All of a sudden, the holy angel held Han Sen's face with both hands and covered his mouth with her red lips .

"Dammit! I am molested by a pet!" Han Sen stared his eyes wide, feeling incredulous .

As Han Sen was having complex feelings, he suddenly felt suction from the mouth of the holy angel . She sucked the piece of meat that he just swallowed out from Han Sen's stomach .

Holy angel released Han Sen and swallowed the piece of meat, which seemed to make her look more mysterious and pretty .

"Evolution of holy angel complete . " Han Sen heard the voice in his mind .

Checking the data of holy angel, Han Sen was dazed .

Holy angel: super pet (can further evolve) .

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Han Sen could understand that the holy angel had evolved into a super creature after eating the meat of the golden growler . However, after she had already become a super pet, the system said she could even evolve further, which was beyond Han Sen's comprehension .

Han Sen had never heard that a pet beast soul could evolve twice . In addition, a super pet must be the top being in First God's Sanctuary . If the holy angel could evolve even further, what would she become?

Watching the innocent girl standing in front of him, Han Sen did not know what to think . After finishing evolution, the holy angel had dismissed her transformed state and become the little girl again, looking at Han Sen with her eyes wide .

Han Sen was shocked . Technically speaking, a pet could not decide its state for itself . Some intelligent pets could react automatically under emergencies, which was also quite rare and limited .

Dismissing its own transformed state like the holy angel was simply beyond the ability of a pet .

Han Sen regarded the holy angel with his brows knitted and took her back . Fortunately, the beast soul did not resist .

"This is so strange . I believe it's the golden growler . Other super creatures all disappeared after being killed, but the golden growler had edible meat . There must be some mysteries . "

Han Sen did not have any clues .

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In Steel Armor Shelter, everyone was talking about the creature and Han Sen . They had never heard about a creature attacking a shelter in First God's Sanctuary . The fact that Han Sen had chased the creature away made a lot of people in Steel Armor Shelter grateful to him .

Many people in Steel Armor Shelter posted on the Skynet about the issue, giving rise to quite a lot of attention .

The shelters in First God's Sanctuary were not built by humans, but a part of the God's Sanctuary system . No creatures dared to come close to the shelter before, yet one suddenly attacked a shelter, which naturally made breaking news .

Ning Yue was also reading about the incident . Although there was no picture or video, Ning Yue was paying a lot of attention, especially to the part about Han Sen .

After a long time, Ning Yue turned his device off and asked an old man who looked like a steward, "Is everyone ready?"

"Yes, young master . Everyone is ready, but are you really going to do that?" The old man asked Ning Yue .

"We cannot touch someone from the special squad, especially someone connected to the Qins . If we want to capture him alive, we can only do it in God's Sanctuary," Ning Yue said casually .

"But young master, you don't need to go yourself…" The old man said worriedly .

"That guy is not an ordinary person," Ning Yue said quietly and walked to the teleport device .

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