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Super Gene - Chapter 399

Published at 5th of October 2018 07:27:05 PM

Chapter 399
Chapter 399: A Crazy Auction

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The four items that Han Sen gave Su Xiaoqiao were sacred-blood black beetle armor, bloody slayer, Meowth, and spinning spear .

Too many people knew that Han Sen had made the last shot at the purple-feathered dragon and claimed to not have gained the beast soul, which was why Han Sen did not give the pair of wings to Su Xiaoqiao .

Before the auction started, Han Sen felt he was being watched . He resisted the temptation to look back . When Qing came over to say hi, Han Sen stood up and glanced casually to the back .

"Ning Yue is also here?" Han Sen greeted Qing as if nothing had happened but felt slightly surprised .

Although Ning Yue was covered in beast soul armor and his face could not be seen, Han Sen had a deep impression of him and still recognized him .

"He recognized me," Ning Yue said quietly .

"Really?" Liu Lin looked to Han Sen who was talking to Qing incredulously .

Han Sen only glanced at them and did not even look twice . Since Ning Yue was dressed like this, Liu Lin did not believe that Han Sen could recognize Ning Yue . In addition, Han Sen did not look like he had seen Ning Yue given how calm he was .

Ning Yue smiled and did not say anything . However, he took back the beast soul armor and revealed his face .

Ning Yue is probably here to kill me . Han Sen thought after sitting down . However, he did not know what Ning Yue was about to do . It was Steel Armor Shelter and Han Sen was at home . Would Ning Yue harm him in public?

After the auction started, Han Sen had not been able to close his mouth . His initial plan was to purchase all the beast souls himself . It was his money anyway . Su Xiaoqiao would get a small cut was all .

He did not expect the prices would go so high though . Even the black beetle armor, which was of the lowest value, was already worth five S-Class licenses of the evolver level and more .

"Qing, are you crazy? Although the sacred-blood armor is precious, I'm sure it's not so precious . " When Qing bid eight S-Class licenses of the evolver level, Han Sen thought he was out of his mind .

"Ha-ha, brother, it is more than just sacred-blood armor . This is Dollar's signature and only his name would be worth this much…" Many people around Qing seemed to agree with him, especially Hai Yun who was standing S-Class licenses like water . When he bid ten licenses, everyone was silent .

Han Sen was dazed and thought, ten S-Class licenses of the evolver level? It must be billions of dollars, while the sacred-blood armor would probably only be worth 200 to 300 million .

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Han Sen wanted to purchase his own beast souls back initially, but he was having second thoughts . S-Class licenses were rare items that could hardly be purchased . Even if he had no use of them, he could always trade them for beast souls in Second God's Sanctuary . Ten licenses were a price that Han Sen could not say no to .

Having given up the idea of purchasing the black beetle armor, Han Sen decided to let Hai Yun keep it .

The bidding for the bloody slayer was even more heated . Hai Yun had raised the price to fifteen licenses without even blinking .

Han Sen felt what had happened was beyond his understanding . He even doubted whether the S-Class licenses had been depreciating .

"Hai Yun, are these beast souls really worth it?" Han Sen asked Hai Yun .

"These are Dollar's, so they're different . " Hai Yun was overjoyed that he won the auction of the bloody slayer .

"Hai Yun, you already have two . Do not try to steal the last one from us," said Qing half seriously .

"Whoever gives the higher price would win it . If you pay more, you can have it," Hai Yun said .

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During the auction of Meowth, Han Sen felt torn . Although Meowth was no longer that useful to Han Sen, it was his pet for the longest time . Han Sen did not want to let Meowth go . Very soon, Meowth's price was raised to 15 licenses by Hai Yun . Everyone became silent . Few people had that many S-Class licenses, which could not even be bought with money .

Lin Beifeng was also quite rich, but he could not even come up with five S-Class licenses .

"Four universal S-Class licenses," Han Sen gritted his teeth and said a price . He resisted the temptation of fifteen S-Class licenses and would like to get Meowth back at all costs .

"Universal S-Class licenses? Han Sen, you would pay this much? Are you also a fan?" Both Yuan and Qing were shocked .

"Not really a fan . I am just into pets," Han Sen smiled and said .

"Twenty S-Class licenses, which should have a higher value . " Hai Yun still would not give up .

"That is hard to say…" Su Xiaoqiao hesitated .

"Universal licenses win . " All of a sudden, a voice came from the gate of the venue . Everyone turned and saw someone wearing a mask .

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"Dollar?" Su Xiaoqiao was surprised to see the person .

The person looked exactly like Dollar when he was giving Su Xiaoqiao the beast souls . Su Xiaoqiao naturally recognized him .

Dollar left after saying that . After all, it was just a doppelgänger created by Han Sen using beetle knight . The shorter it appeared in front of people, the better .

"Should we follow him?" Liu Lin looked to Ning Yue .

Ning Yue shook his head and said, "No need . Our target is Han Sen . "

Han Sen saw someone following the beetle knight but paid no mind to it . The beetle knight was a sacred-blood beast soul and was controlled by Han Sen, so it was not difficult to get rid of the followers .

"I'm so sorry Mr . Hai Yun . Dollar had said himself that he prefer universal licenses . " Su Xiaoqiao looked around and said, "four universal licenses from Han Sen… Going once…"

Eventually, Han Sen won the auction of Meowth and had his beloved Back .

Even the sacred-blood gear spinning spear was bought by Hai Yun with two sacred-blood licenses . Han Sen did not expect this guy to be such a diehard fan of Dollar .

Han Sen had earned twenty-seven S-Class licenses of the evolver level, and all he paid was two sacred-blood beast souls and one sacred-blood gear . The price was simply unimaginable .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!